Rosinkas: employee reviews, working conditions, salary level

Rosinkas is one of the largest domestic collection companies. Its branches and branches are not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in many other cities of Russia. In the article we will provide official information that the company itself provides about itself, data on open vacancies. The reviews of Rosinkas employees will also be presented. People with their observations about wages, working conditions, highlight the most important pros and cons of their employer.

Quick reference

Rosinkas is a domestic collection association of the Central Bank of Russia. The main services it provides: collection and transportation of material assets, cash services, security activities, ATM services.

The clients of Rosinkas are the following companies:

  1. "Sportmaster".
  3. METRO.
  4. "Bank of Russia".
  5. "Alfa Bank".
  6. Sberbank
  7. Gazprombank.
  8. Auchan.
  9. Retail chain of stores "Magnet".
  10. VTB.
  11. Post of Russia.
  12. "Megaphone".
  13. Tatneft
  14. The Messenger.
  15. Promsvyazbank.
  16. Raiffeisen Bank.
    Rosinkas company reviews

history of the company

On August 1, 1939, on the basis of the Order of the Chairman of the Board of the Soviet State Bank, a service of collectors was created. She worked at the State Bank of the Union. This date is today considered the day of the professional holiday of collectors in the Russian Federation.

The Russian collection association began its work at the Bank of Russia in 1988. Its original name is the Russian Republican Collection Association of the State Bank of the RSFSR. Already at the time of its creation, it totaled 71 branches in various parts of Russia.

Since 1990, according to the Federal Law "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation" (Article 83), the Rosinkas association has become a structural unit of the State Bank of the RSFSR. It acquired its Charter, which was approved in 1992 by the Chairman of the Russian State Bank. The charter was registered in the Moscow regpalate.

Unite today

Today Rosinkas is one of the largest carriers of cash and other material assets. He has the status of legal entity. In addition, it has special statutory tasks.

This association is currently part of a single centralized structure of the Bank of Russia, fully supporting its activities in organizing the circulation of cash. In addition, Rosinkas acts as a reliable partner for a considerable number of prominent domestic and international companies, most banks and credit organizations operating in the Russian Federation.

For transportation, road, rail, air, water transport is used. Today, Rosinkas has 77 territorial branches throughout Russia. The most recent Crimean unit opened in 2014.

Rosinkas reviews of workers Moscow bozhenko

Service Benefits

The company highlights its important advantages:

  1. Modern equipment.
  2. The use of radio communications.
  3. Modern combat firearms.
  4. The latest security features.
  5. Use only armored vehicles.
  6. Qualified staff.

An additional guarantee of the safety of material assets entrusted to Rosinkas is their compulsory insurance. Reinsurance is carried out among the leading underwriters of Lloydยดs (London Insurance Exchange).

Among competitors, the company stands out today as follows:

  1. The provision of services at the highest level.
  2. The shortest time to complete the tasks.
  3. Flexible pricing.
  4. Maximum openness.
  5. Focus on customer interests.

Provision of services

Rosinkas solves a whole range of customer issues. Something like:

  1. Creation of own collection service.
  2. Repair and maintenance of special armored vehicles.
  3. Selection of qualified personnel - the main and maintenance.
  4. Obtaining all the necessary licenses and solutions.
  5. Other important organizational problems and issues.

The association guarantees its customers the following:

  1. The highest quality of service.
  2. A purely confidential resolution of issues.
  3. An individual approach to each of the wishes of customers.
  4. The safety of transported material assets.
  5. Providing services at a convenient time for the client.
    rosinkas spb employee reviews

Varieties of Services

Earlier, we already casually mentioned the services that Rosinkas provides. Now consider them in detail. The company offers the following services:

  1. Collection and transportation of cash and valuables.
  2. Security activity.
  3. Cash service.
  4. Special training for collectors.
  5. ATM service.
  6. Transportation of special cargoes.
  7. Service of special vehicles.
  8. Technical inspection of a special vehicle fleet.
  9. Destruction of documentation.

Jobs at Rosinkas

Imagine the currently open vacancies in the association (they may be irrelevant depending on the territorial division of interest to you - contact the Rosinkas branch of your region):

  1. Economist. Analysis of key economic indicators, financial and economic activities, the formation of analytical reporting.
  2. Accountant. Conducting tax and accounting, monitoring compliance with the deadlines for reporting to government agencies.
  3. Legal Counsel. Legal support of the company.
  4. Control cashier. Monitoring compliance by cashiers with the rules for the collection of collected cash.
  5. Sales Manager. Company presentation, negotiations with potential customers, preparation of commercial offers.
  6. Collector. Collection and delivery of cash, reinforcement and collection of ATMs, maintenance of these devices.
  7. Weapons specialist. Accounting, control over the issuance and reception of weapons, their storage, preparation of the necessary reporting.
  8. The driver-collector. Ensuring the safe movement of special equipment along the route, collection, transportation of valuables.
  9. Cashier. Making a full range of cash transactions - from recounting to packaging.

