Driving school "Traffic Light": reviews, addresses, sites, services and instructors

It is important to get feedback on the Traffic Light Driving School for anyone who is about to master driving a vehicle or restore previously lost skills. In this article we will talk in detail about the places of study, cost, methods, instructors and teachers that you will encounter if you decide to study here. And also give reviews of real students who have already received a driverโ€™s license, having studied at this educational institution.

About driving school

Driving traffic light in St. Petersburg

In the reviews about the "Traffic Light" driving school, many students note that they were satisfied with the services provided, successfully completed training and were able to quickly obtain a driver's license. Attractive is the fact that there are regularly organized promotions for students, there is the opportunity to undergo distance learning.

Driving school "Traffic Light" in St. Petersburg exists since 1989. All this time, she has been training and retraining drivers of cars and motor vehicles of all categories. In particular, it is possible to obtain the rights of category โ€œAโ€ for driving a motorcycle, โ€œBโ€ - a car, โ€œCโ€ - a truck, โ€œDโ€ - a bus. Training is also provided for category "E" to "B", if necessary, to have trailers for cars.

Retraining from one category to another is possible. At school, you will be taught to properly sit behind the wheel of a car, observe the interval and distance, choose a safe speed while driving, confidently maneuver on the road, even in conditions of heavy traffic.

How to apply for study?

Traffic light reviews Traffic light

To get to study at the traffic light "Traffic Light" in St. Petersburg, you need to perform a few simple steps. To begin, enroll in a group convenient for you and fill out a student questionnaire.

Then you need to take a picture (yourself in any photo salon or in a driving school for three hundred rubles). A photograph is necessary for processing a medical certificate and documents in the traffic police. It takes five matte shots of 3 by 4 centimeters.

After you receive a medical certificate of admission to driving. Citizens of the Russian Federation are not required to provide information about their registration in order to obtain a driverโ€™s license. Foreigners must present a residence permit, temporary registration or a temporary residence permit.

Immediately after this, you can start training at the traffic light in St. Petersburg in accordance with the schedule.

Learning places

Driving school traffic light addresses

Driving school has branches in all areas of St. Petersburg, as well as in the Leningrad region. They are united on a geographical basis. In the Primorsky region, the traffic light in St. Petersburg is located at the following addresses:

  • Yakhtennaya Street 3, residential complex "Golden Harbor" (metro station "Old Village").
  • 38 Kamyshovaya Street (Komendantsky Prospekt metro station).
  • Directions Aircraft designers, 5, building 2, shopping center "Cosmos", 3rd floor, room 52 (metro station "Komendantsky Prospekt").
  • Street of General Khrulev, 13 (Pionerskaya metro station).
  • Komendantsky Prospekt 34, Building 1 (Komendantsky Prospekt metro station).
  • 39 Koroleva Street, Building 1 (Komendantsky Prospekt metro station).
  • Utochkina Street 3-3 (Komendantsky Prospekt metro station).
  • Prospect Bogatyrsky, 35, building 1 (metro station "Commandant Avenue").
  • Street Optikov, 4 (metro station "Old Village").
  • Street Savushkina, 9 (metro station "Black River").

Many driving schools "Traffic Light" in St. Petersburg in the Vasileostrovsky and Petrograd districts:

  • Bolshaya Zelenina street, 8, building 2, room 18n, business center "Chkalovsky" (metro station "Chkalovskaya").
  • Sredny prospekt, 36/40, Ostrov shopping center, 3rd floor, office 427 (Vasileostrovskaya metro station).
  • Street Blokhina, 25 (Sportivnaya metro station).
  • Morskoy Avenue, 28 (Krestovsky Ostrov metro station).
  • Kamenoostrovsky Prospekt 42 (Petrogradskaya metro station).
  • 40, Nalichnaya Street, Building 1 (Primorskaya metro station).

