"Kozma Minin" - a ship with a history

“Kozma Minin” (motor ship) begins its history in 1963, when it was commissioned in the GDR for the passenger fleet of the Soviet Union. German quality has been tested for over 50 years, and the ship continues to delight passengers with its reliability, comfort and service.

The history of the structure and the name of the ship

Kozma Minin was a significant historical figure during the Time of Troubles - the headman of Nizhny Novgorod, who organized and led the Zemstvo militia against the intervention of Poles and Lithuanians. A three-decked beautiful ship was named in his honor, capable of accommodating up to 300 passengers on board. Although many years have passed since its construction, the ship “Kozma Minin” (passenger reviews speak of this) amazes with the elegance of the lines, the comfort of the cabins and the degree of equipment. At a speed of more than 20 km / h, it gives tourists the opportunity not only to relax in comfortable cabins, but also to enjoy the scenery and views of ancient Russian cities overboard.

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After the last repair, Kozma Minin (ship) was completely refitted and equipped with modern electronics, new filters in the water treatment system and surveillance cameras that transmit changing landscapes in real time.

Motor ship cabins

The quality of any passenger ship is determined by the convenience of its cabins and the level of service. “Kozma Minin”, a motor ship with the old standards of comfort, adopted in the middle of the 20th century, today meets all the necessary standards of cruise ships.

There are 103 cabins on the ship, some of which (luxury, category "A" and "B") are located on the boat deck. Each of them has its own bathroom and toilet, single-tier beds, TV, upholstered furniture, wardrobe, dressing table and refrigerator. These double cabins are air-conditioned.

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On the middle deck there are single cabins of 1 and “A” class, also double 2 class and four-seater second “B” class. All cabins have cabinets necessary for things, hot and cold water. On the same deck there are several superior cabins, but smaller and without air conditioning.

The main deck accommodates double cabins of class 2 "A" and four-seater 2 class "B" with hot and cold water and with cupboards. In the lower deck there are cabins without amenities, and instead of windows there are portholes. Depending on the location and equipment, cabins have different costs, which makes the Kozma Minin motor ship route accessible to people of different income levels.


On the main deck of the ship there are 2 restaurants that serve passengers in 2 shifts with an interval of 50 minutes. Conveniently, the food is already included in the price of tickets, and the menu is custom-made, which allows passengers to choose what they want to eat.

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The cozy bar "Paradise Island" provides customers with a wide range of drinks and cocktails, as well as the opportunity to watch the shores passing by thanks to cameras in real time.

For food tourists are responsible 25 people working in the kitchen. They are the ones who make sure that the food is tasty and varied, the dishes shine, the glasses sparkle, and the tables are served stylishly. The health of passengers is monitored by ship's doctors who help in case of illness or provide first aid. The director directs the cruise, in whose submission 70 crew members professionally do their work at the scheduled hours.


Animators are engaged in entertaining customers, which makes the trip not only full of impressions from excursions and landscapes, but also from hanging out on board. “Kozma Minin” is a ship where you can hear live music, dance to the rhythms of DJs, and while artists of various genres entertain adults, special animators arrange performances for children.

The group consists of 10 artists who throughout the journey help tourists to be in a cheerful mood so that the impression of the trip remains the most festive. For those passengers who love not only to eat, drink and relax, but also to monitor their health, the sauna will become a place for spiritual and bodily relaxation. A souvenir shop located on board the ship will allow everyone to buy something in memory of this cruise or interesting crafts for their loved ones.


The schedule of the ship "Kozma Minin" directly depends on the selected tour. It can be a weekend trip for 3 days, or maybe a full 3-week cruise. The cities visited by the ship are very diverse, including Nizhny Novgorod, Tchaikovsky, Kazan, Samara, Elabuga, Astrakhan, and Yaroslavl.

The city, from which the Kozma Minin motor ship starts, is Perm. Each of the cities he visits has its own ancient history and architectural monuments.

For example, the first mention of Samara dates back to 1367, where it is still just a marina settlement, which was often visited by nomads with its raids. Only in 1584 was the Samara fortress founded as a guard against raids and a place of exile for disgraced boyars.

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Today Samara is a large industrial city, in which the memory of Stepan Razin and Russian merchants is preserved.


Another famous, although by Russian standards, young city is Perm. It was formed on the site of the village of Egoshikhi, when large deposits of copper ore were found near it . The first factory was built there, around which the city began to grow. Copper was found by the associate of Peter 1 Vasily Tatishchev in 1723, from which the history of the city originates.

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The ship “Kozma Minin” visits the great Russian cities, which every Russian citizen should familiarize with in order to know the history of the motherland not only from textbooks.

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