KDP - what is it? Maintaining KDP - what is it?

The value of competently compiled personnel documentation is difficult to overestimate. Personnel documents are the consolidation of significant legal facts on paper. And any mistake of the personnel officer will entail negative consequences for both the wage worker and the employer, so it is so important to adhere to the rules of the KDP in the personnel.

What is HR record keeping?

KDP - what is it? This is an area of ​​activity that documents all labor relations and captures information about staffing and staff movements, as a result of which all personnel procedures are documented.

What is KDP from a legal point of view? All personnel documents have legal (or commercial) value. Using them as written evidence, you can defend your position in court. So, for example, the staff list, personnel orders and payroll records can serve as the basis for receiving or confirming tax and profit benefits.

kdp what is it

KDP - what is it and what is it for? Most properly executed personnel documents contain extremely important information. It is on the basis of this documentation that one or another employee’s rights can be confirmed, for example, when applying for early retirement due to work in hazardous or hazardous industries.

KDP - what is it for the social sphere? Documentation of labor relations plays a significant role in ensuring pension, social and other guarantees that are provided to employees in accordance with applicable law. All regulatory and legal acts concerning labor law are necessary for the quality work of any personnel specialist.

Maintaining KDP - what is it and what is it?

Registration of work books and contracts is, of course, a very important part of the work of any personnel officer, however, personnel records management is not limited only to these points. All documents that a personnel officer must have on hand can be divided into two main blocks.

The first group includes both legislative and by-laws that explain labor protection standards and labor law. All documents of a similar nature are binding.

The second group is the documentation of a recommendatory nature: methodological recommendations on HR records management and managerial work.

It is important for a personnel employee to know which of the documents are mandatory for execution at a particular enterprise and which come into force only under certain circumstances. This will avoid negative experience when dealing with personnel inspectors.

what is cdp

When creating personnel documentation, the following rules should be followed:

  • internal documents (their appearance, development and approval procedures) may be convenient and understandable specifically for a given enterprise or organization;
  • external documentation is drawn up in accordance with generally accepted rules so that these documents have legal force;
  • storage of personnel documentation is carried out taking into account the rules and requirements of the archival service.

Drawing up instructions for HR administration

KDP instruction - what is it? In fact, this is a detailed guide to organizing and managing a department or service. The head of the organization appoints the person responsible for the development of this document. As a rule, this is done by the head of the human resources department, lawyer or chief accountant. Also, the head of the organization itself can draw up instructions for the KDP (this is often practiced in small companies). When the instruction is ready, it must be approved by order of the director or manager, as well as certified by the signatures of all interested officials. All employees get acquainted with the instructions under a personal signature.

Key issues regulated by this document:

  • list of mandatory personnel documents of the organization;
  • the procedure for preparing documents that regulate labor relations;
  • rules for filling out personnel documentation;
  • workflow procedure in the personnel service;
  • document execution control;
  • procedure for transferring files from OK to the archive.

typical errors in the design of the cdp

KDP organization

Based on regulatory legal acts, methodological recommendations, we can draw up the following organization chart for the entire personnel management of the company:

1. Develop documents binding on the company (regulations, instructions, internal rules, regulations on health and fire safety).

2. Adjust staffing. As a rule, the organization already has a developed staffing table and employees performing certain duties, but not always work books and job records are correctly executed. You can check the staffing table by requesting information about the wages of employees and the names of their posts in accounting. Personnel numbers can be found there. You should also check the correctness of registration of personal files of company employees and find out what documents are missing.

3. Check the consistency of information in the staffing and employment contracts.

4. Check the correctness of execution of orders OK. All personnel operations (hiring, moving to another position, salary increase) should be recorded in documents of the appropriate sample. They must be signed by both the head of the organization and the employee. All defects should be corrected.

5. Check the correctness of filling out work books.

6. Execute personal files of employees, if they were not conducted earlier.

7. To issue the necessary books and journals.

8. Schedule a vacation.

9. Group personnel affairs.

10. Issue a nomenclature of affairs.

cdp in frames

KDP Audit

An personnel audit is a comprehensive analysis of all personnel documentation, checking its compliance with the requirements of current legislation, local acts and protocols. The proper organization of personnel records management is an urgent matter, ignoring which may entail certain risks.

In the process of personnel audit, it is checked not only the correctness of the documentation, but also its compliance with applicable laws. The audit of personnel documents is an effective means to solve problems arising in the financial and economic activities of the company.

Typical errors in the design of the KDP

An audit of personnel documentation allows us to identify a number of major errors that have multiple repetitions in various companies and organizations. In small institutions, the creation of numerous local protocols takes place, which, in essence, simply duplicate each other, or, even worse, contradict each other. All personnel workflow must be unified and minimized.

maintaining cdp what is it

Also common errors are:

  • the lack of approved information about the work and rest regimes in the institution or its inconsistency with the data prescribed in the employment contract;
  • lack of accrual and payment of salaries;
  • staffing errors;
  • lack of tariffication of remuneration;
  • violation of the rights of employees when establishing rules for working with personal information and personal data;
  • incorrectly drawn up employment contract.

This is not the whole list. To avoid mistakes in personnel documentation, it is necessary to strictly follow the standards, legislative acts and guidelines.

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