Do-it-yourself rack ceiling for a bathroom: photo, installation instructions

Slatted ceiling structures have recently become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They look attractive, are universal, last a long time, but are not very expensive. You can do their installation yourself, additionally saving.

The design is moisture resistant, characterized by low weight and ease of maintenance. This is especially true for bathrooms. If you have minimal construction skills and you have the appropriate set of tools, then you can do it yourself.

Design Features

rack ceiling bathroom

If you decide to install the rack ceiling in the bathroom with your own hands, you should first familiarize yourself with the design of such a system. It is a type of suspended ceiling and can consist of panels based on:

  • steel;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum.

The kit comes with a system for fixing rails to the wall. Products can have a thickness of up to 0.7 mm, while the width varies from 50 to 300 mm. The maximum length is 6 m. It is noteworthy that rack ceilings are often made to order according to individual sizes, in this case, the length can be selected with an accuracy of millimeter.

False ceiling in the bathroom is installed in the last turn, after finishing the surface. This also applies to the draft base of the ceiling, which must be plastered.

More on material preparation

rack ceiling in the bathroom photo

Before you go to the store for the material, you should measure the parameters of the room and decide what kind of lighting will be in the room. If there will be several spotlights, then you need to determine their type. This will help to understand at what height it is necessary to lower the suspended ceiling. This value should be 20 mm greater than the height of the light source.

The rack ceiling for the bathroom is equipped with products that are selected along the length. Manufacturers offer panels for sale on 3 and 4 m. If the width of the room is 1.5 m, then it is better to purchase three-meter rails, which are divided in half during installation, which allows you to get the required width. Waste will be minimal. When buying a ceiling rail, you should increase the amount of material by 10%. Another important point is the number of corners in the room. If there are more than 5, then an additional support bus should be purchased.

The choice of variety of rails

do-it-yourself ceiling in the bathroom

Before you purchase a ceiling rack covering, you must understand its varieties. It may have a glossy or matte finish. Sometimes slats have perforation. If you want to make the room unusual, you can choose slats that simulate wood, leather or other natural materials.

The shape of the products may be rectangular or rounded. The colors of the ceilings are offered in many forms, so you can choose a shade for the interior. During installation, you can position the structure along or across, a rather interesting solution is diagonal installation. This allows you to visually adjust the size of the room.

Ceiling structures of the type described may have intermediate joints. If they are open, then the gap width will be approximately 1.5 cm. In this case, the installation is completed by fixing the decorative profile to the gaps. If the joint is closed, then the slats will go behind each other. Another variation is the joint without gaps, in which case the products are mounted flush.

So what material to choose

suspended ceiling in the bathroom

Many buyers, finding themselves in a building materials store, get lost, deciding which material to choose. Aluminum products are moisture resistant and tolerate temperature extremes. They almost do not corrode. Aluminum panels successfully combine the properties of picky plastic and durable metal. Such a system is most popular when arranging a bathroom.

As for the other ceilings, they can usually be found in warehouse conditions. Steel is good in that it provides sound insulation and acts as an excellent reflector. But this material is subject to corrosion, so it can be used exclusively in dry rooms.

Universal decoration are plastic panels, which are widely used. They can be installed not only in the bathroom, but also in the warehouse, as well as in commercial premises. Such systems do not perceive moisture and do not require additional care.

Mounting Features: Instruction

rack ceiling in the bathroom photo

If you want to carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with your own hands, you should know that such a system consists of a universal support rail, which is also called a comb, traverse or stringer. A corner profile and an adjustable suspension are supplied.

The tire is a bar made of galvanized steel, which is equipped with retainer-grooves. The rails are mounted there and fastened by the snap method. The suspension consists of a rod and a bracket. The latter is attached to the tire, while the rod is fixed to the main ceiling.

The distance to the suspension system usually varies from 5 to 12 cm. You can determine this parameter yourself, and it will depend on the availability of communications. The installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom requires the preparation of the following tools:

  • drills;
  • punch;
  • building level;
  • scissors for metal;
  • rulers and tape measures;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • a sharp knife;
  • marker dowels.

Installation of guides and suspensions

do-it-yourself ceiling in the bathroom

To install the guides, which will be located around the perimeter of the room, it is necessary to mark the places with a marker. Using the construction level, the mark is transferred around the perimeter of the room. Then you can prepare the corner profile by cutting it to size. The standard length of this item is 3 m.

When cutting, scissors for metal should be used. A guide profile is applied to the wall, which should be in the place where you previously marked the line. Through holes in the element in the wall, counterholes are drilled. A screw with dowels is screwed into them.

The profile is fixed in increments of 60 cm. Its evenness is checked by level. The profile is attached end-to-end at the inside corners, while at the outside - at an angle of 45 ˚. Having looked at the photos of slatted ceilings in the bathrooms, you can understand which version of the suspension system is right for you. After choosing a design, you can proceed to installation work. They are carried out according to a specific algorithm.

At the next stage, suspensions are installed. Tire attachment points are marked with a tape measure. Stepping back from the wall about 40 cm, you must put the first mark. The next will be located after 100 cm. Suspension is fastened with screws and dowels. Pre-drill holes for them with a drill. The position of the plumb bob is checked by level.

Installation of support tires and the ceiling itself

installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom

Having looked at the photos of the rack ceiling in the bathrooms, you can understand how to carry out the work. At their next stage, you can do the fastening of the bearing tires. A distance of 1.2 m should be provided between the traverses. The tires will be perpendicular to the rails. The places of their fastening are on the same level with the profile, which is fastened around the perimeter. Tires are screwed to the suspensions using a screwdriver. At this stage, it is important to exclude any errors in order to ultimately get an even design. The appearance of the ceiling will depend on this.

