How important is external optimization?

Many companies use the Internet to promote their products to the market. Today, the Internet is one of the best ways to quickly increase the number of sales. The only condition for successful business development in the network is the presence of a commercial site that represents the company's proposals.

Professional search engine promotion

External optimization
When a company’s commercial site appears in the search engine index, it needs to earn the credibility of other sites in order to take a leading position in search results. Search promotion is precisely the conclusion of the site in the TOP of search engines for certain requests. This is achieved by optimizing the site, and external optimization is more important than internal. The more requests will be promoted, the more visitors the site will receive. The revenue from the site directly depends on the number of visitors, therefore, in most cases, the promotion of a site is trusted by the promotion companies.

External and internal optimization
A professional team of specialists performs all the work related to promotion, in the shortest possible time using only the most effective methods of promotion in search engines. The algorithms of all search engines are constantly changing and it is difficult for an ordinary user to predict these changes and react in time so as not to lose the site’s position in the search results. Following the changes in the algorithms, constant external and internal website optimization is needed, which is best left to specialists.

Direct optimization

External optimization is more important than internal because it helps increase the credibility of the site, and the position in the search results depends on it. Internal work on the site is needed mainly for its visitors and to increase the speed of indexing its internal pages by search bots. The number of sales depends on internal optimization, because with unsatisfactory design and navigation optimization, as well as poor information content on the pages, users are reluctant to work with the site and often go back to search results to find a more convenient and understandable option. External optimization does not affect the number of sales, but provides the site with potential customers.

Search engine promotion
In order to increase the credibility of the site, it is necessary that other resources link to it. There should be as many of them as possible, and all of them should have high search indicators and correspond as closely as possible to the subject of the promoted resource. But authoritative sites will never put backlinks on anyone for free, since financial resources were invested in them to achieve the current level. Consequently, a back link from such resources can be bought through link exchanges, which act as intermediaries and charge a certain commission for their services. Therefore, external optimization of a commercial site will require significant financial investments, in contrast to internal, which will be inexpensive, even if it is carried out by specialists. But, regardless of the importance, both optimizations must be performed necessarily and each should be taken as seriously as possible to avoid errors.


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