Alexander Nesis: biography of a businessman

Businessman, billionaire Alexander Natanovich Nesis - a closed and mysterious figure. He rarely talks about the personal, but never talks about family topics at all. We will tell you about the biography of a successful entrepreneur, and how he came to his billionth fortune.

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Alexander Natanovich Nesis was born on December 19, 1962 in the northern capital of our country. He never talks about his childhood and parents. This secrecy is manifested in everything related to privacy. It can be assumed that Nesis Alexander Natanovich, whose family was unlikely to have too high a social position, does not want to disturb and injure his loved ones, allowing journalists and the general public into their lives.


After school, Alexander Nesis enters the Leningrad Institute of Technology. Many great Russian scientists and engineers studied at this educational institution: Favorsky, Zvorykin, Ioffe, Vologdin. Alexander studied in the specialty "radiation chemistry". He successfully graduated from high school in 1985 and went to a "big" life.

Alexander Natanovich Nesis

The beginning of the way

After high school, Alexander Nesis, whose biography began very typical for that time, came to work at the Baltic Plant. The company specialized in the production of the most complex, unique for its time ships, cargo ships and nuclear icebreakers. He came to production as a craftsman, but quickly enough began to move up the career ladder. And in four years he grew up to the deputy head of the workshop. But at this time, the country began to undergo rapid changes, a law on the cooperative movement, allowing individual entrepreneurial activity. And everyone who had a commercial vein, rushed into the business. Alexander decided to keep up.

alexander nesis biography

First Entrepreneurship Experience

In 1989, Alexander Nesis left the factory and got a job at the Kupchino youth center, then transferred to the Spectrum Service cooperative. But he quickly realizes that he does not want to work for someone, but is ready to run his own business. In 1991, he opened a cooperative for the production of synthetic fiber, synthetic winterizer, which was very popular among cooperatives that sew fashionable jackets. He tried himself in other business areas, including with a friend from Uzbekistan engaged in the extraction of rare earth metals from uranium ore wastes . All this allowed Nesis to make a decent initial capital. And already in 1993, with a team of like-minded people, he created the group “Investments. Construction. Technologies ”(“ IST ”). They began to engage in investments in finance and development. It was the beginning of a really big business.

Mature capitalist

Today, the IST group has grown into a huge holding, headed by Alexander Nesis. The company specializes in the construction of large, technically complex industrial plants, and is engaged in the mining of rare earth metals, gold, coal, niobium.

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But Alexander Nesis did not stop there. In 1993, his company established NOMOS-BANK, which in 2009 was ranked 14th in the ranking of the largest banks in Russia. Later, a credit institution, the first among Russian ones, placed its shares on the London Stock Exchange. In 2012, NOMOS-BANK shares were purchased by Otkritie Financial Group.

Alexander did not forget about his "native" enterprise. In 1993, his group bought a controlling stake in the Baltic Plant. So Nesis and the company became the owners of the largest shipyard in the country. The group made several attempts to sell the plant and finally parted with it in 2005, selling it to United Industrial Company.

In 1998, the IST group decided to strengthen its presence in the mining industry and created the Polymetal mining company. She is engaged in the extraction of copper, gold and silver. Through several mergers and acquisitions, purchases of deposits, Polymetal has reached a high level in its industry.

In 2001, Nesis built a modern ferroalloy plant in Tikhvin. This project has grown into a real giant in a few years and was sold in 2008 for $ 1.5 billion. For Alexander and his company, this became a sign that their strategy is correct. Over the years, Nesis has been looking for projects, developing them, investing large amounts of money, and selling it with great profits. He says its scale is firms up to 1 billion.

At various times, Alexander’s business interests included a large car-building plant in Tikhvin, logistics centers, and residential and commercial real estate projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Nesis did not miss the opportunity to invest in a foreign business. The IST Group owns a stake in a large engineering and construction holding in Israel.


Over the years of successful entrepreneurial activity, Nesis Alexander Natanovich earned a personal fortune of $ 2.5 billion. His IST group and he invariably fall into the Forbes magazine list. In 2017, Alexander took 42nd place among the richest businessmen in Russia. The highest line, the thirtieth, he occupied in 2013 and 2016.

Personal life

Many large entrepreneurs carefully protect their personal lives, as does Alexander Nesis. The entrepreneur has a wife and children, but no one can find out anything about them. It is known that the brother of Nesis is one of the directors of Polymetal. Also, official information says that the entrepreneur has four children. Alexander is fond of extreme riding and several times a year leaves with friends in exotic places - Ecuador, Sahara, Amazon, to drive in jeeps.


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