What vacancies of Rosinkas for Moscow are available, you can also find out in the company department. Now move on to the reviews.

rosinkas employee reviews

Response working conditions

In their reviews, Rosinkas employees noted the following employment features in the company:

  1. The main tasks of collectors are transportation of material assets between bank branches or from bank to bank. They are also involved in the collection of economic institutions.
  2. Irregular working hours. So, it can vary from 9 to 13 hours.
  3. The shift schedule is unstable. Someone notes that it changes almost every day.
  4. Outdated car fleet. So, for example, collectors from the Yaroslavl region work, according to their statement, on machines from the 1970s. Many cars are not equipped with stoves for the winter and air conditioning for the summer. Despite the fact that collectors work in bulletproof vests, with weapons.
  5. The opportunity to obtain the necessary work experience, which will help in career advancement, employment in other companies.
  6. A working day for a collector always begins with a medical examination.
  7. For collectors, business trips to other Russian cities are possible.
  8. Workers note low-quality materials in the form in which they have to work every day. Many people have allergies to these tissues.
  9. There is no strict selection for employment. The main condition is that the applicant does not have a criminal record. These are modern requirements. Earlier, as noted by employees, the selection of applicants was much tougher. However, there was a higher wage.
    Rosinkas reviews of workers Moscow boshenko 3

Remuneration according to feedback

The reviews of Rosinkas employees from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities are united by the following:

  1. No additional processing fees. And the latter happens quite often. Extra hours of work are compensated by only an additional weekend. The latter are placed without the consent of the employee (according to the Labor Code, he can choose monetary compensation).
  2. Many reviews of Rosinkas employees from Moscow (Bozhenko, 3), Petersburg, Murmansk, Samara, Yekaterinburg and other cities of the Russian Federation contain complaints about low wages. In particular, its inconsistency with the number of duties, the volume of work assigned to the worker.
  3. There are no bonus systems. As a rule, most workers work only for salary.
  4. Low starting salary (in the range of 7,000-15,000 rubles) for new, novice workers. These include collectors.
  5. As for the "thirteenth salary," in their reviews, Rosinkas employees from Kurgan and other Russian cities note that it is purely symbolic in the company. In some cases, only slightly exceeds 1,000 rubles.
  6. Experience, experience at Rosinkas does not have a significant impact on the size of wages.
  7. In non-federal cities of Russia, the salary rarely exceeds 15,000 rubles. Given that the percentage of premium here is quite small - within 5-10% of the salary.

Work advantages

In their reviews, Rosinkas employees note the following employment advantages in this organization:

  1. Chances are good that you will end up in a friendly, open-minded team.
  2. Many branches of the company have their own dining room for employees.
  3. Stable work, official employment and guaranteed earnings.
  4. Convenient work schedule (five-day work week), Almost an hour lunch break.
  5. Availability of paid leave according to the norms of Russian labor legislation.
  6. The presence of the so-called "thirteenth salary" (additional annual bonus for conscientious work).
  7. If necessary, financial assistance is provided to company employees.
  8. Timely payroll.
  9. Full social package.
  10. An opportunity to choose a shift work schedule.

Disadvantages of work

In the reviews, Rosinkas employees also note a number of significant shortcomings, which were fraught with their activities:

  1. Among the departments there is an incompetent leadership.
  2. There is a staff turnover.
  3. According to employees, low wages, unproductive material incentives.
  4. In the reviews of Rosinkas employees from St. Petersburg, Moscow and other settlements of the Russian Federation, there are sometimes complaints of systematic violations of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the rights of workers.
  5. A work schedule inconvenient for some commentators.
  6. In order to have a decent wage, you must choose for yourself a tight work schedule, or even constantly take part-time jobs.
  7. Workers are sometimes assigned night shifts.
  8. Problematic employment and dismissal. The reason for this is "paperwork." Many former employees note that they were withheld the amount "for training" upon dismissal from them. Even in the case that the latter was not completed in full. For example, one reviewer noted that instead of 30 days of study + internship, he studied only 3 days.

Personal observations of employees

Rosinkas workers reviews Moscow

Here are personal observations of Rosinkas employees from Moscow and other cities:

  1. Sometimes incompetent or even dishonest management works in the branch or branch.
  2. If we look at the reviews of Rosinkas employees from Moscow (Bozhenko, 3 - branch address), they do not recommend applicants to opt for this branch. The main reasons are low wages and incompetent management.
  3. In the reviews of Rosinkas employees from Kazan, Murmansk, Tula, and Yaroslavl, one can also read that the company has quite interesting vacancies. Which contribute to professional self-development.
  4. Some feedback authors do not consider Rosinkas a profitable venture. Since the repair of an obsolete fleet "eats" a considerable part of the income.
  5. Beginners do not remain self-taught. They are assisted by more experienced colleagues. The team is relevant transfer of their professional experience.
  6. There are authors of reviews who believe that in this team it is imperative to know and put into practice their rights as workers and citizens. In this case, management will treat the employee with respect.

Also, in many reviews of Rosinkas employees from Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities of Russia, one can read complaints about certain colleagues. They are most often the leaders of the authors. They are accused of incompetence, rudeness, lack of leadership qualities. Perhaps this is only a subjective opinion, resulting from a failed business relationship.

rosinkas barrow employee reviews

Rosinkas is one of the largest Russian collection companies. But judging by the reviews of its employees, employment here has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.


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