The feeling when you have not paid for the Internet ... How to get the promised payment on Yota?

Operator Yota is an ambitious company that firmly holds its position in the market, offering high-tech solutions for the Internet. Today, more than a million users use the services of Yota, since the proposed wireless connection works efficiently and quickly.

But for most users, the question arises of such a popular option as a trust payment. Other mobile and Internet service providers actively allow customers to pay for services on credit. How to take the promised payment on Yota? We will answer this and some other questions in this article.

how to take the promised payment on yota

A few words about the company

Few people know that the telecommunications company Yota appeared a long time ago - in 2007. Since then, the list of its subscribers has been growing rapidly, and the company itself has periodically offered innovative data transfer technologies that had no analogues in the country and the world. But in 2015, Megafon suddenly became the main shareholder of Yota. Since then, the operator has been actively distributing Yota SIM cards, the tariffs for which are considered to be very affordable. At the same time, the company does not stop developing devices for the Internet.

How to get the promised payment on Yota?

The company-shareholder of the operator Yota - "Megafon" - actively offers its users the service "Trust payment". Other sharks of wireless communication follow this example. Indeed, this option may seem quite convenient if the money in your account unexpectedly ends, and you need to go online or call urgently.

How to take the promised payment on Yota? It turns out that the operator did not provide such an opportunity. Many would consider this an oversight or a flaw in the company. But in fact, the option of trust payment is absent quite intentionally, because this is the policy of the company. One of the basic rules of the operator is not to allow the user to go negative and become a debtor.

yota rates

How to be

It's no secret that most of the Internet users are well able to use e-commerce. In addition, almost all Yota customers have the bulk of their funds stored in bank cards or in electronic currencies. If you take into account these facts, then the question of how to take the promised payment on Yota should disappear by itself.

Almost all electronic wallets and mobile clients support cooperation with the Yota counterparty and accept payments without commissions. And by linking a Sberbank bank card to the operator’s account, the user gets the opportunity to manage communication services by sending commands to number 900. Thus, paying for the Internet here and now is not at all difficult, and there is really no need to get into debt.

What does the operator offer instead of a trust payment?

There are situations when there is no financial opportunity to pay for communication services. The company provided for such circumstances and prepared a surprise for customers. Even those users who did not pay the monthly fee on time do not remain completely without communication. Only 64 kb / s, but stable and free for two months!

how to get the promised payment on yota

Another interesting feature from Yota

Sometimes, Yota customers, hoping for the favor of the operator, do not give up trying to get services on credit and turn to the technical support service.

Of course, the service specialist will not tell you how to get the promised payment on Yota, but he will be able to accept the application as a proposal for optimizing services. But most importantly, for such situations, there is the Yota Idea Factory website, where the client is supposed to click on the “Make an Offer” button and leave his idea. All visitors to the site can vote for the wishes, and the support service subsequently implements the most popular.


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