Gabriel Torje - new player of the Grozny “Terek”

Football is the most favorite game not only in Russia, but also in every country in the world. Fans carefully monitor the matches and, of course, the career of their idols.

Brief Biography of Gabriel Torje

Gabriel Torje is a footballer with eleven years of experience. He was born in Romania in the city of Timisoara. The athlete’s full name is Gabriel Andrey Torje. This year, on November 22, he turns 27 years old.

Gabriel Torje

The main position of the athlete on the field is the right midfielder. But the football player is considered a universal player, because at the right time he can act as the main striker. Torget's height is 168 cm, weight - 71 kg, working leg - right.

The development of a football career Torje

Gabriel's football career begins in 2005. Initially, he played for the club of his hometown under the name "Timofoara ChFZ". Then he spent 8 matches and scored 1 goal. A year later, the midfielder moved to “Timisoara”, where the coach was Gheorghe Hadji. In this team, Gabriel Torje almost immediately noted. At the Romanian soccer championship in 2006, during the Timisoara game against Farula, the athlete scored a goal. Gheorghe Hadji was very pleased with the result of the young football player, so he decided to transfer him to the main team.

gabriel solemn footballer

At the same time (in 2006), the midfielder began to play for the national team of Romania. In “Timisoara” Gabriel Torje played for two years. During this time he took part in 37 games. From 2008 to 2011, the footballer was a midfielder at FC Dynamo (Bucharest). Its acquisition cost the club $ 2.5 million. As part of the Bucharest team, Torje played 108 matches. On his account 18 goals.

Further, the career of a football player continued as part of the Italian club Udinese. According to rumors, the amount of the transition amounted to more than 10 million dollars. Gabriel Torje played for the Italian team on loan. In the 2015-2016 season, the midfielder performed under the flag of Turkey as part of Osmanlyspor FC. Romanian football player was interested in several German and French clubs. They say that he wanted to get and Kiev “Dynamo”.

The value of Torje in the Romania national football team

For four years, Gabriel Torje in the national Romanian youth team was not just in the role of a right midfielder and striker, but also as a captain. In its composition, he spent more than 20 matches and scored 8 goals.

The footballer appeared in the main Romanian national team in 2010. In its composition, he spent his first match with Albania. The athlete scored his debut goal a year later against the team from Cyprus during the friendly game. In the main national team of Romania, the football player spent 54 matches and brought the national team 12 goals. He also participated in three games at the European Championships in France in 2016.

Gabriel Torje - player of “Terek” (Terrible)

One of the most famous and promising newcomers to the Russian football team from Grozny is Gabriel Torje. Terek signed a contract with the Romanian right midfielder in 2016. This news has appeared in all Russian media.

gabriel ceremonial terek

The athlete will perform a substitution under the twentieth number (for the Romanian national team he played under No. 11). You will have to compete for a place in the main team of the Grozny team. But with his experience and professionalism, this will not be difficult. The Terek agreement with Gabriel is designed for a three-year period.

According to the president of the Grozny club, Magomed Daudov, the acquisition of a promising Romanian football player will increase spectator interest and increase the level of the Russian championship. The exact amount of the transition has not yet been made public. About the goals and objectives of Gabriel Torje in the composition of “Terek” nothing is said. The right midfielder and the main striker coaching staff only introduces the basic requirements of the Grozny club. Before getting into the main squad, a football player needs to feel the rhythm of the game with new partners.


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