Yoga Nidra: reviews, basic complex, basic techniques

Yoga nidra meditation is one of the most effective spiritual practices. It allows you to relax, enter a state of altered consciousness, to understand how to act in life, being in certain conditions. As a result, a person realizes that it is not circumstances that they so skillfully manage, but he gives up his positions without having time to understand what he really wants to achieve. Everyone can master the basic complex of yoga nidra. You just need to have a little patience and make some efforts. This practice of relaxation allows you to achieve a state of internal balance. A powerful technique called lucid dreaming. The technique appeared in the middle of the last century and is the quintessence of the results of scientific studies of brain activity and ancient Indian practices. Swami Satyananda Sarasvati is considered to be the founder of yoga nidra.

Base complex

Before proceeding directly to the lesson, you must enter a state of deep trance. It is achieved using a special preparatory stage: appropriate music and words. The voice of the announcer will lead the practitioner, you just need to follow him, mentally completing all the tasks. It is possible that during the immersion in the session, you want to fall asleep for real. The monotonous sound of the same type of vibrations tires and lulls some.

yoga nidra basic complex

If this happens involuntarily, it means that the individual for some reason is not yet ready to comprehend his own personality. Perhaps you should try again or postpone classes until a better moment. It is especially worth noting that the technique itself includes several stages. They must be passed sequentially, without rushing and without losing their general rhythm.

First stage

It is characterized by a willingness to accept changes. You need not just to tune in to meditation, but to deeply feel what is happening to you. In some cases, it will be necessary to work with consciousness, to change attitudes towards certain life events. The adjustment starts from the moment when a comfortable lying position is adopted. It is advisable to try to turn off extraneous thoughts. This is necessary in order not to fall out of a creative state in the future and begin to work effectively on oneself. In most cases, people manage to cope with the initial stage.

Dive stage

From this moment, serious internal work begins. Yoga nidra meditation is possible only when any reflections on the events occur no longer bother. To achieve the best effect, you must definitely set a goal.

yoga nidra basic

The key point is to get an answer to the question “Why do you need to master this technique and generally change yourself somehow?”. Only in this case can the maximum effect be achieved. Diving occurs gradually, usually within a few minutes.

Transition stage

It is characterized by altered consciousness. A person ceases to control himself, to notice what is really happening to him. It is very important to complete the transition stage correctly so that you do not suddenly “jump out” of a state of deep relaxation. The fact is that the internal configuration is very easy to knock down if you do something wrong. That is why it is so important to listen to the voice of the instructor. A competent specialist will not only tell you how to behave better during the session, but will also try to prevent the formation of a destructive state. To maximize the benefits of the lesson, it is necessary to perform work with full dedication, not sparing internal resources.

Phase of deep relaxation

The final stage, which you must definitely reach, is not lost anywhere and not falling out of rhythm. If you follow all the instructions, then the expected effect will be necessarily achieved. At this time, a person begins to feel his rich inner world. There is an understanding that urgent problems are to some extent small, unimportant and insignificant. Many are so estranged from the outside world that they are no longer concerned about their own physical ailments, some other manifestations of anxiety. The deeper a person is immersed in the contemplation of his own essence, the brighter he will be able to survive this experience.

yoga nidra relaxation

Some require very little time to get the final conclusions, understanding how to live on, what to direct their efforts to.

Basic Techniques

Knowledge of specific techniques can be very useful. To make the process of self-improvement as efficient as possible, it is very useful to arm yourself with the appropriate techniques. Reviews and opinions on yoga nidra largely depend on the choice of the practiced method. Own experience gives much more than the most colorful stories received from the lips of others.

"Singing Bowls"

This technique is unique in its essence and has no analogues. The technique is simple to execute and at the same time complex. The main difficulty is to acquire the necessary attributes. In the classes led by a true professional, this will not be a problem. Measuring a special stick with a stick on the bowl creates certain vibrations that have a healing effect on the human nervous system. The effect of “singing” is created - a beautiful and harmonious sound. Reviews of yoga nidra with Tibetan singing bowls in most cases are positive. People note that the reproduced sounds incredibly soothe them, help restore blood pressure, reduce anxiety and anxiety, and significantly improve the overall emotional background. It turns out that you do not need to be a sage to get closer to the truth. Every day can be amazing and unique if it is filled with an enduring, special meaning.

