Do-it-yourself caravan trailer: getting ready for a long journey!

Experienced travelers know that it is not always possible to spend cheap and comfortable nights. Therefore, with long trips and having your own car, itโ€™s a sin not to buy a tow bar and not pick up a trailer-cottage. In fact, this is a motor home - such a small room with a kitchen, a toilet ... Well, in general, with all objects of civilization. In such a โ€œmini-hotelโ€ you can not only conveniently spend the night, but even cook food for several people, and have lunch there, and most importantly - completely free! And today we will consider how to make a trailer dacha with your own hands.

DIY cottage trailer

Chassis and frame

The main component of any trailer is the frame. It is on it that the entire load of the metal body (the frame of the "house") rests, and from below the bridge, beam and wheels. By the way, with regard to the chassis , you will not have any particular difficulties, because the design of the trailer does not have fundamental differences from the car system, with the exception of the engine units. Therefore, when you make a trailer-cottage with your own hands, as a running system, you can completely โ€œtear outโ€ part of the wheels, springs and other suspension parts from any old car. Any car model can be suitable for such a vehicle, be it Volga, Moskvich or Zhiguli.

trailer caravan on wheels

How to make a trailer dacha with your own hands? Room Design

And if the design algorithm for the trailer-dacha from the usual cargo version is practically the same at the stages of the construction of the chassis and frame, then there may be difficulties with the body. The fact is that a home-made trailer-cottage should really be comfortable and practical, therefore, even in the drawing, you need to develop a plan of design and arrangement of all parts. Indicate where the bedroom, kitchen will be located, and if it is a frame with a length of 5 meters or more, you can additionally install a bathroom. However, remember that each new room entails additional waste, which means that the price of the finished trailer will be significant. Moreover, in order to legally ride in such a coupling, you also need to register this vehicle with the traffic police. And this is at least a few thousand dollars on top. Therefore, do not oversaturate your trailer with unnecessary devices.

Retrofit option

The most practical option for a home-made trailer is a design with a built-in frame for an awning located on the side (remember the legendary Soviet โ€œSkifโ€). When it is in the expanded state, a kind of large tent is obtained. This significantly reduces the cost of the work and the effort expended on it. This self-made trailer-cottage is very functional and at the same time convenient to use.

homemade cottage trailer

Trailer hitch and illumination

At the final stage, it is worth taking care of how the finished structure will be attached to the towbar of the car. Also, a home-made trailer-cottage should have a pair of brake lights and turn signals. In the center or side, think about the location for the license plate and backlight it, preferably LED. Such a trailer-cottage on wheels will definitely be the best hotel for the traveler.


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