Sublimation. What is it? Features and equipment

sublimation what is it
Recently, souvenirs with individually printed images have become popular. A similar process is called “sublimation”. What is it? The answer is technology that allows you to apply bright patterns to a variety of objects that are resistant to wiping, fading.

There are a number of requirements for the fabric on which the image is to be printed. Firstly, the color of the item. It should be completely white. Secondly, more than 60% of synthetic fibers should be present in the fabric. All this is important for the material to be resistant to high temperatures (more than two hundred degrees).

Let's take a closer look at such an innovation as sublimation. What is it? Modern technology. Its essence is as follows: the picture is applied to the fabric in two stages. At first, it is printed on paper, and then thermal transfer is carried out directly on a clothing item or fabric. If we consider this process more deeply, it is based on the disclosure of the polyester molecule, which occurs at a temperature of more than 160 0 C.

sublimation t-shirts
Specialty ink is applied to transfer paper. Then the printed image is superimposed on the material and placed under the press. High pressure develops there, and the temperature reaches 200 degrees. The creation of such conditions leads to the fact that when the paper is heated, the ink sticks to the previously discovered molecules. Thanks to this, transferring a picture takes only 30 seconds. When the product cools, the polyester molecule closes again, and the paint remains inside.

For this reason, sublimation is long lasting. What is it? Myth or truth? It actually does not wash off at any temperature, does not fade. The product can be ironed. This process has one significant minus - t-shirts for sublimation should be exclusively white. If things are light shades, then a good result can be guaranteed if you print only black ink. The same principle is observed when applying the image to a mug, logos or other souvenir products. Drawing under the influence of high pressure and temperature is baked to the product.

Sublimation Printer
Sublimation Printer

This is the basic equipment necessary for the production of souvenirs in this way. If you can somehow manage without a press and paper, then without a printer - no way. Global computer equipment manufacturers offer a wide selection of inkjet devices designed for technologies such as sublimation. What is it and what brand to choose? Roland, Mimaki and many other brands are characterized by a high degree of print quality and reliability. Their significant drawback is the high price level, which makes it impossible for a novice entrepreneur to purchase a printer. In this case, you can look for cheaper options among home or office devices. The main selection criterion is the presence of the piezoelectric printing method. It is used in all Epson models. In such printheads, ink is not affected. The applied image should be bright, clear. This is ensured by four cartridges. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the size of the drop, it should be minimal.


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