Diets for adolescents for weight loss: features of building a diet, menu options

Remember yourself as a teenager. What then cared your mind? Adventures, a search for a pirate treasure, wooden guns and homemade swords, battles in the yard until dark. Today, the life of a modern teenager has become noticeably more boring. He spends more and more time at the computer, which affects the state of health and metabolism. Increasingly, parents turn to doctors with the problem of excess weight in the growing child. But this is at best. Usually, imitating adults, teens just go on a diet. This is especially true for girls. But at such a young age, drastic measures lead to poor results.

effective diet for a teenager

Why conventional diets do not fit

Let's take the term “ordinary” in quotation marks. Today it is not difficult to find a huge number of diets that are very harmful even for an adult. Most of them offer a serious restriction on fats or carbohydrates, and diets are unbalanced.

They are not doubly suitable as a diet for a teenager. This is because a growing body needs a different set of nutrients than an adult. If the child spends day after day on green lettuce and kefir, then very soon he will have to be hospitalized due to spinal problems, muscle atrophy and other health problems.

What you need to know

Now the body is actively growing. The body is rapidly gaining adult forms. Therefore, a diet for adolescents should be drawn up only by a competent specialist, and only if it is really needed. If you decide to lose weight - you can be praised for the presence of mind, but taking an adult diet as a basis is not worth it. It will not only not help, but also seriously harm. And instead of the charming image that is in your imagination, you get something from horror films. Upon completion of the plan, the body will be deprived of the substances it needs. Of course, it will rebuild quite quickly, but it is still unknown whether you will like such an image.

diet for teenager boy

Diet - No, Sports - Yes

When choosing a diet for a teenager, it is necessary to remember that most at this age are unhappy with their figures. Some are worried about bulging tummies, others - sides or buttocks. Doctors emphasize that at this age, individual parts of the body develop at different speeds. As a result, you can have a beautiful figure with ridiculously bulging individual parts.

Until the age of 16, this is a normal phenomenon, therefore, a specialist’s diet should be selected for teenagers by assessing the amount of fat mass in the body. If the excess is observed only on the abdomen, and with the rest of the body everything is in order, then this should be adjusted using exercises, not diets. If you try to lose weight, having local problems, then you will achieve that the thin parts will look dystrophic. At the same time, those areas to which efforts were directed will continue to stand out.

Basic principles

Diet for teens 14 years old is a complete and balanced diet. No hunger strike, apples and yogurt. It is necessary to lose weight smoothly, without compromising the entire body. That is, the nutrition system should be aimed at inhibiting the appearance of fat and its deposits. Then the growing organism will gradually spend what has already accumulated in problem areas.

Most diets are aimed at quick results. That is, by reducing the calorie intake, fat reserves are destroyed. But choosing a diet for teenagers of 14 years old, it is necessary to consider that the body is still being formed, every day it needs a certain amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, the diet is based on the principles of a complete and balanced diet with fractional nutrition at regular intervals.

best diets for teens

What can be limited

The main culprit for overweight is carbohydrates. And, of course, they come to the diet not from whole grain breads and buckwheat porridge, but along with soda and bars. It is on their restriction that the diet should be directed. For weight loss, adolescents usually only need to slightly adjust the diet.

From the menu, it is recommended to temporarily exclude white bread and pastries, sweets and condensed milk, confectionery and store juices. It also includes chips and crackers, sweet drinks. All this does not give any benefit to the body, but with physical inactivity contributes to the rapid mass gain.

Diet basis

An effective diet for a teenager should be a balanced diet. First of all, it is necessary to optimize it according to the content of protein products. Every day, the menu should include products such as lean meat and milk, fish and cottage cheese, cheese and butter.

It is very important to pay attention to the adequate consumption of vegetables and fruits. This is the basis of a diet for adolescents, because they include vitamins and minerals, fiber and pectin. As a result, the body is saturated faster. In addition, due to the sufficient consumption of vegetables and fruits, intestinal function is normalized. This means that all toxins and toxins will be washed out of the body.

diets for teens

The basic principles of diet

What should be the best diet for teens? Effective, simple, not too expensive, balanced and justified. If excess weight exists only in the imagination of the child himself, then it is best to go with him to see a nutritionist to help him figure it out. If it is decided that there is a need to lose some weight, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Dietary adjustments will not be effective without exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to record a teenager in the sports section.
  • During any diet, a teenager should receive the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • It is necessary to keep soups on vegetable and meat broth in the diet.
  • Porridge, on the contrary, can only be eaten for breakfast and in small quantities.
  • Seafood is a storehouse of nutrients, besides they practically do not contain fats.
  • Products need to be cooked, stewed or baked.

And of course, you have to transfer the whole family to the selected diet. If mom will bake pancakes or whites, then you are unlikely to persuade a teenager to be content with soup. Therefore, try to switch to a healthy diet all together.

Rate of weight and height

At age 14, girls should weigh an average of 48 to 50 kg. For boys, the average figures are 42-56 kg. By the age of 16, the situation is changing a bit. Now for girls the upper limit is 61 kg, and for boys it is already 70 kg. Of course, these are average figures, which may very well differ from yours. If the difference is no more than 1-2 kg, there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you need to calculate the body mass index. If it is 20-25, then everything is fine. But if the value is greater, then you need to adjust the diet.

