What to do to find the parcel yielded results?

Computers that confidently entered our lives have greatly influenced the way people communicate. Emails, calls on mobile phones, calls on Skype or other programs on the Internet made it possible to quickly receive answers. But even such an abundance of possible options for communication could not crowd out ordinary mail from our lives. The flow of correspondence that goes through the post offices of Russia is very large. Difficult working conditions and low salaries do not attract people very much. Wishing to work in the mail is becoming less. This affects the work of the entire postal service. The deadlines for processing correspondence are violated, letters and parcels are accumulated in departments where there is a large shortage of workers. Delivery times are broken, parcels are lost.

Package searching
All this is primarily reflected in the inhabitants of the city. If you sent a parcel, but it did not reach the addressee, you need to take some action. First of all, the package should be declared wanted. To do this, you need to come to the nearest post office and ask for an application form for the search for internal mail. If you are friends with a computer, you can find and download a form via the Internet. In order for your application to be accepted, you must have your passport and the original receipt for sending.

When filling out the application, indicate information about yourself: last name, first name and patronymic, passport data and contact information. It can be a phone, email, or just the address where you live. All this is necessary to begin the search for the parcel. You must also provide information about the problem. In the column "Reason for application" indicate: "Shipment has not been received."

Russian Post Parcel Wanted
All parcels sent by Russian post are required to be registered. Regardless of whether the estimated value was announced or not, a barcode is glued to the form. This is a special label that contains 14 characters. The number thus obtained is registered, and the parcel is sent on. It is thanks to the presence of the barcode that you can trace which point it passed and where it got stuck. It is on this basis that the Russian post will search for the parcel.

Fill out the application further. We indicate the name of the postal item and the amount of the estimate. We mark all additional points if something suits you. The Russian Post may begin the search for a parcel by filing an application in electronic form. On the official website there is the opportunity to send such a statement on the Internet.

We fill in the date of sending the parcel, its registration number and weight - all this is on the check that you received when sending. Just rewrite the data from there. We indicate the OPS sending. He is also on the check. Then we fill in the columns where the names and full addresses of the sender and addressee are indicated. We describe in detail the type of packaging and investment in the package. We sign the application, set the date and give it to the operator who checks your data, then signs your application and gives you the tear-off coupon.

The search for parcels
You return home, and the Russian Post begins the search for a parcel from the first branch where it was registered. Your application is sent to the center, where they make requests to the department that received the parcel, to the sorting center and the forwarding points that were in its way. All operations are confirmed by invoices. By what number they took, by which waybill they shipped further - so the whole chain is traced until there is a point where the parcel is stuck. Usually it takes about a month to find a parcel, sometimes two. As a result of all the actions, you receive a letter saying what happened to the package. But more often during this time she already comes.

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