Find out why you want to sleep constantly

Everyone remembers David Fincher’s famous movie “Fight Club”. The main character constantly wanted to sleep, but for everything else there was absolutely no desire. Many of us also had to deal with this condition. What are its causes, and how to deal with it?

why do you want to sleep

First of all, it must be said that if you, without determining why you want to sleep, solve the problem by absorbing coffee, this will only aggravate the situation. This is a short-term salvation, and sooner or later even a miraculous drink will not be able to help you. Moreover, caffeine is addictive, which is comparable to drug addiction, which, obviously, will not benefit the body in any way.

So, they refused coffee. But why do you want to sleep, especially when you need to do important things? One of the reasons may be a lack of vitamins in the body. Surely you noticed that in autumn and spring it tends to sleep more than in summer and winter. This is a consequence of avitominosis. A good option to eliminate it will be the use of a large number of fresh fruits. You can also resort to vitamin complexes produced in the form of tablets, but remember that synthetic substances often have not only a positive effect.

You should focus on vitamins B, C and D. In addition, iodine and iron are responsible for the vitality of the body and spirit. We’ll talk about the latter in more detail.

Iodine is found in large quantities in seaweed. It has a specific taste, but it perfectly solves the problem of a deficiency of this substance in the body.

weakness and want to sleep

If you are tormented by fatigue, want to sleep and have no strength whatsoever, try consuming more iron-rich foods. In large quantities, it is found in red meat. For vegetarians, buckwheat is a great option. It should only be remembered that non-heme iron, which is part of it, is absorbed better in combination with vitamin C (so, it is better to use it with vegetables - fresh or stewed - or eat fruit before eating). And dairy products impede absorption.

Endorphins, hormones of joy, are also released during exercise. Probably their small amount in your body is the cause of apathy. Favorite business helps to increase their content. Do you have a hobby? If not, then urgently look for something to your liking. Watching movies, and even more so "walking" on the Internet does not count. Moreover, you should know that spending time on the screen inevitably takes away your strength, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the body feels weak and wants to sleep - you do not relax, but only strain.

tiredness sleepy

In addition, physical activity in the fresh air will help increase iron levels. It can be just running or even brisk walking. Anyway: physical activity will help you cheer up, increase your mood and relieve fatigue.

What else could be the reasons? Why do you want to sleep again and again? Pay attention to your daily routine. How long have you been in the kingdom of Morpheus? The ideal option is the notorious 7-8 hours, but you should consider the characteristics of your body. This time is probably not enough for you. Try to sleep 1-2 hours longer by going to bed earlier.

In conclusion, I want to say that people who are wondering why they want to sleep during the day need to learn how to relax. Master the simplest relaxation technique, do aromatherapy, take a bath, just take a walk outside the city - it will take off fatigue as you can.

Be cheerful and healthy!


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