The best aphorisms and quotes about yoga

Eastern wisdom always impresses the inhabitants of the West. People have a poor understanding of the worldview and pacification of a people who practice meditation and yoga. In many Western countries and Europe, stress is dealt with with the help of pills, and not with the release of extraneous thoughts and all kinds of asanas. Quotes about yoga, there are a great many. Weโ€™ll talk about them today.

About healing

Yoga teaches us how to heal that which cannot be endured, and how to endure that which cannot be healed.

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This very famous quote about yoga is incredibly true. What is the usual practice of a person who has just started doing complex asanas? The practitioner takes an uncomfortable position in which he must relax. Pain through relaxation is the standard practice of any yoga. An uncomfortable posture helps a person concentrate on breathing, free his head from unnecessary thoughts and better understand his body. Yoga teaches man the endurance and acceptance of life as it is.

A person should understand that he can be healed not only with the help of tablets, but also with the help of physical exercises. The human body is the shell in which health is enclosed. And the more time he devotes to working with the shell, the better and healthier the inner filling will be.

The essence of yoga

The essence of yoga is self-discipline and a firm desire to distract from endless thoughts about the past and continuous concern about the future.

The quote about yoga by Elizabeth Gilbert, which was published in the book โ€œEat, Pray, Love,โ€ is very true. If you think about it, the average person never lives in the present. He throws it into the past, then into the future. A person cannot concentrate on what surrounds him. Therefore, he simply cannot perceive the world as it is. But every day should bring a person happiness and peace. But think at least about yourself. How often do you rejoice over the past day? If you do this once a week, then you can already be congratulated. Most people notice that life is beautiful somewhere once a month or less.

Yoga teaches a person to accept reality and not give it any assessment. A practitioner should not blame himself for the mistakes he made in the past. Did you sincerely repent? Accept your past, draw a conclusion and live on. You also need to think about the future every day. Write a plan for life, for a month and for a week. Once you think about the direction you need to move, start walking. Do not think whether the chosen road is right. People who constantly think about the future do not shape it in any way, fearing to make a mistake.

About a priceless gift

Yoga is an invaluable gift for an intelligent person; it helps him to become wise.

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This quote about yoga allows people to think about where they are now and where they are going. Who is a smart person? Education, social status, and status mean nothing to the Eastern sage. Life position, goals and aspiration - that is what matters. A person who thinks about her true purpose in this world, comes to some conclusion and begins to implement the plan, is worthy of respect. Yoga will help you find out why you were born into this world and where you will eventually arrive. When a person meditates, relaxing his body and letting go of his thoughts along with accumulated problems, he comes up with amazing ideas. Some call it insight, some call awareness. Nevertheless, each person can know this world, people and his destiny, if he makes at least some effort. And the first step to your wisdom should be yoga.

About desire, expectation and aspiration

Desire is not effective, because it gives rise to expectations. But expectation is the mother of stillness. Aspiration is the parent of the movement that leads to the ascension of the spirit.

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You can learn a lot of interesting things by reading the book Agni Yoga. A quote from it is given above. What is she talking about? The fact that everyone should strive for something, and not something longing for. What are the differences between aspiration and desire? The fact is that in the first case, a person will work to achieve the goal, and in the second case, the person will sit and wait until grace descends from heaven on him. Waiting kills a person. It corrupts his soul, as it is inextricably linked with nerves. A person who is desperately waiting for something is unlikely to get what he wants. But that person who personally draws closer to herself that day in which she will receive some privileges will achieve her. Quotes about yoga are always true and riddled with unprecedented wisdom. It only needs to be seen and understood.

About practice

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% knowledge.

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The yoga quote by Sri Krishna Pattabi Joyce has gained popularity because it is very encouraging to beginners who want to learn the science of meditation and relaxation. After all, if we take into account that yoga is a complex set of exercises aimed at breathing, physical preparation, as well as meditation, the idea that practice is the main thing in all this is very captivating. But really, only experience can teach a person something. A person with theoretical knowledge will never achieve good results. It is necessary to apply not only intellectual efforts, but also to engage the body, to teach him how to work and relax. The famous quote was even rephrased. In the modern interpretation, it already refers not only to yoga: to achieve a result, you need to make 99% of the effort and 1% of talent.

The benefits of meditation

My son does meditation, after all, itโ€™s better than sitting there doing nothing.

Max Kaufmann's quote about yoga makes many people smile. But this aphorism makes only a person who is very far from yoga smile. Indeed, when someone sees a practitioner sitting in a lotus position, one may get the impression that the one sitting does nothing. In fact, a person practicing meditation is doing hard internal work. He learns to get rid of extraneous thoughts and teaches himself not to be distracted by extraneous noise. Do you think such an activity is very stupid? If so, then you do not know about the benefits that yoga brings to a person. After all, this practice allows you to control feelings and emotions, to look at things objectively and not to succumb to hypnosis. A person who knows how to concentrate on what she is doing will be able to do her job better and do it in the shortest possible time.

About health

Yoga is the strength of the body, the stability of the mind and clarity of thinking. A clean mirror clearly reflects objects. Health is the mirror of man.

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B.K.S. Iyengar said a very clever idea that still cannot reach the minds of many people. Human health is a reflection of his thoughts. Someone believes in this theory, and someone prefers to deny it. But most cases of illness confirm the quotation. For example, a person who got cancer has a grudge against someone. If a person can forgive his offender, then the cancer will go away. But if you canโ€™t, then the situation can be fatal, and no chemotherapy will help. The same goes for regular coughing. If a person is sick, then he has committed a bad deed, for which he should pay. And sometimes the body sends illnesses so that a person realizes the wrong choice. And in order to better know themselves and their feelings, people just need to do yoga. It helps a person maintain a healthy mind, which, as you know, lives in a healthy body.

Creative potential

As all rivers flow into one ocean, so all types of yoga tend to raise the kundalini. What is kundalini? This is the creative potential of man.

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Quotes of great yogis are very popular with people. They help them understand the truth of being. Yogi Bhajan said the phrase above. Today it is a famous quote that inspires people to search for their true Self. What does the yoga quote say? Life is an eternal search, and it is yoga that will help a person realize his vocation and mission. Want to understand why you were born and realize your creative potential? Then start practicing yoga and practicing meditation. And also yoga helps to restore creative energy, which is sometimes so lacking for a person who has reached a dead end and cannot get out of creative stagnation. In order not to fall into such situations, meditate and practice asanas more.


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