There is an opportunity to obtain the necessary knowledge in other parts of the Northern capital. The addresses of the traffic light "Traffic Light" in the Vyborg and Kalinin districts are as follows:

  • Yesenina street, 8, building 1 (Ozerki metro station).
  • Uchitelskaya Street, 18, Building 1 (Grazhdansky Prospekt metro station).
  • Grazhdansky Prospekt 41, Building B, Academ-Park Shopping Center, 4th floor, office 479 (Akademicheskaya metro station).
  • Komsomol Street, 35 (Ploshchad Lenina metro station).
  • Station square, 5a, building 1 (metro station "Devyatkino").
  • 23 Mikhail Dudin Street, Building 1 (Parnas metro station).
  • Prospect of Enlightenment, 36 (metro station "Prospect of Enlightenment").
  • Engels Avenue, 115, Building 1 (Ozerki metro station).
  • Skobelevsky Avenue, 17 (Udelnaya metro station).

In Krasnoselsky and Kirovsky districts - 6 more schools:

  • Kotina street, 2, building 3, shopping center "Term", 3rd floor (metro station "Leninsky Prospekt").
  • Morskaya embankment, 35 (metro station "Narvskaya").
  • Prospect Stachek, 1 (metro station "Narvskaya").
  • Novatorov Street, 116 (metro station "Prospect Veteranov").
  • 47 Stachek Street (Kirovsky Zavod metro station).
  • 9 Stachek Square, Building A, Kirovsky Department Store (Narvskaya metro station).

There are four schools in the Frunze and Moscow regions:

  • 32 Kupchinskaya Street, Building 1 (Kupchino metro station).
  • 15 Pulkovskaya Street (Zvezdnaya metro station).
  • Bucharest street, 74 (metro station "International").
  • Moskovskaya Street 73 (Frunzenskaya metro station).

In the Admiralteysky and Central districts, schools can be found at:

  • Kazanskaya Street, 7 (Nevsky Prospekt metro station).
  • Nevsky Prospect, 182 (metro station "Alexander Nevsky Square").
  • Ligovsky Prospect, 105 (metro station "Ligovsky Prospect").
  • Vladimirsky Prospekt 19 (Dostoevskaya metro station).
  • Malaya Morskaya street, 4 (Admiralteyskaya metro station).

In the Krasnogvardeisky and Nevsky regions, the traffic light in St. Petersburg is located at the following addresses:

  • 36 Babushkina Street, Building 2 (Lomonosovskaya metro station).
  • Street Antonova-Ovseenko, 20, shopping complex "Term", 2nd floor (metro station "Street Dybenko").
  • Evropeisky Prospekt 3, entrance from Stroiteley Street (Ulitsa Dybenko metro station).
  • Shlisselburgsky prospect, 3 (Rybatskoye metro station).
  • Kollontai street, 21, building 1 (metro station "Prospect Bolshevikov").
  • Karl Faberge Square, 8 (Ladozhskaya metro station).
  • Osipenko street, 2 (Ladozhskaya metro station).
  • Zanevsky Prospect, 20 (metro station "Novocherkasskaya").

Finally, there are seven more schools in the Leningrad Region:

  • Vsevolzhsk city, Mezhevaya street, 21.
  • Vsevolzhsk city, Yuzhny microdistrict, Krymskaya street, 6.
  • The city of Sertolovo, Molodtsova street, 8, building 2.
  • Koltushi village, 1 Shkolny lane, office 13/1.
  • Kingisepp city, Bolshaya Grazhdanskaya street, 2d, room 4-6.
  • Devyatkino, Railway Station Square, 5a (metro station "Devyatkino").
  • Slantsy city, Kirova street, 32, entrance through the Yulmart shopping center.


In the driving school, two types of training are available - full-time and distance. The full cost of full-time study is 19,900 rubles, and a distance student will have to pay one thousand less.

Also, the student will have to pay a state fee of two thousand rubles, to purchase a set of educational literature for 600 rubles.

In addition, in a driving school, he can order services for registration at health care facilities in order to pass surveys for drivers. It will cost another 1200 rubles.


Driving school teachers

Classes are held according to a certain methodology. The institution works in full compliance with state standards.