“I wish everyone happiness”

This practice is reminiscent of prayer. It is based on the desire for selfless service to other people. In fact, such an intention lives in everyone, but not everyone agrees to translate it into reality. Many fear that others will inevitably begin to use their kindness. In fact, the benefit of performing the exercise is undoubted: the individual is freed from selfish fears, directs his energy to serve those who are currently nearby. The essence of the technique is the pronunciation of the cherished words, trying to sincerely penetrate them. Reviews of nidra yoga largely depend on how much a person is ready to work on his mind. Anyone who sincerely wants to give happiness and joy, in the end is the winner: improves mood, physical condition.


The technique is aimed at eliminating negative obstacles and at creating a positive potential within the individual. Its founder is Ilya Zhuravlev - a leading specialist in the field of self-improvement, an effective hypnotherapist. The “Flight” methodology is aimed at revealing its true purpose. The more often a person practices it, the deeper begins to be aware of the changes. Reviews by Ilya Zhuravlev about yoga nidra help determine the immediate goals. Exercise promotes natural immersion in a state of flight so that the practitioner can feel the available internal forces.


It is important to understand the goal and the desire to achieve results with specific efforts. Feedback on the results of yoga nidra only confirms the truth of positive changes.

Disclosure of Purpose

Starting to practice this meditation, a person turns to his own sources. He begins to see himself real: without masks and pretense. This is a very valuable acquisition that is not open to everyone. Yoga nidra is a relaxation that is difficult to achieve in the ordinary way. It is possible only through the passage of certain faces of its essence. People who are just beginning to comprehend this spiritual practice are surprised, first of all, by a lot of positive energy.

nidra yoga reviews

It is taken from nowhere, out of thin air, like divine grace. A person suddenly begins to understand why and why he lives, what steps he should take in his everyday reality. Self-realization is becoming an important component, which no longer wants to be abandoned.

Stress relief

In modern reality, society and everyone are constantly under stress. We are influenced by various circumstances over which others are most often not dominated. Not everyone knows how to relax on time and competently, while not compromising their own health. Numerous reviews of nidra yoga suggest that a person is learning to properly remove the accumulated stress. Revealing your inner nature is incredibly useful for both the physical and mental levels. There is an acquaintance with the present, the discovery of hidden internal resources. The individual begins to feel happier than before.

Healthy rest

Mastering the technique of relaxation, we begin to strive to spend quality time. Yoga nidra for sleep is a good method of getting rid of anxious thoughts. Before falling asleep, many people tend to repeatedly scroll in their heads the various events that occurred during the day. Not always received impressions are pleasant. The application of the technique allows you to really have a good rest.

Getting rid of fears

In many cases, people are held captive by their own emotions. They do not notice how suffering fills their whole lives, negatively affect the daily perception of reality. To achieve a harmonious, calm and positive state, a lot of work is required. A person must accept responsibility for his life.

yoga nidra meditation

If we are constantly in alarm and despair, we will not be able to move forward, to develop our essence. Reviews of nidra yoga help to understand your own aspirations and desires. In fact, everyone has opportunities, but not everyone uses them to the full. If you constantly work on yourself through this practice, the amount of fear will begin to decrease. Anxiety negatively affects the nervous system, suppresses any undertakings. For this reason, it is extremely important to get rid of all kinds of negative impressions in time.

Memory improvement

Many people who have started practicing yoga nidra, note how easy it became for them to absorb certain information. There is a gradual improvement in memory, the release of positive energy.

yoga nidra reviews results

Being in this state, the person begins to realize his power, feels that he can achieve any goal. Some find the strength to learn several foreign languages. Any success will motivate to achieve even more significant results.

Self improvement

There are no ideal people who in life would have been wonderful in all criteria and areas. Efforts can be directed in the direction of your dreams, improve your own character or relationships with other people. Self-improvement is a process that never ends. You can always find time to improve your performance and achieve new goals. With the help of this meditation, you have the opportunity to better know your own needs, to decide on the choice of further steps.


It is very important for a person who strives for quality transformations and spiritual growth. The constant use of yoga nidra in your life makes your mind sensitive, perceptive and incredibly open. A person comes to an understanding of such things, the existence of which he had never before known. The ability to manage yourself is a very valuable asset that everyone would like to wish.

yoga nidra reviews and opinions

Indeed, in this case, we have the opportunity to take full responsibility for what is happening to us. Many suddenly begin to realize how they need to correctly allocate time, which should be abandoned. If a person is not confident enough in his abilities, it is worth turning to this practice in order to understand the limits of his capabilities.

Thus, reviews of nidra yoga allow us to realize individual aspirations and come closer to understanding personal essence.


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