How to attract traffic? Effective Ways To Drive Targeted Traffic

How to attract targeted traffic to the site? For these purposes, you can resort to the most numerous solutions. There are many effective tools to increase traffic to web resources. What means deserve attention? How to check the rest of the traffic that could potentially go to the site? We will talk about this in our article.

Search engines

how to drive traffic

As practice shows, the highest attendance is observed on sites that are in the first lines according to the results of queries in search engines. It is for this reason that web property owners tend to increase their ranking. How to attract traffic? The โ€œwhiteโ€ methods of website promotion will come to the rescue here. It is about placing unique, high-quality content on the pages, the content of which is really capable of causing genuine interest among users. Competent placement in keywords texts is also of no small importance.

Naturally, the application of the above solutions will not allow the site to be in the first position in a week according to the results of user queries in search engines. However, as soon as this happens, no โ€œblackโ€ methods for optimizing other web resources will be able to squeeze it out of place. Thus, traffic from search engines will gradually begin to flow.

Guest posts

How to attract traffic? A good free way is to search for web resources of a similar subject. After finding such sites, it is enough to contact their owners. The latter must be invited to share content. In one of the articles posted on a foreign site, you need to specify a link to your resource. The owner of a third-party site acts according to a similar scheme. Thus, a kind of traffic exchange occurs.

Social network

how to check the rest of the traffic

Nowadays, it is safe to say that every Internet user is registered in one of the popular social networks. People come to such sites in order to communicate, exchange information, and have fun. Given the impressive number of visits to such resources, it becomes obvious that they are a great place to attract potential visitors to your site.

So, how to drive traffic through social networks? To do this, use the following solutions:

  1. Thematic groups - all kinds of communities unite users according to their interests. Here you can post interesting posts that contain unobtrusive links to your own Internet resource. At the same time, itโ€™s worth working with groups whose themes correspond to the site being promoted.
  2. Newsletter - users of social networks can directly send offers about visiting a web resource, inform them about updates, contests and special offers.
  3. Links under other people's posts - posting messages under third-party posts that lead to the site is a fairly effective solution for attracting traffic.
  4. Special statuses - a link on a personal page in the social network can interest users who are friends. Many of them can go to the address of the abandoned source and subsequently tell this to comrades.

Traffic from social networks can also be obtained using paid methods. We are talking about advertising in communities whose themes correspond to the direction of the web resource. To recommend visiting the site to users from the category of friends, you can ask for a fee a person who has an impressive number of subscribers on a social network.

Thematic Forums

Forums are pretty good sources of website traffic . Naturally, in order to avoid the negative reaction of visitors to such resources, you need to act competently, demonstrating unobtrusive behavior and trying not to violate the rules of the resource.

How to attract traffic from forums? To do this, you can do the following:

  • Post a link to your own site in your personal profile.
  • Leave a short advertisement of a web resource under each post.
  • Invite forum users to go to their site in order to obtain the information they need.


how to attract targeted traffic

Blogging is one of the best solutions for attracting users to the site. How to get traffic from blogs? It is enough to create an article page on the corresponding resource. The latter must be regularly filled with high-quality, interesting materials. It is advisable that the articles on the blog page correspond to the subject of the web resource where traffic is planned to be attracted.


Considering the ways to get traffic, itโ€™s worth saying a few words about such an effective way as infographics. Most users do not have the patience to read large texts. The method consists in submitting information on the site in the form of pictures. Short explanations can be attached to the latter. To create high-quality infographics on the pages of a web resource, it would be nice to involve a professional designer in the work. Only in this case the content will look really attractive.

Offline advertising

If you have a budget, you can advertise your own site in newspapers and magazines, in public transport, on television and radio. As a result, the name of the web resource will become familiar to a wide number of people. Such advertising may not be as expensive as it seems at first glance.

How to attract traffic to affiliate programs?

traffic sources to the site

Some people do not have their own website. However, they want to attract traffic to earn money on affiliate programs. To benefit from such a solution, you need to do the following. To get started, itโ€™s worth registering with a suitable affiliate program and getting advertising links. The latter should be posted on popular forums, pages of services of questions and answers, sites with the highest attendance, in social networks.