The program for drivers of category "B" vehicles provides 134 hours of theoretical lessons. The program includes the basics of safety, the rules of the road, first aid for victims of traffic accidents, legal aspects related to the field of traffic, insurance issues.

56 hours of practical training is driving with an instructor at a time convenient for you along the routes approved by the state traffic inspectorate.

It is also possible to sign up for basic classes. For example, at your own closed circuit or steering simulators. The total duration of training is from two and a half to three months. The first month and a half are only theoretical classes, and then theory and practice.

After graduation, the graduate receives an examination card, a certificate of completion of a driving school, a medical certificate and a driver card.

Skills recovery

Theory at a driving school Traffic light

Among drivers who have long received a license and then have not used a car for a long time, another service is popular. This is a restoration of driving skills with professional instructors.

In this case, you yourself sign up for as many classes as you see fit. Their cost will depend on which machine is trained - with an automatic or manual transmission. One lesson with an instructor costs 1,200 and 1,000 rubles, respectively. It is advantageous to order several lessons at once: when registering for three classes, the cost drops to 1100 and 900 rubles, respectively, by five - to 1000 and 800, by ten - to 900 and 700.

Teaching Staff

The driving school has a large staff of teachers who specialize in traffic rules, car design, the basics of road safety, first aid, legal aspects, and psychological training for drivers.

In total, 98 teachers work at the school. Of these, 5 candidates of sciences, 45 teachers with higher professional education, 42 teachers with primary and secondary professional education.


At a driving school, there is its own fleet of training cars. It has about 50 cars of various brands - from VAZ to Mercedes.

All instructors driving schools "Traffic Light" with rich driving experience. The student can independently choose with whom he will be engaged: with a man or woman, in a domestic or foreign car, with a manual or automatic transmission.

Student impressions

Driving traffic light in St. Petersburg

Mostly you can find positive reviews about the traffic light "Traffic Light". Some especially like the possibility of distance learning, when you watch all the lectures on a tablet, and you manage to absorb the material even better than in traditional theoretical classes.

In the reviews about the instructors of the "Traffic Light" driving school, the students are grateful to them for having really taught me how to feel confident behind the wheel, and each practical lesson was held as productive and fun as possible. Most of the specialists with whom students master driving practice turn out to be competent, calm and thoroughly knowledgeable specialists.


Students driving school Traffic light

At the same time, there are a lot of negative reviews about the Svetofor driving school in St. Petersburg.

Some of the students had unsolvable problems already at the stage of signing the contract, which was not easy to do, since there was a feeling that the administration of the educational institution did not at all take care that they had new applicants. Instead of involving them as actively as possible, the work is very passive.

In addition, students in reviews of the traffic light "Traffic Light" complain that during the training process additional expenses constantly arise that were not provided for in the original contract. For example, for gasoline. The number of hours of practice and theory is much less than specified in the contract, and the entire learning process actually comes down to cramming tickets, which, of course, will not be useful to you in a real traffic situation. There is no question of any understanding of the rules of the road, the main thing is to memorize answers to questions.

Among those who did not like the driving school, the main complaints are related to the fact that the educational process is very lame in the institution. For example, after signing the contract, one to two months may pass before the start of training.

In the reviews about the "Traffic Light" driving school in St. Petersburg, in most negative reviews there are references to the fact that instructors actually force students to "play it safe" before the exam in the traffic police, voicing quite large amounts of money. Often one has to deal with a situation where a student is deliberately โ€œflunkedโ€ at an internal exam, since each retake costs one thousand rubles. You can retake an unlimited number of times until you can get admission to the exam in the traffic police.

Most students lack practical training. In some cases, the instructors did not attend practical classes, which was why precious time was wasted. Those who categorically do not recommend this driving school, note that studying in it is unreasonably expensive, given all the additional costs. At the same time, the student feels uncomfortable when he has to pay extra for each step. Even examination forms cost separate money.

In the classroom where the theoretical classes are held, there are no visual materials other than signs on the walls, so the material is very difficult to perceive.

As a result, a number of students strongly do not recommend this driving school, as they admit that they did not get any experience and knowledge here, but only lost valuable time and money.

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