Never give up: quotes from great people. Inspirational Quote.

In the life of every person there are situations when hands just drop. It seems that the problems surround on all sides and there simply does not exist a way out. Many do not withstand emotional stress and give up. But this is an absolutely wrong approach to this situation. Gather strength and recharge your inspiration with quotes. โ€œNever give upโ€ - such a slogan can be heard from many famous people. Weโ€™ll find out how they explain it.

Greatest Briton ever

The politician, military, writer, journalist and British Prime Minister in 1940-1945 - all this is Sir Winston Churchill. And he knew for sure that the best way to succeed was to never give up. Quotes of the greatest Briton in history even children know:

1. A pessimist sees difficulties at every opportunity; the optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty.

2. Success is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

3. Any crisis is a new opportunity.

And of course, the most important expression that you should always remember:

Never, never, never give up!

And in fact, these are not just words. Sir Winston Churchill was single-minded, strong. Someone considered him a ruthless tyrant, while others claimed that he was a brilliant thinker. He had a hundred defeats, but even more victories and all because he followed his quote: "Never give up." Churchill was even awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal in 1953.

Winston Churchill Quotes

He began his brilliant career as a war journalist. The Mahdist uprising in Sudan, the Boer War and many other hot spots he described with incredible frankness. In his articles, one could often find unflattering reviews about the British army, and criticism towards the commander of the British troops, General Kitchener. In 1899, Churchill and his comrades were captured by the Boers. But only he managed to escape from the camp.

It was this fearless act that added to his popularity, and already in 1900, Churchill received an offer to run for parliament. At 26, he becomes a member of the House of Commons, and at 35 he easily gets the post of Minister of the Interior. In 1940, King George VI of the United Kingdom formally appointed Churchill as Prime Minister. The last one at that moment was already 66 years old. The whole life of a military journalist and a strong politician is a struggle. He achieved such success only because he never gave up and did not give up.


This familiar word was first proposed by Thomas Edison. The American entrepreneur and inventor knew a lot about how to succeed. He never gave up. Quotes from a unique inventor flew around the world. And they really can inspire people to new achievements.

Every failed attempt is another step forward.

I did not suffer defeats. I just found 10,000 ways that don't work.

The secret of genius is work, perseverance and common sense.

The thought can be read in every quote: "never give up and do not lose heart." Edison himself lived on this principle, and only for this reason did he reach such heights. If he gave up halfway, perhaps we still would not know what an electric bulb, rubber and phonograph are.

Too many people break down, not even knowing how close to success they were at that moment when they lost heart.

It is also interesting that Edisson was born in a poor family, and for his many experiments a lot of money was required. Already from a wounded age (12 years) he got a job as a newspaperman and spent his salary on the purchase of books and equipment for chemical experiments. Failures and failures haunted him, but he worked hard anyway, set up experiments, and as a result he achieved great success.

The foundation of modern physics might not be

In fact, almost all discoveries are associated with perseverance and perseverance. If at every obstacle Albert Einstein lost heart and surrendered, perhaps we would not have been able to understand the physical essence of space and time. In addition, Einstein was not just a scientist with a capital letter. He opposed war and violence. He fought for human rights and understanding between nations. His inspirational quotes have helped many people not to lose faith in themselves.

Quotes by Albert Einstein

1. The opportunity lies somewhere in the middle of your problem.

2. Only those who make absurd attempts can achieve the impossible.

3. You will never solve a problem if you think in the same way as those who created it.

Einstein also claimed that a small genius lives in every person. And in fact, each of us has unique abilities, you only need to determine in which area.

We are all geniuses. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life, considering itself a fool.

What is a mistake?

People tend to believe that error is an unforgivable misconduct. After a person realizes that he has missed, he lowers his hands and becomes discouraged. But you remember: "Never give up!" Quotes from great people teach us that mistakes are just the experience that is needed for continued success. For example, Phyllis Teros argued that there is an invisible bridge between experience and wisdom, and it is created from errors.

Inspirational Quote.

Do not despair if something went wrong as you planned. From each error, conclusions should be drawn, and then the likelihood that this will happen again is much reduced. Instead of self-flagellation, you should pull yourself together and strive for success.

  • There is nothing completely wrong in the world - even a broken watch shows the exact time twice a day. Paulo Coelho
  • Nothing teaches us more than the consciousness of our mistake. This is one of the main means of self-education. Thomas Carlyle
  • The biggest mistake you can make in life is to constantly be afraid to make a mistake. Albert Hubbard
  • Never be afraid to make mistakes - there is no need to be afraid of hobbies or disappointments. Disappointment is a payment for something previously received, it may be disproportionate sometimes, but be generous. Be afraid to generalize disappointment and do not color everything else with it. Then you will gain the strength to resist the evil of life and correctly evaluate its good sides. Alexander Green

Prince of aesthetes

The ability to show oneself, stand out from the crowd - this is the key to success. So Oscar Wilde considered. Despite the fact that at the end of his life he slipped into the abyss, many people know his inspirational quotes. Seemingly windy and simple, he was a real thinker, prose writer and critic. Who does not know his quote:

Be yourself, all the other roles are already taken. Oscar Wilde

Aphorism teaches that in order to succeed, you need to follow your thoughts and ideals.

inspiration don't give up

Wilde divided all people into two large groups. So, some believe in the unbelievable, while others - do the impossible. And in fact, desire alone is extremely small in order to achieve the desired result. Inaction will not lead to anything. Excessive ambition, on the other hand, is a haven for losers. In fact, to succeed in any business, one should be reasonable and calm.

  • We are all in the gutter, but some are looking at the stars.
  • I donโ€™t want to know at all what people say behind me. It flatters me too much.
  • The only way to get rid of temptation is to succumb to it.

Interesting examples

If suddenly you decide to give up and give up, think for a moment what could happen if you would change your mind now. Success is something that is almost in your hands. In order to take it, you just need to analyze your mistakes for everything, find a solution and take a deep breath. There are a thousand examples in history of how people, without giving up their hands, fought to the last:

  • Despite the diagnosis of cancer, Lance Armstrong defeated the disease and finished the Tour de France for the first time 6 times in a row.
  • Chris Gardner - an ordinary guy from a poor family did not reconcile with his fate and became a millionaire.
  • Kenny Easterly. The boy had his legs amputated when he was six months old. According to all forecasts, his life was supposed to end at 21. But Kenya died at age 42. He had a wife and left a child. He lived a full life, no matter what.
Kenny Easter

In the world, many people are in a variety of situations: difficult and not very. But only the one who never surrenders will succeed. Each time, stepping over obstacles, remember that you are a genius, you are the best and you will surely succeed.


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