Shredder for wood: manufacturing

If from time to time you are faced with the need to prune trees, then you should be faced with the task of storing thin branches. They can take up a lot of space. Some chop them manually or use special choppers. The second option allows you to achieve a result much faster, and the wood turns into small chips. The factory-made unit is too expensive, so you can start creating similar equipment yourself.

Manufacture of disk crusher

wood shredder

If you decide to make a shredder for wood, then you will need the following materials:

  • high carbon steel;
  • steel shaft;
  • fasteners;
  • steel sheet;
  • pipes;
  • two bearings.

When choosing a steel sheet, you should prefer one whose thickness is 5 mm, and also from 10 to 16 mm. The first version of the workpiece will go to the loading hopper and casing. High-carbon steel is necessary for knives, you can use a car spring for this.

For welding the frame should be stocked with round or shaped pipes. If you want to make a shredder for wood, you will need a 20 mm steel shaft. Bolts with nuts will act as fasteners. A belt drive may not be installed if the crusher is equipped with an electric motor with a speed of 1500 per minute.

Shredder Making

DIY wood shredder

Using thick metal, you must cut a circle whose diameter is 400 mm. In the center, holes are made where the shaft will be inserted. The shaft and pulleys are machined on a lathe, while at the ends of the shaft a thread is cut for installing the pulley and flywheel.

If you need a shredder for wood and you decide to make it yourself, then you can make knives at home. If you are unable to cope with this, then you can entrust the business to the milling machine operator. At the next stage, a protective casing is welded from the steel sheet, which is connected to the hopper. The same material is used for clips.


drawings of a shredder for wood

A homemade chopper is a cutting mechanism that locks onto the frame. The latter can be performed in any design. The drive motor is located in a convenient place, which will depend on the length of the belt. The fixing of the motor must be made sliding so that it is possible to tighten the belt.

When making a wood shredder, you must install the mechanism shaft on the frame. A pulley and a flywheel are fixed to it. The knives are screwed to the flywheel so that their angle of inclination is 30 °. Use bolts for this. Additionally, steel pads are prepared.

Features of the manufacture of a grinder with a matrix of saws

If you decide to make a shredder for a tree with your own hands, then you can use the working matrix, which will be based on saws. Assembly of the unit is much simpler than the previous one, because there is less welding work. For assembly, you will need saws on wood made of hard alloy. It is necessary to prepare sheet 2-mm steel, 5-mm spacer washers and pipes for the manufacture of the frame.

Build Features

After reviewing the drawings of a shredder for wood, you can understand what design to choose. From the above details, it is necessary to assemble the product, which is obtained by the method of dialing washers and saws on the shaft. On the sides, the elements are pressed with nuts. Washers are placed between the saws so that the thick cutting parts do not cling to each other and do not move. Bearings are pressed onto the shaft and cages are mounted.


When a lot of trees grow on your garden, the chopper can be a good help on the farm. Acquiring a factory model is quite expensive, so you can do it yourself. She will save you from the cut branches, which take up a lot of space. The scope of use of the resulting sawdust and wood chips is wide, because they can be used even for home heating.


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