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Today it remains to be seen what kind of DPD reviews it receives from its customers and employees. They will help you understand how faithful the organization is. After all, before you get a job in a particular company, you need to understand whether it is a good employer. And I don’t want to use the services of not the best organizations. It is the reviews of the population that help to understand what a particular corporation is. What about DPD? How much is a conscientious employer and service company? What are the pros and cons of this company?


DPD is a transport company. The reviews indicate that the organization provides logistics services to the population of Russia. She is in great demand. Most often it is positioned simply as a delivery service.

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DPD is constantly recruiting new employees. But is it worth collaborating with an organization? What working conditions are offered by the company? What should I pay attention to first of all? In fact, understanding how DPD is a good organization and employer is not as easy as it seems.


Many are interested in how large the company in question is. The scale of corporations often plays an important role. DPD receives positive reviews for its size.

The thing is that this organization has branches throughout the country. She has been working in Russia for a long time. So, there is every reason to believe that DPD is not a scam. A large and quite successful organization that offers job seekers a job! But what should everyone know? What features do you need to pay attention to?

For clients

Delivery DPD reviews get different. There are good ones among them, and not so much. The first step is to understand how faithful the organization is in relation to customers. This nuance interests a considerable number of people.

Reviews about DPD in Russia are varied. Some customers say that the company does not provide the best service. For example, it loses the product or damages it. Also, some consumers emphasize the slow operation of the delivery service and not the best customer service.

At the same time, DPD delivery service receives positive feedback from some customers. Attentive attitude, fast and safe cargo delivery, affordable prices are noted. Some principally use only the services of the logistics company DPD.

So what to believe? In fact, this organization has its pros and cons. Basically, DPD works quickly and accurately, but no one is immune from damage to goods. There is negative experience with the organization, it cannot be ruled out. But most of the customers are still satisfied with the work of the delivery service.

dpd employee reviews

What the employer promises

DPD reviews earns a variety of. Positive opinions are expressed for what the employer promises to all his subordinates. More specifically, employees can count on:

  • official employment in accordance with established legislation;
  • high salary;
  • lack of uniform work;
  • flexible schedule;
  • social package;
  • friendly and pleasant staff;
  • career prospects and professional development;
  • work experience in a large company;
  • selection of vacancies;
  • free education;
  • combination with study or the main work.

All this is the standard promise of almost all the bosses. Does DPD delivery service really provide all this to its subordinates? Or are some promises a lie?

Official work

DPD receives positive feedback from employees for the fact that the employer does officially formalize the work of all his subordinates. Even when combined, everything happens within the framework of the established Russian legislation. Unofficial work is not welcome here.

Although at first DPD will have to work without an employment contract. It is noted that the training period does not connect the applicant with the employer. Although in fact a person will fulfill duties along with officially employed personnel. This is a normal phenomenon that should not be scary. Upon completion of training, DPD will conclude an agreement with the employee according to the rules established in the country.

dpd transport company reviews


DPD's employer reviews are mixed for work schedules. The thing is that many emphasize the need for constant overtime work. In some posts, this phenomenon is considered normal. Not always, but very often it is necessary to remain on a part-time job beyond the time agreed in advance. Moreover, labor will not be rewarded in any way.

But the courier service DPD reviews positive type for the work schedule also earns. For example, drivers talk about full compliance with the rules stipulated in the employment contract. They are not forced to work overtime, and if an employee remains on a part-time job, then it is necessarily paid.

There is no evidence of either positive or negative reviews of DPD. Therefore, applicants must decide what they believe. In fact, some vacancies have to remain overtime. And some posts, due to their specifics, do not allow working beyond the agreed time. Therefore, some employees complain of violations, and some refute such information. DPD strives not to violate pre-agreed working conditions.


What else gets DPD reviews? The work in this organization is given a lot of attention from applicants and employees. Many emphasize that the choice of vacancies at the company is really large. But only among them usually do not meet leadership positions.

This means that you will have to work exclusively as an ordinary employee. Claim immediately for a prestigious vacancy will not work. Only if you develop in DPD and demonstrate your advantages to superiors.

The choice of ordinary vacancies is not so small. In DPD, everyone can find something to their liking. Most often required:

  • office workers;
  • couriers;
  • Drivers
  • movers;
  • employees at the warehouses.

These are the most common vacancies. Leading positions such as the director or deputy director appear, but they are rare. And they are quickly occupied by workers.

dpd customer reviews


The training at DPD receives mixed reviews from employees. Some employees emphasize that internships are used by organization leaders as free wage labor. After all, there is no official registration for work during training. Workers should, as already mentioned, perform the duties of employed people, but at the same time they are not documented in any way.