An easy diet for teens involves the following limitations:

  • It is necessary to reduce food intake by a fifth.
  • Eliminate harmful foods and increase physical activity.
  • Parents should stop making the child eat up when he is already full. This forms the wrong eating behavior.
  • Dinner should be arranged no later than 18 hours.
  • 30 minutes before a meal you need to drink a glass of water.
  • It is necessary to eat fractionally, 5-6 times a day, in small portions.
  • The size of a portion of an afternoon snack and dinner together should not exceed the one that the child ate for lunch.
easy diet for teens

Four week diet

The diet menu for adolescents is designed taking into account the practice of nutritionists, which allows us to talk about the safety of its use. This diet is well balanced and provides the body with the necessary amount of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. Two types of menus have been developed for each week. They can be alternated among themselves. It is very easy to organize such a diet for a teenager at home. If properly observed, up to 7 kg can be lost in 4 weeks.

First week

Usually it is she who is the most difficult, because the body is used to getting a lot of sweets, salt and spices. But soon he will be converted to a healthy diet.

  • For breakfast, you can have a couple of toasts and boiled meat with fresh cucumber. Or buckwheat porridge with chicken.
  • Lunch - bread and butter, egg and apple. Or 2 eggs and a cheese sandwich.
  • Dinner. Borsch, boiled egg, baked potatoes and vegetable salad. The second option is buckwheat soup with mushrooms, 2 soft-boiled eggs.
  • An afternoon snack. Kefir with crackers (home-made!) Or fruit with cookies.
  • Dinner. Chicken fillet or 50 g of hard cheese with yogurt.

At first glance, sticking to such a diet can be difficult. Especially if you are considering a diet for a teenage boy who is used to carrying buns and cookies all the time. But in reality, everything is not so complicated. For snacks in the kitchen you need to leave dried fruits, apples and oranges. Then the right habit will be formed.

diet for teens menu

Second week

The first test is behind, now we need to fix the result. This requires three more weeks. The main thing - do not plan a diet in anticipation of major holidays, that is, the New Year or birthday.

  • Breakfast. A glass of milk with honey or rye bread with honey.
  • Lunch. Two brown bread sandwiches with cheese or one with butter and an egg.
  • Dinner. Vegetable soup and stewed vegetables, a couple of apples. The second option is mushroom soup and meat cutlet, vegetable salad.
  • An afternoon snack. Fruit, biscuit or dry bread.
  • Dinner. Bread with fish and an apple or a glass of milk with crackers and 150 g of cottage cheese.

You can supplement the diet with boiled and raw vegetables. As a snack, non-fat sour milk and fruits (except bananas and grapes) are allowed.

Third week

Half the way has already been covered. Usually those who hold on all this time reach the finals. Diet for a teenage girl may be the first test of willpower. At this point, you can allow yourself one promotion. At the end of the second week, choose any product, it can be ice cream or a cake. It can be eaten in the morning for breakfast. In a week, this can be repeated.

  • Breakfast. A glass of tea with milk and black bread with honey or natural fruit juice with bread.
  • Lunch. Black bread with boiled meat and two tomatoes or bread with butter and cheese.
  • Dinner. Borsch and boiled fish, boiled potatoes and green salad. Or vegetable soup with meat cutlet and carrot salad.
  • An afternoon snack. Kefir with crackers or fruit with cookies.
  • Dinner. Cheese with bread or bread with jam and kefir.

the last week

Most of the journey is behind, and the diet has become familiar. Last week will not be too much of a challenge:

  • Breakfast. 150 g of cottage cheese with honey and an egg or buckwheat with veal.
  • Lunch. Big apple or kefir.
  • Dinner. Vegetable soup with peas and 150 g of meat or baked fish and coleslaw.
  • An afternoon snack. Vegetable juice, cheese sandwich or apple biscuit.
  • Dinner. A piece of fish and a green salad or yogurt and cottage cheese casserole.
diets for a teenager at home

Universal diet

It is suitable for boys and girls. Daily calorie intake should be reduced by no more than 20%. This means that girls will need 2500 kcal, and boys - 3000 kcal. Otherwise, the system leaves you with many opportunities to diversify your child’s desk.

  • For breakfast, you can make croutons with cheese, an egg or an omelet, cottage cheese casserole with fruits, buckwheat. You can diversify the menu with cucumbers and tomatoes, milk or kefir.
  • The second breakfast involves a light snack with fruit or yogurt.
  • Lunch is the main meal, which should consist of three dishes. These are vegetable soup, stewed vegetables with porridge and vegetable salad.
  • A glass of kefir is suitable for afternoon tea.
  • For dinner, cook fish with vegetables, cottage cheese with dried fruits and sour cream, as well as a vegetable salad with meat.

For a month of such a diet, you can get rid of 3-5 kg. This will be a very noticeable result, classmates will immediately begin to celebrate this fact. And parents will have to prepare money for new clothes. Saggy trousers and jeans will definitely not add appeal. Such a diet is balanced and does not require the introduction of additional vitamin-mineral complexes. But if, as prescribed by the doctor, one has to choose a more strict diet, in this case their use becomes mandatory.

Vacations - not only for relaxation

For three months, you can thoroughly change your appearance without harm to health. Therefore, if you need to lose a few pounds, then the holidays will be the perfect time for this. Summer diets for teens are for the most part diet optimization, supplementing it with fruits and vegetables. These products should almost completely replace chips and caramels, spaghetti and cakes. Then the result will not be long in coming. Otherwise, you do not even have to change the diet. And, of course, summer is the time for active games. The more you swim, walk and play, the better the weight loss process will go.

Memo to parents

If you see that a teenager became interested in diets, begins to give up food and focuses on weight loss, then you need to pay close attention to this. Now he will not be able to adequately evaluate his own body, and even more so to make the right diet. Therefore, most often, such actions will harm the young body.

Your attention and participation is important. Visit a nutritionist together, calculate your BMI, create a new diet, and help your adolescent follow their example. After all, at the age of 14, the rejection of cookies and pies still looks like real heroism.


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