Letter of guarantee on the provision of a legal address: basic principles of writing.

Following the law, legal entities in the form of LLC, ZAO, OJSC, it is forbidden to have the actual location of their company in ordinary residential premises, unlike individual entrepreneurs. In such cases, company managers have to register their address
either on non-residential buildings available to them, or to rent a room.

Registration of a legal entity

One of the required documents for submission to the tax authority for registration of a company or enterprise is a letter of guarantee on the provision of a legal address. Many of those who open their company for the first time may be negligent in submitting such an application, but this should not be neglected , as registered letters will be sent to this address and it will not be taken into account that they have not reached you. It is possible that inspectors visit the territory

letter of guarantee of legal address
bodies. The absence of the company at the place of its registration can be misleading to the tax authorities, which will make you think of a one-day company, which leads to long litigation.

Problems applying

A letter of guarantee for a legal address has a number of contradictions:

1. None of the regulatory legal acts indicate that the submission of a letter is a prerequisite for the registration of an enterprise; it is rather a decision of the tax authority itself. In official documents it is indicated only that, together with all
Documents need to provide only a lease of space for your company, no more. And this company should be located at the legal address indicated in the application in a special form.

2. The signing of a lease between the lessor and the lessee must take place in accordance with all laws, with signatures and seals. But how can a tenant have a seal if the company itself is not yet there, and a letter of guarantee for providing a legal address needs to be provided only at the time of application for registration of the company?

In the first case, you will have to submit to the tax authority, since the absence of this letter will lead to long and unnecessary strife. In the second, the owner of the premises indicates his intention to rent the premises to the tenant after his registration and signing of the contract within the framework of the legal field.

Letter of guarantee on the provision of a legal address: sample on behalf of LLC, OJSC, ZAO

1. The heading of the document indicates the name of the registering authority and the date of application.

2. The main part shall indicate the data of the lessor, indicating the place and area leased, and his consent to the subsequent transfer of the premises to the lessee after the registration of the enterprise.

3. Signatures of the parties, sealed.

letter of guarantee of legal address sample

Initially, a letter of guarantee on the provision of a legal address from physical. persons will be in the form of an application from a person who does not own the company. But this is only the first step. Then this letter of guarantee of legal address will be in the nature of a legitimate transaction.

Additional documents for a letter of guarantee

1. The landlord’s certificate of ownership of the property being leased or an agreement providing for the sublease of the territory must be attached to the above letter.

2. Also, copies of the technical passport of the premises and the plan data from the BTI must be attached to the documents. All documents are stapled, numbered, and on the last page at the place of bonding it is written: "All copies are stitched (stapled together),

letter of guarantee from a physical person
are numbered and recorded by the organization’s seal on so many sheets. "The seal, signature and date of certification are affixed.

Taking into account the seriousness of the legal contract, you should carefully approach the choice of rented premises, as there are often cases when landlords give out what they wish for valid.

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