How to clean a carpet with soda at home: ways

Carpets in a modern interior add coziness and comfort. However, this type of flooring is not very practical, and it needs to be cleaned from time to time. In this review, we will consider in detail how to clean the carpet at home with soda and other means.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

how to clean a carpet with soda

Let's dwell on this in more detail. There are several ways to clean carpet products. With their help, you can remove not only dust and dirt, but also traces of food, drinks and pet hair.

Here are the main ones:

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner. This household appliance allows you to remove from the surface of the carpet, both small and severe pollution. It is best to use special washing models for carpet cleaning. As for old spots, the vacuum cleaner will not cope with them. After cleaning the products with washing equipment, you will have to additionally dry it.
  2. Removing stains with snow. One of the most common carpet cleaning methods. Snow removes dirt and dust well. However, the removal of chronic pollution requires exposure to aggressive chemicals. Also, the snow cleaning method has other disadvantages. These include the need for significant physical effort when knocking out the carpet, as well as the need to dry the product after this procedure.
  3. The use of specialized cleaning compounds. You can buy them in stores. Cleaning products should be applied to the surface of the carpet, wait a while, and then rinse with clean water. Using this method, you can remove any dirt from the carpet. Moreover, such compositions are quite expensive. In addition, carpets will also have to be dried after cleaning.
  4. Professional dry cleaning. This method is usually resorted to only when all the previous ones are ineffective. In the dry cleaning, not only dirt and dust, but also old spots can be removed from your carpet. Another undoubted advantage of this method is the absence of the need to dry the product. By cons include significant financial costs.

For cleaning carpets, you can use folk methods. Some of them cause serious doubts, for example, cleaning the carpet with tea leaves or sauerkraut. However, in reality, these methods are quite effective.

Key recommendations

how to clean a carpet at home with soda

How to clean the carpet at home with soda? To get rid of stains, the following recommendations must be observed:

  1. If the carpet is made of natural materials, do not try to wipe it with aggressive chemical compounds. Even if the instructions for this product do not prohibit its use, try not to. For starters, you can try cleaning the carpet with soda and vinegar. If the use of these funds did not produce the desired result, then there is nothing left but to use household chemicals. Just be sure to check the effect of your chosen chemical composition on a separate area of ​​the carpet.
  2. Try not to use too hard brushes for cleaning. They can damage the pile. Brushes with soft bristles are best.
  3. Do not wash carpets in too hot water. Such a washing can lead to the fact that dirt is simply more absorbed into the carpet. It is better to use cold or cool water for cleaning.
  4. When working with a brush, try not to rub the product much across the pile. It is better to move the brush exclusively along. So the dirt will be easier to move off, and the carpet itself will not be damaged.
  5. After carrying out wet cleaning of carpets, it is necessary to dry them well. Moisture contributes to the formation of fungus and mold, which can destroy the fibers of the product.

We clean the carpet with baking soda

carpet cleaning soda

What is the peculiarity of this method? Baking soda is an excellent tool that can cope even with a deep cleansing of canopies. To understand how to clean the carpet with soda, you should understand the basic properties and characteristics of this substance. Ordinary baking soda refers to substances that cope well with cleaning carpets and rugs. Moreover, it is cheap, is sold in any store and is completely safe for health. When cleaning with soda, the carpet acquires its original color. Soda is also suitable for cleaning natural and artificial materials. Using a soda solution, you can still remove the unpleasant odor, for example, from animal hair or alcohol.

Cleaning methods

how to clean a carpet with soda

Let us consider this aspect in more detail. To date, there are three main ways to clean a carpet with baking soda. Let's consider them in more detail.

The first method involves preparing a cleaning mixture from a spoon of simple washing powder, a spoon of soda, half a glass of hot water and four tablespoons of vinegar. The process of preparing this mixture is quite complicated. It requires compliance with a certain technology. How to clean a carpet with soda at home? Experts recommend first preparing a mixture of vinegar and hot water. After that, soda and washing powder are added to the solution. If you carry out all the actions correctly, the components must enter into a violent chemical reaction with the active release of bubbles. When the alkaline medium of soda is combined with the acid contained in vinegar, heat is released, which positively affects the cleaning properties of the mixture. Chemical "boiling" helps to clean the carpet from dirt both outside and inside the pile. This point should definitely be considered if you are going to clean the carpet with soda. Reviews of housewives confirm that it is best to apply the mixture on the carpet after the start of drilling, so the above ingredients should be mixed in the immediate vicinity of the cleaning site.

After preparing the solution, it is applied with a soft cloth to the carpet and they begin to clean off the dirt from it. Since the coating heats up under the influence of a chemical reaction, the contaminants present in it will be easily removed. If it is not possible to remove dirt from the carpet the first time, the procedure must be repeated. When the solution is ready, it must be applied with a rag to the carpet. The dirt is carefully cleaned with movements along the pile.

Lightweight way

how to clean a carpet with soda at home

How to clean the carpet with soda? If the flooring is not very dirty, a lighter cleaning method can be used. To do this, simply sprinkle soda on the surface, and after 15 minutes, remove it with a simple vacuum cleaner. This method allows you to get rid of pollution, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors.

You can also use this method: dilute 100 grams of soda in 5 liters of water, pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle and spray onto the carpet. After 15 minutes, the coating can be vacuumed and left to dry. The cleaning on this can be considered completed.

Hydrogen Peroxide Recipe

How to clean the carpet at home with soda? In addition to the methods described above for cleaning carpets from dirt using soda, there are other methods. You can use compounds that, in addition to soda, also contain other aggressive components. For example, a recipe based on hydrogen peroxide shows high efficiency. For this, the substance is mixed with a 3% peroxide solution. This composition can even be used to eliminate serious contaminants. With it, you can even remove traces of red wine.

Since peroxide has whitening properties, it is better to use it for cleaning white or light carpets. This composition is also suitable for cleaning coatings in children's rooms. Before the procedure itself, you should check the effectiveness of the substance in an inconspicuous area. If the test is successful, it will be possible to safely cover the remaining surface with the resulting composition.

Recipe with Soda and Salt

how to clean the carpet at home

How to clean the carpet? Vinegar, soda, powder, hydrogen peroxide - the use of all these ingredients has already been discussed above. There is another recipe - based on salt. First you need to mix fine salt and soda. Salt not only enhances the cleaning effect, it also gives brilliance and brilliance to the pile. These components are mixed in equal proportions and rubbed into the surface of the carpet. After about a quarter of an hour, you can vacuum the carpet.

Use ammonia

How to clean the carpet at home? Soda can simply refresh the floor. If we are talking about removing a single spot, it is better to use a stain remover such as ammonia. Take 1 tablespoon of washing powder and 2 teaspoons of ammonia. This mixture is added to 500 grams of cold water and mixed well. After this, the resulting solution is wiped with a contaminated area. Next, the carpet should be wiped with a dry cloth and left for some time until completely dry.

We turn to dry cleaning

Now you know how to clean the carpet at home with soda. However, far from always the above methods are effective. Serious contamination may require the help of professionals. If carpets are made of expensive natural fabrics, it is better to use dry cleaning services.


clean carpet vinegar soda powder

In this review, we examined in detail how to clean the carpet with soda and vinegar. Reviews of this method confirm its high efficiency. Simple carpets made of artificial fabrics can be cleaned using this simple method. Depending on the degree of contamination, you can choose any of the presented methods. If the carpet needs only a little refreshment, it is enough to use dry cleaning with soda. For more serious contaminants, compounds with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are better suited. If alternative cleaning methods do not help, you can always turn to specialists for help.


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