How to create a resume for a job and get the desired place?

If ten years ago a resume was something outlandish for our citizens, a sort of piece of European culture for recruiting, and it was required only from candidates for senior positions in large international companies, today it is an ordinary procedure for hiring. The fate of the applicant depends on what will be written on this document: he will take the desired bid or be overboard. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to create a resume for a job in such a way as to distinguish yourself from the mass of other applicants.

how to create a resume for a job


Filling out these forms is not just a formality, but a presentation of yourself and your capabilities. The correct resume for applying for a job in absentia introduces you to management, prompting him (or not) to appoint you a personal interview to clarify details and acquaintance. Based on the answers to standard questions, the personnel officer or employer may want to ask additional questions, evaluate the look and manner of communication of the applicant. You can submit your presentation both in electronic and in traditional paper form, but in any case, the information should be presented as fully as possible, but at the same time briefly, focusing on its advantages.


How to create a resume for a job and what to indicate in it depends on the place you are applying for, but there are general recommendations:
1. If you write it yourself, and do not fill out a template, try to keep within one page of sheet A4, it is unlikely that anyone will read.
2. Provide him with a photo in a business style, this is especially true for posts involving communication with customers, suppliers, etc.
3. Indicate all your contact details: first name, middle name, last name, phone numbers, full mailing address, email box.
4. Write a short autobiography: date and place of birth, place of study, marital status.
5. Set out your track record in the reverse order of the last post for 10 years, when writing it, give preference to verbs denoting action (increased, developed, etc.). This field should contain information about the name of the organization, your position, the duration of your tenure, responsibilities, achievements and skills that characterize you as a professional.
6. In the column “additional information”, the plus will be foreign languages ​​(which ones, to what extent), driver’s license and driving experience (categories).
7. If you can provide feedback and recommendations from previous works, indicate phone numbers or other contacts by which they can be obtained.

job resume sample

There are pitfalls in how to write a resume for a job, and you need to know them too. You should not write about the following:
1. Its shortcomings.
2. The reasons why you left the previous place.
3. The state of health.
4. All the places and positions where you worked, not related to the desired vacancy.
5. A hobby, if it does not belong to the sphere of professional interests.

Answer honestly and do not exaggerate your capabilities, since if during verification it turns out that your perfect English is actually a translation with a dictionary, then most likely you will have to forget about the vacancy. Spell out information in a business style, concretely, clearly, and structured, of course, without error.

resume for a job

If you personally such a task, how to create a resume for a job, at first it seems difficult and impossible, do not despair. The main thing is to understand what goal you are pursuing and, starting from it, simply set out on paper consistently and logically everything that will help achieve it. Take a look at your creation through the eyes of a potential employer: would everything suit you? What seems superfluous and what is missing? Perhaps a sample resume for a job is in the office of a staff member, and all you need to do is just follow it. This practice is often used in the selection of employees in small companies or, for example, sales consultants. You will be provided with a form with questions that need to be answered.


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