Second-hand book: what is it yesterday and today

Despite the loss by our country of the status of the most reading in the world, compatriots do not completely part with books and reading. But not all of them know that there is a division of prints into antiques and second-hand books.

second-hand book publication what is it [

It is difficult for non-specialists to distinguish between these two concepts. And often the question arises: "Second-hand book publication - what is it?" The answer is simple: second-hand publications include those whose age has not exceeded the fifty-year mark (it is counted from the moment of printing). And we are talking not only about books, but also about periodicals and even postcards. Thus, antique books are books whose age is above the mentioned mark.

Some interesting facts

Collecting second-hand books is the most common hobby that began in medieval France. The 16th century was the time of the appearance of the first second-hand bookstores in this country. For a long time, it never occurred to anyone to separate second-hand and antique books. The distinction between old-printed and new products began in the 19th century in connection with an increase in book production and the availability of printed materials.

what does a second-hand book mean

You can also definitely say that there was a second-hand book edition in Russia. Mention of the sale of old publications can be found in the XVI-XVIII centuries. Nevertheless, the widespread use of second-hand books in Russia begins only at the beginning of the 19th century.

By the way, the legislative framework of many countries contains provisions that allow second-hand book activities. Permission for it in Russia is secured by article 1272 of the Civil Code.

Book dealer = changed?

The first fixation of the word "second-hand bookkeeper" in the dictionaries we meet in 1835, only it was a transfer of the narrow meaning of the concept: it was about petty traders or money changers who exchanged, bought, sold or changed old, used books.

After a century, the "Commodity Dictionary" gives the term "second-hand book". But he was not able to fully convey the meaning of this concept. Therefore, if the question arose: “A second-hand book - what is it?”, Then they talked about a used and old book.

second-hand book edition

The time came, and second-hand classifications, price lists, instructional and normative materials began to be created. It was at this moment that a need arose in a clear delineation of concepts. And the term "second-hand book" was assigned to the designation of the entire array of products that are in repeated circulation. Thus, the question of what a second-hand book means is understood.

How are second-hand collections replenished?

You should not count on minimal investments when replenishing collections. It was quite possible to limit them to the years of perestroika. Then it was customary to get rid of old books. They were carried out to piles of garbage. No one thought that in one and a half to two decades they will begin to be appreciated. And in the 2000s there was still the opportunity to get valuable copies for free: in order to update their collections, libraries began to get rid of old books. Today for most people it is clear that a second-hand book is what it is and what value it represents. Therefore, agreeing to sell their collection, they often overstate the cost of publications.

Acquisition of second-hand books

Having set out to purchase used books, you can visit book markets and second-hand bookstores (or the corresponding departments in ordinary bookstores), specialized online sites. One of them is the online store. The beginning of the active development of the section "Bukinist" on this resource dates back to the second half of 2001. At the initial stage, the assortment of such publications was not very diverse. Mostly albums of art and multi-volumes prevailed.

what is an ozone second-hand book

What is an Ozone second-hand book today? This is a wide variety of thematic areas: art, technology, humanities, artwork and children's literature. Here you can not only find the publication of interest, see how it looked, but also get acquainted with its description, format, name of the publisher in which it was issued, etc.

Those whom interested in the answer to the question: "Second-hand book - what is it on "Ozone"? ", you can get acquainted with the corresponding section on the website of this store.


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