River Lounge (ship-restaurant): photos and reviews of visitors

What could be more romantic than a river cruise? Especially when it comes to such a magical city as St. Petersburg. Sung by poets, the Neva will lead you through the city and show you its most beautiful architectural monuments, the legendary cruiser Aurora and Vasilievsky Island. A boat trip on the River Lounge boat is a unique offer that can be used by both visiting guests of the Northern capital and the townspeople themselves, who decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle and spend time with taste.

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River Lounge - a motor ship, which is a mobile restaurant. This project was created by special order of Concord Catering holding in the Netherlands and is unique in St. Petersburg. The two-decker is tastefully decorated in a marine style. Furnishings and services take into account the latest design trends and technological advances.

The lounge restaurant has large windows that offer panoramic city views. In the warm season, tables fill the deck. The main advantage of the River Lounge ship restaurant is its rich menu. It includes dishes of Japanese, Italian, Uzbek and European cuisine.

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In addition to the bewitching walks and gastronomic diversity that the River Lounge signature restaurant is rich in, the ship offers visitors an exciting film screening in the open air and the organization of any kind of holidays (weddings, parties, banquets). The staff is not only experienced chefs and ship's crew, but also photographers, cameramen, florists, DJs, musicians, etc.

The River Lounge has an official website where you can find the schedule of programs, a detailed menu, a wine list, the cost of rent and services, as well as see photos and get contact information.

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River cruise along the Neva begins with Rumyantsevsky descent and ends at the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge. It lasts about an hour and a half. Routes change depending on the weather. Night walks are especially in demand, allowing you to enjoy the view of the famous and enchanting layout of the bridge. On rainy days, the River Lounge is anchored and operates as a classic restaurant.

River Lounge is a motor ship that combines entertainment functions and gastronomic service. For example, those people who liked the specialties, can use the catering service - the outbound catering of private individuals, office employees.


Especially for discerning customers, the River Lounge was created. Reviews of it in social networks and forums confirm the originality of the interior, the comfort and cosiness of the vessel. St. Petersburg landscape, fresh air, splashing waves harmoniously complemented by modern technology. As for the restaurant, it deserved special thanks and admiration. However, opinions, despite all the forethought and creativity of the staff, were divided. What positive and negative points were noted by visitors?

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  • The original route is the first that passengers traveling to the River Lounge (ship) welcomed positively. St. Petersburg is known for its graceful architecture, magnificent monuments. All this can not leave indifferent even the native Petersburgers.
  • People suffering from seasickness are especially grateful for the smooth running of the vessel, which does not cause motion sickness and creates a feeling of maximum comfort and safety.
  • It is noteworthy that visitors at their request can get off at the nearest pier. Of course, the crew and personnel of the ship are trying in every way to interest and entertain guests, offering a variety of culinary delights, music programs. But if urgent matters or other reasons arise, then a stop can be made.
  • A special point is the quality of service. To prevent the visitor from getting lost in the space of the ship or suddenly not being β€œredundant”, a table reservation service is provided. It is especially relevant for those people who are planning a serious event (romantic dinner or party).
  • The restaurant's signature cuisine was also welcomed. The menu is quite varied, the dishes are originally decorated, the products are fresh. Skilled chefs can fulfill an individual order according to the desired recipe. In a word, almost any combination of products is available for every taste and preference.
  • Celebrating a wedding or birthday at the River Lounge restaurant has become a fairly fashionable trend. Friendly staff and a variety of entertainment, which were also marked with a plus sign, accompany this. On certain days, famous hosts and DJs are invited to the ship. A spacious dance floor brings together not only young people, but also more mature vacationers.
  • As a pleasant bonus, cleanliness and a cozy atmosphere on the boat are made.
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River Lounge - a motor ship, it seems, with perfect parameters and a range of services. However, there are visitors who found the service insufficiently complete and enjoyable.

  • For example, some experienced passengers note a short duration of walks, contrary to advertising promises. So, night cruises instead of the prescribed hours last hardly 30 minutes. The layout of bridges has to be admired not from the deck of the ship or sitting at a table and sipping sparkling wine, but on an unfriendly and cold pier.
  • Not satisfied with the prices that are set by the administration of the ship and restaurant River Lounge. Especially embarrassing is the cost of rent for celebrations, which is 50 thousand rubles per hour. Such a pleasure will not be affordable for everyone. Although, probably, it is worth adequately assessing the scope and level of the service offered.
  • Sometimes boat reservations are requested by ship administrators two hours before the cruise. This is due to the large influx of visitors and the unpredictability of St. Petersburg weather. However, people who are used to planning everything in advance do not like this policy.

It should be noted that the staff closely monitors the feedback of their visitors and always adequately responds to them: adjusts entertainment programs and improves the quality of service.

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