Free bulletin boards

How to attract traffic? The global network has a lot of popular services with advertisements, where a whole mass of people visit every day. On such resources, you should create a personal profile. Then you need to periodically advertise, offering services or products of your own site. It is desirable that such posts be brightly and efficiently designed, which allows counting on attracting maximum traffic.

Cross reference

The method of attracting traffic is to place links under some articles leading to others. As a result, users do not immediately leave the web resource after viewing the content of interest. With a high probability, site visitors will look into other materials. The reference mass of the site automatically increases. Thus, the site will receive a higher ranking in search engines. It is better to deliberately post only the most exciting and useful articles on the site. Perhaps one of the third-party resources will be interested in their content, copy to their own pages and give the appropriate link.

Gifts for site visitors

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Internet users like to get something for free. To increase site traffic, it is enough to send messages on social networks and forums about holding contests with prizes. Let the gifts be the most insignificant. Despite this, the possibility of winning them will surely force users to go to the site and understand the essence of the issue.

Traffic purchase

The method involves the organization of a special advertising campaign, which is broadcast for a certain amount on popular, popular sites. This approach helps to systematically attract new users to their own web resource. There are several formats on the basis of which an advertising campaign can be built:

  1. Banners - are graphic blocks that are installed in separate places of sites for a fee. Their purchase is possible both on well-developed Internet sites, and on social networks.
  2. Contextual advertising - usually takes the form of text messages that appear on certain pages of advanced sites according to the content subject. This way of buying traffic is quite expensive. To order contextual advertising, one has to turn to the corresponding services of popular search engines, such as Yandex and Google.
  3. Pop-up ads are ads that appear randomly in parts of web pages.
  4. Teaser ads - graphic blocks with the most vivid, interactive content. Often, the corresponding text is added to the enticing image, which makes the user want to perform a click leading to the site.

Email Newsletters

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Links to your own web resource can be sent to arbitrary email addresses. The latter can be purchased or obtained by agreement from the owners of the promoted sites on which a whole mass of users are registered. Naturally, sending via letters is not just a bare link. The message should be in the form of a notification of upcoming promotions, contests, special offers, discounts.

Opening a channel on Youtube

To increase site traffic, it makes sense to register your own channel on the popular Youtube video service. First, you will have to work on its promotion, offering videos that can interest the mass audience. When the number of channel subscribers increases significantly, it is worth starting to offer them a visit to a promoted site, serving everything in the form of unobtrusive advertising. The web service address does not have to be shown directly in the commercials. A link to it can be placed in the description under each video.

Thematic mailing lists

There are special services with which users can receive announcements, links and suggestions on topics of interest to them. To do this, a person must agree to such a service. For example, a user is interested in sports or movies. He agrees to receive a weekly compilation of relevant content published on individual sites. This has its own convenience. After all, a person does not have to independently search for interesting articles, traveling through various pages on the Web. Naturally, the owner of the site, who orders participation in the thematic newsletter, also benefits. In this case, users are regularly offered links, and sites receive the desired traffic.

Control over the amount of incoming traffic

How to check the rest of the traffic and keep statistics of site visits? For these purposes, a special counter must be built into the web resource system, which will automatically monitor the number of visits to the site. There are several services offering similar services. Among the most reputable traffic meters are worth noting:

  • Liveinternet
  • Hotlog
  • Rambler Top 100;
  • Openstat;

Black methods to increase traffic

search engine traffic

If you wish, you can use the so-called black ways to attract visitors to the site. You need to use them at your own peril and risk. After all, such solutions can harm the image of any site, as well as cause indignation from the users whom they bother. This category includes:

  • Spam - annoying site advertising that is offered to disinterested users.
  • Doorways - when you click on a link, a person gets to a site of a completely different subject than intended.
  • Swapping - replacing popular pages in search engine results with less top ones.


So, we have considered the most effective and affordable ways to increase traffic on the site. Most of the above developments do not require absolutely any financial investments from the owner of the promoted web resource. Proper use of such methods can potentially attract an impressive number of new users to the site in a short period of time.


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