Liquid tips: reviews

It is probably difficult to find a woman these days who has not heard of such a method of nail extension as liquid nail tips. This technology helps to create a beautiful manicure using reusable plastic forms. They serve as the basis for an artificial nail. And the main advantage is the ability to pre-create a complex and unique "aquarium" design. What is this technology and how safe is it? We will find out in our article.

formula liquid pro tips

What it is?

Liquid nail tips are a completely new approach to nail modeling. In fact, this is a revolutionary technology in the field of building. The mold itself is designed from a flexible polymer. It is ideal for working with gel and acrylic. And importantly, these forms are designed for reusable use. The conclusion suggests itself - saving.

Thanks to this technology, even on crooked nails, you can create the perfect and beautiful manicure. And most importantly - the complete safety of this method, because when building toxic toxic glue is not used.

In addition, it is now possible to create a complex and unique pattern on the nail in the shortest possible time. This can significantly reduce the time of modeling nails.

liquid tips

What is this technology for?

First of all, such a nail extension technology will be an ideal assistant for a novice master. After all, it’s quite difficult to quickly master the ability to substitute the arch correctly. This should be done so that the gel does not drain. And liquid tips is a way out. It is enough for any beginner in the nail service to take courses, after which he will be able to easily master this simple skill.

One of the main advantages of this technology is the fact that it does not require the use of glue, which is very toxic and dangerous.

In addition, each nail master has a lot of advantages. It became much easier for them to carry out building. Liquid tips save time. As a result, more customers are served.

If you work on this technology, the cost of consumables is significantly reduced. You can see a set of forms among the products of the popular company Formula Pro. Liquid tips in the amount of 50 pcs. cost about 1,500 rubles. Experts confirm that it is best to purchase materials from reliable, trusted suppliers. This will certainly affect the quality of work. Forms can serve the master for a long time, save finances. Many masters have already managed to appreciate the advantages of the considered technique of nail extension. Now they do not need to breathe dust when filing. And most importantly - you can create an unusual design before the arrival of the client, saving his and her time.

building up liquid tips

How is the build up done?

The method of building, which uses liquid tips, is absolutely uncomplicated. Only you need to do everything according to the scheme:

  • disinfection of the hands of the master and client;
  • moving the cuticle to remove pterygium;
  • removal of natural gloss;
  • repeated treatment of the nail with an antiseptic;
  • applying the primer for a while until it dries completely;
  • selection of the right size tips and placement inside the acrylic balls;
  • determination of the length of the future nail;
  • fixing the form with acrylic on the nail;
  • uniform distribution along the entire length;
  • time delay for complete polymerization;
  • removal of tips;
  • shaping.

As you can see, there are no difficulties in creating a beautiful manicure. And all this thanks to new technology. Another advantage is the fact that there is no longer any need to tediously file the created manicure. Since with the help of liquid tips there is immediately the formation of a beautiful and perfect nail shape. As can be seen from all of the above, this method has only pluses.

liquid tips technology


This method has several important advantages.

  1. First of all, even the most uneven and problematic nails are easy to build.
  2. Many professionals are happy to use liquid tips. Technology helps create the perfect “smile line” for a French manicure.
  3. This method makes it possible to make all kinds of complex manicures and even toenails.

The disadvantages of this technology

The disadvantages of this technique are very few.

  1. The need to undergo special training in order to easily perform beautiful manicures.
  2. Obligatory purchase of a special UV lamp, because without it it is impossible to create an irresistible manicure.
  3. Some forms of the technology under consideration cannot be made.

But if you count all the advantages of working with such material, then all the above disadvantages simply fade. Indeed, training, on the contrary, will bring the nail master new information or an idea.

liquid nail tips reviews

What do masters say about liquid tips?

Basically, most nail service designers claim that this technology is ideal for classics. The benefits in favor of liquid tips are evident. This is an opportunity to create tips with an unusual pattern. The forms of this new product are reusable and have perfect geometry. And the most important advantage is that you can choose liquid tips for almost all nail plates. The upper forms (this is another development of the “Formula Pros”) are familiar to many girls firsthand. This technology is similar to the extension method under consideration. Only it has been used by masters for a long time. These forms also allow you to create perfectly smooth and shiny nails. If desired, they can be varnished. On artificial nails, it lasts much longer.

It is worth noting that not all masters liked liquid tips. Reviews indicate that some girls could not get used to them. For example, they complained that it was difficult to fit the shape for the thumbs. The result was an ugly edge near the cuticle. But other masters found a way out. They use the technique on eight thin fingers. And on large nails carry out building in the classical way. Such manipulations still significantly reduce the time for the procedure.

liquid tips top forms


Perhaps this innovative technology can be called the best today. Thanks to the described method, the extension becomes available even for clients with severely damaged nails. And the safety and non-toxicity of this method will delight all lovers of beautiful manicure, who until this moment have not decided to conduct the procedure in question. Beautiful manicure is now not a dream for some women, but a very real opportunity. And in conclusion, it is worth adding: create your own unique style with the help of liquid tips. Let your fingers be beautiful and irresistible. And this technology will take care of the safe creation of a dream manicure.


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