Kirill Shamalov - a young billionaire businessman

Kirill Shamalov recently turned 34 years old. By this age, he managed to achieve financial success, moreover, in a very short time. To be more precise, his fortune is currently $ 1.2 billion. This amount was noted by Forbes. But Cyril's representatives refuse to comment on this figure.

Successful career in a petrochemical company

Cyril Shamalov biography

Kirill Shamalov in 2004 graduated from the Faculty of Law with a degree in jurisprudence at St. Petersburg State University. Before appearing in the media for the first time, he worked for some time at Gazprom and Gazprombank. Later, Kirill Shamalov served as an expert in the regional department in the field of military-technical cooperation between Western Europe at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosoboronexport.

Success in business in a short time

Cyril Shamalov

Since 2008, he began his career at Sibur. This moment has become the most significant in the rapid career development of a young entrepreneur. In the last month of last year, he sold to Sinopec state-owned companies in China only 10% of the Sibur petrochemical company at a very impressive price of $ 1.339 billion, which contributed to a significant increase in its financial condition. And to be more precise, the co-owner thanks to this has become a dollar billionaire. Before making a deal, Kirill Shamanov owned a 21.3% stake in the company. In the spring of 2015, the billionaire completely ceased his managerial activities at Sibur. This decision was made solely in order to fully engage in business. But it is worth noting that Cyril still remained in the composition of the directors of this petrochemical company. In order to profitably manage his assets and freely invest them in other segments, Shamalov created Ladoga Management. This management organization was headed by Denis Nikienko, who also left Sibur petrochemical company.

Favorable marriage

The choice of a companion of life was taken very seriously by the young businessman Kirill Shamalov. Photos from the wedding of a young billionaire and Putin's daughter are not as bombastic as one might have expected. The celebration was organized in February 2013. Future newlyweds celebrated this joyful event in the ski resort of Yuri Kovalchuk. It will not be superfluous to note that Putin himself often rested here. Ekaterina Tikhonova and Kirill Shamalov arrived at the resort with three harnessed horses . The biography of the young billionaire is filled with many events that contributed to the successful development of the financial position of the entrepreneur. However, many associate the growth of financial condition with the marriage of Putin’s daughter. There is reliable information about the fact that his income after this significant event began to grow rapidly. But it is hard to say how much the success of a young entrepreneur is actually related to marriage.

The right environment

Kirill Shamalov photo

In addition to the fact that Kirill Shamalov initially had good connections, influential friends of his father played a significant role in the rapid development of the business. Also, his older brother Yuri occupies an important position in the world of business. Only now he went in the footsteps of his father, deciding to take up the promotion of medical equipment in the company of Shamalov Sr. Not without the participation of his father and brother and their substantial help, Kirill Shamalov achieved such successes. The biography of this young billionaire is full of events that clearly testify to this. If we talk about Cyril’s wife, the presidential spokesman claims that Catherine is not involved in business and politics. Denis Peskov also assured that all the actions of the young entrepreneur are consistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation.


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