Double jacket on nails: interesting ideas, color combinations and painting technique

Many connoisseurs of modern nail art like the original manicure technique - a double jacket on the nails. Photos of the design indicate its sophistication, sophistication. An ordinary French manicure elegantly borders a nail with one line, and in a double one with two โ€œsmilesโ€. A ladies' pen with such an original approach gains femininity, and design - perfection.

At first, such a manicure was performed only on square nails, but then they began to be applied to the oval shape. Today, a double jacket on nails is quite in demand because of its simplicity, conciseness and restraint. The festive option may be more sparkling. For any situation and mood, you can choose a double French nail design. Photos demonstrate its versatility. It is used even by many Hollywood actresses.

white and pink jacket

New trends in double jacket on nails

Masters of nail art are constantly trying to diversify the French manicure. Sometimes the rim is made asymmetric or at a right angle. Colored lines, an obtuse corner of a break are popular. A double jacket with a pattern can be made using ombre, painting, monograms. Sometimes special stencils are used. Often, one or two fingers stand out in this technique.

More and more women are interested in a double jacket for short nails. It does not look very advantageous, but many want to try it. For short nails, you can use the longitudinal or diagonal stripes on the plates. It is still important to choose the right shades for the base and โ€œsmilesโ€. A combination of blue / blue, pink / red, beige / brown is suitable. Stylish girls choose a jacket in black with colored stripes.

purple manicure


Today you can make a double jacket on the nails in the following options:

  • in a classic combination with two white stripes;
  • multi-colored;
  • with highlighting holes and "smiles";
  • with neutral space;
  • with drawing.

The procedure for performing a double French manicure consists of the following steps:

  1. Treat your hands with an antiseptic.
  2. File the nails and give them the correct shape.
  3. Apply the base on the nails, dry in a lamp if using gel polish.
  4. Attach special one-time substrates or shapes to them.
  5. Apply a base coat, dry, and adjust bumps.
  6. Draw "smiles" of different shades, you can white and black. The lines can be of different widths.
  7. After drying, apply the topcoat.
french herringbone

Double French Nail Design Ideas

There are many fashionable trends regarding French nail art. You can combine not only shades, but also textures. The base can be applied with a matte varnish, and the strips with gloss. The opposite is possible. Sometimes the rim is sprinkled with special sand with glitter.

An effective option is a black jacket with golden or silver stripes. You can make one border white, and the second - in tone basis. Shades should be harmonious. Sometimes in this way only the middle and ring fingers are distinguished.

The double jacket on the nails looks original, where the strips are drawn not horizontally, but vertically, diagonally or in a herringbone. Borders can have clear geometric shapes, oval or sharp.

black and white manicure

Looks original side jacket with two stripes. They can be of different tones. Part of the border should be ยผ of the nail plate. Sometimes the contours are decorated with sparkles.

The base of the jacket can also be shiny. In this case, the strips are made with ordinary glossy varnish. Border can also be openwork. For strips today it is fashionable to take burgundy, wine, blue, gold, purple varnish. For the foundation, it is better to use a milky, pink, beige tone. A feature of recent seasons is the replacement of white stripes with black. The main advantage of a double French manicure is considered femininity, harmony of shades, a sense of proportion.

Patterns and patterns on a double jacket

Quite often you can see not just two stripes on the nails, but also decoration in the form of an image. Most often, only one or two fingers adorn a butterfly, flower, petals, bows, monograms so as not to oversaturated the design. Sometimes the drawing is done on the "smile" itself. These are elementary images in the form of dots, stripes, lace. They are carried out with a varnish contrasting to a strip. It looks very original.

Sometimes the stripes themselves look like an image. They can be in the form of:

  • waves
  • Christmas trees
  • crescent moon;
  • zigzag.

The border is painted with contrasting varnishes, sparkles, spread with rhinestones. Quite popular nails with a double jacket and a pattern in the form of dots. Speckles are applied to the smile line.

Double French manicure may also depend on the time of year. In spring, on a ring finger, it is appropriate to draw a floral motif with tulips, mimosa or daffodils. In summer, the jacket is complemented by sea, berry, and fruit themes. Autumn involves applying maple leaves and acorns. In winter, snowflakes and Christmas trees are used.

french with rhinestones

Framing Nails

Double jacket looks luxurious, where one border is lined with small rhinestones or sparkles. Quite often, one can observe such an effect when the outer strip is much wider than the inner one. Sometimes one of them is made of shiny foil. Another way of framing is to apply strips of different shades overlapping each other. Very original design - a wide border under a zebra or leopard.

original french manicure

Two Striped Wedding Nail Art

A double jacket is difficult to fulfill, but the result is worth it. Design in soft pink, white colors with original pebbles is a great solution for the bride on her wedding day. Such a manicure looks very gentle and feminine. White stripes give freshness and are combined with a wedding dress.

Often, instead of a white border, a brilliant frame is made. Sometimes the transition from the foundation to the โ€œsmileโ€ is smoothed out to the bride with the help of ombre.

Feng Shui doctrine insists that the ring finger attracts luck and love. For the bride, this is very important. It is enough to draw white monograms, a heart, a rose on this nail and believe the Chinese teaching. Instead of drawing, you can apply a pattern in the form of lace, which will be originally combined with a veil ornament. A french jacket with silver and gold is also suitable for the bride.

Tips from the masters of the nail industry

Here are some recommendations designers should adhere to when performing a double jacket:

  • leave free space at least 5 mm wide;
  • Do not make the border strips too wide;
  • do not adorn a richly white jacket;
  • accurately and clearly draw strips;
  • show originality, duplicate several shades in the border;
winter jacket
  • combine several techniques in one manicure;
  • cover the wells with a neutral color or even leave them intact.

When designing a double French manicure, you can experiment with varnishes. It is worth trying a magnetic, glowing in the dark varnish, a chameleon. Fantasy will help you become the discoverer of a new type of double jacket.


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