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National Research and Production Center for Rejuvenation Technology (NNPTSTO) - expert reviews indicate the highly effective work of this company. She is engaged in introducing the most modern developments of both foreign and Russian scientists in the field of prevention of premature aging, as well as gerontology, prolonging life and rejuvenating all systems and organs. The company has an extensive production base, its own publishing center and a department conducting research work.

NNPTSTO, reviews of whose plans speak of the magnitude of the tasks assigned to it, is achieving success on the road to achieving its goal. The company distributes its products through network marketing. The price level, as well as the system of the developed marketing plan, is aimed, first of all, at the ordinary Russian consumer.

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The company NNPTSTO, the reviews of experts about which confirm the presence of a powerful scientific base, collaborates with a number of leading institutes and well-known medical specialists. The company's products are manufactured in the fairly well-known Russian pharmaceutical holding RIA Panda. It has six factories and has been operating in the market for more than ten years.

NNPTSTO products directly affect the rejuvenation processes. It includes dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which is a natural element. This component is considered the latest development, contributing to the extension of human life and rejuvenation of the body. The company's basic products are cocktails containing a unique component. When ingested, DMAE inhibits the development of many manifestations of the aging process.

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To maximize the effective fight against age-related changes, the company's research staff has developed a series of mesococktails designed for both internal and external consumption. Their use allows you to rejuvenate various systems of the human body.

NNPTSTO cocktails, reviews of which testify to the effective elimination of irritability, chronic fatigue and forgetfulness when they are taken, act on nerve tissues, improving metabolic processes in them and increasing their resistance to oxygen starvation. At the same time, the use of this product improves memory by eliminating spasms of blood vessels and improving blood flow. Mesococktails protect all cells of the body from attacks produced by free radicals, and also improve the well-being of a person and his appearance.

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NNPTSTO company has developed and produces a number of cosmetic lines. Skin health products include yogurt, chocolate and sour cream components. Anti-aging products are based on substances found in black caviar and placenta.

Cosmetics NNPTSTO nourishes and moisturizes the skin, acting directly on the cause of age-related changes in the epidermis. When using the company's products, internal reserves are awakened in the body, which allows cells to work with the same activity as in their younger years.

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