With a small distance, the tire is mounted on the base ceiling, and not on suspensions. A distance of 1 cm is left between the tire and the profile. If the tire is shorter, it should be added. To do this, the suspension is attached at the beginning of the next crossarm. The second will be screwed butt with the first.

The rack ceiling in the bathroom not only looks spectacular, but is also ready to serve for a very long time after completion of installation work. During the installation of the suspension system, it is necessary to free the rails from the protective film and cut them to the size of the room. To do this, measure the distance between the opposite walls and subtract about 0.5 cm from this value. The resulting figure is measured on the slats. They are inserted into the guides and latched in length onto the yoke latches.

If necessary, the tire height can be adjusted by changing the screwing depth of the screws. This recommendation is true if the tire is fixed to the ceiling. Before you install the rack ceiling in the bathroom with your own hands, you should find out that the last rail in width may not fit. In this case, it is cut off. Along the entire length of the panel, the desired distance is marked. With the help of a knife and a ruler, you can draw a straight line. The product must be unbent and bent until it breaks.

If the length is quite impressive, then it is better to make transverse cuts, and then break off individual parts. The cut product is installed and fixed with wooden struts. As an alternative solution for this are pieces of the profile.

Installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom involves the installation of skirting boards. These decorative elements can give a neat, finished look to the structure, hiding the gaps between the walls and the suspension system. If the walls are uneven, then you should purchase a wide baseboard, which will make the design more even visually.

Cost and description of a rack ceiling kit

By purchasing a set of rack ceiling for the bathroom, you free yourself from the need to look for accessories and consumables. Aluminum suspension system with a matte surface costs 1,170 rubles. per square meter. The final cost will depend on the size of the room.

In order to exclude waste, the manufacturer offers a set of individual sizes. You receive upon delivery:

  • rail;
  • insertion;
  • stringer;
  • wall profile.

The width of the rail will be 84 mm. It has rounded edges. The insert has a width of 16 mm. It was developed by Italian designers. The kit also comes with a stringer, or comb, which is an element for inserting the rail during installation.

If you look at the photo of the rack ceiling in the bathroom, you can understand that the system is installed using the starting U-shaped profile, which is also called a wall. It also comes complete. The whole structure after purchase is fully ready for installation.

Luminaires for the pendant system: installation recommendations

Much depends on which lamp will be installed in the ceiling. Different devices differ in the shade of light, as well as in size and power consumption. The ceilings are set to the height of the luminaire, but about 1 cm must be added to this value.

Lamps for slatted ceilings in the bathroom should be installed taking into account that the room was sufficiently light. This recommendation is especially true for spotlights. For every two square meters it will be necessary to install one lamp.

Point devices should not be located randomly, but according to the principle of composition or functional convenience. In the latter case, it is important to consider which zone should be made lighter. When installing a ceiling in the bathroom, you should emphasize another important advantage of this system, which is that the material is not afraid of exposure to high temperatures. This indicates the possibility of using the most powerful lamps with which you can create a bright atmosphere in the room. It is important to monitor the uniform distribution of light.

Why you should choose LED lights

LED lights are durable and low temperature during operation. This is not able to boast of fluorescent lamps. Diode light will not heat the structure if it is made of plastic, which will facilitate its operation.

The light of such a device is similar to natural. However, the spectrum of the diode is large. When installing equipment in a ceiling system, LEDs with daylight are more often used. When choosing a model, it is important to take into account the service life, but it is better to trust expensive devices, as they will pay back their cost for a long service life. By installing a rack ceiling for the bathroom, you can not be afraid that the LED lighting will be exposed to moisture, because it is resistant to water.

Features of making holes for lighting sources

The issue of making holes for light sources can cause worries not only for a novice master, but also for an experienced builder. The main thing is to accurately perform the work. You can mark the circle with a caliper, measuring the diameter. However, you can make a template by applying it to the desired location. This solution is more convenient.

To cut a hole with scissors, drill a hole in the center of the marked circle. Otherwise, the rail may become deformed when pierced. The whole circle is cut into thin slices, and then each part breaks off from the circle. To do this, it must be rocked from side to side. As a result, it will be possible to get even holes for installing the lamp.

Algorithm for mounting the LED device in the rack ceiling

Before installing the fixtures, you should consider in what places they will be located. Fasteners are carried out on the base surface, while holes are made in the suspension system. The choice towards LEDs is due to the fact that they are durable, distinguished by brightness and high quality.

Such devices do not occupy much space, so you can even fit them in a cramped space. Before installing the rack ceiling for the bathroom, you must run the cables and lay them in the corrugation. Instead of the latter, you can use another insulation, which is fixed on the rough surface. Holes are made in the rivers for devices, and then the ceiling is installed in accordance with the location of the lamps. After making sure that the fixtures are in place of the holes, it is necessary to add thermal rings to the latter and install the necessary devices.

Lighting IP54

The rack ceiling for the bathroom can be equipped with IP54 lighting devices, which are high-end devices. Each number in the marking has its own meaning. If we consider the advantages of such lamps, we can distinguish: profitability, protection from dust, moisture and splashes, ease of installation, the ability to undergo voltage fluctuations.


Having visited the market of building materials, you will be able to understand that the cladding is offered in a wide variety. However, for the bathroom, it is necessary to select such material that will withstand the negative effects of moisture and temperature extremes. One of such solutions is suspended ceiling systems made of battens.


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