Nevertheless, most often they respond well to training. In DPD they will really acquaint with the work and the working team, explain all the features of cooperation. Each applicant will be able to understand how suitable his job is. And if necessary, he will continue further cooperation, but with official registration for work. It’s not easy at first. This is a normal phenomenon, it is necessary to get used to any workplace. Training helps to cope with the task.

It is also worth noting that the internship is fully paid by the employer. More precisely, it is free for the applicant. If the employee does not want to formalize, you do not need to pay formal fees. Some not the best reviews about DPD are left because the internship is not paid in any way to a potential employee. Similar grievances are rare.


The delivery service DPD reviews are mixed because drivers can work on their own transport. Organization vehicles are initially offered by the organization. Moreover, with full maintenance and service. But if you want, the employee has the right to use his own car.

The only caveat is that the cost of gasoline and repairs with maintenance will have to be covered independently. Nevertheless, many admire precisely the choice of vehicle. A small plus, which is mainly emphasized by forwarding drivers.


The work team at DPD is happy. Employees of the organization often emphasize that the colleagues here are mostly friendly people who are pleasant and easy to work with. There are few conflicts with them, they help beginners to get comfortable in a new workplace. Just what many employers and job seekers lack.

Some unfriendly personalities in DPD also work, no one is safe from this. But such, according to numerous opinions, are few. Basically, you have to work with young people who are pleasant in communication.

dpd job reviews

DPD is a place where every employee can make new friends and make friends with people. There is no competition in the team; there is no envy and meanness on the part of colleagues. All support each other and help out if necessary.


But the company lacks career growth as such. DPD (transport company) receives negative feedback for this nuance. Initially, everyone is offered career growth and professional development. In fact, not all vacancies allow you to climb up the career ladder. Some employees complain of a complete lack of prospects for improvement.

But part of the reviews suggests that you can succeed and move up. To do this, you have to try pretty hard. If you make an effort and unobtrusively prove yourself, DPD will definitely notice this. Unfortunately, career growth is often referred to as a ghostly prospect. She is not completely excluded, but there are no employees who would talk about the rapid development of a career in the studied transport company.


The DPD service receives various reviews from its subordinates. Ambiguous opinions are expressed regarding earnings in the organization. What do workers say?

Someone insists on the absence of normal profits, pointing out loud promises and low salaries in fact. Earn money in DPD is not possible. And given the working stress, the money paid to employees is very small. Permanent fines and deductions.

And some claim that you can earn normal money in DPD. Sufficiently responsible approach to their duties. The organization has exclusively "white" earnings. Yes, there is also a penalty system. But if you follow the established rules, you will not only avoid unnecessary punishments, but also increase your salary. The salary is low, but at the expense of percent of the services rendered it is possible to make good money.

Heads and leaders

Leadership in DPD is another area in which employees cannot come to a common opinion. A lot of negativity is expressed to the authorities. Quite often, management is accused of an unfair, unfair and arrogant attitude towards subordinates. Ostensibly, employees are considered to be powerless slaves, who can be constantly burdened with work, fined and violated their legal rights in every way.

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All these are the usual complaints of workers. They are found in almost every employer. It is because of this that DPD can often be found on blacklists of employers in certain cities.

But they also speak well of the leadership, albeit not too often. It is noted that the authorities in DPD are disciplined and tough. Employees are simply required to follow the rules and discipline. If you conscientiously treat your work, as well as respect your bosses, you can find a common language with the leaders. They will make concessions to honest and not lazy employees. However, like any other employer.

About Ethics

DPD positive employee feedback earns for its corporate ethics. Some subordinates emphasize that, in addition to a friendly team, the organization constantly holds seminars and other events to rally employees.

Holidays and group meetings at DPD are an important part of the work process. Company managers devote a lot of time to making subordinates closer to each other, communicate, and find a common language.

DPD is a company that has a truly worthwhile corporate ethic. This does not mean that you can constantly enjoy the holidays, but the company takes the time to communicate with subordinates. A real find for outgoing applicants!


What conclusions can be drawn from the foregoing? DPD reviews from customers and employees are mixed. Among them there are good, and bad, and neutral opinions. In general, this is an ordinary transport company with its pros and cons. Customers often talk about them. DPD works throughout Russia, relatively quickly and efficiently. Customer complaints about the organization come, but not too often.

As an employer, a transport company is also not ideal. She has some points that make most jobseekers think twice before employment. DPD is a good place for stress-resistant people who are willing to work in good faith and not be lazy, who cares about communication and corporate ethics. But it is advisable for careerists to avoid being employed by DPD so as not to complain about the lack of career advancement.

dpd reviews in russia

One thing is known for sure - DPD is a real company that provides transportation services to the public. These are not scammers. Therefore, you can use the services of this organization, as well as calmly get a job here. The risk of being cheated or unsatisfied with a collaboration is minimal.

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