How to write a goal in a resume?

When applying for a job, each person fills out a document. The purpose of the resume is to create a holistic porter for the employer about the hired employee. And he will decide whether to hire you. If you yourself cannot write a good resume, then refer to this article.

What kind of resume?

It is written when applying for a job. Each employee uses it as a presentation of himself. It is very important for the employer that the resume be compiled competently and meet its basic requirements. Without a face-to-face interview, the employer decides who to call and talk to in person.

The purpose indicated in the summary must be correct and meet the requirements. And its compilation is a whole art that you will not immediately learn. No need to pass on the unsuccessful description of yourself on paper to the next employer, correct it and write again.

Importance of Resume

Let's pretend you're looking for work. And finally, they found the coveted position. You are completely satisfied with the salary, social status and everything else. And to get there, you need to describe your strengths and weaknesses in the resume.

And how high-quality the resume will be will decide your future fate. After all, no employer will pay attention to a dull and boring description of your professional qualities. Also, no one is interested in reading “water” about you, and such a resume is likely to go to the trash. And you will not deign to write or call.

Writes a resume

And how to make?

It is not right to treat a resume as a toilet paper. The purpose of the resume with the device should be concise and concise. It should be a synopsis of all your conclusions about work. And it is necessary to describe in it why you want to find a job for this particular job. And why do you need this.

For example, you need to earn money. This is a good reason, but not for the employer. Never write in this way, it is recommended not to resort to personal assessments. Write objectively, do not use generalizations, and state your thoughts briefly. The entire resume should not exceed one or two pages.

I started to write a resume

Basic compilation rules

Start compiling job goals in a resume with a cold head. This means that you should not be distracted by anything and the emotional background is absolutely stable. Drink a cup of herbal tea before this, do all the work. Nothing should bother you, otherwise nothing will come of it.

Remember that based on your description of yourself, the employer will evaluate you. And the more concise the text, the more likely it is to get a direct interview with the employer. If you want to stay in the “span”, then try to greatly exaggerate your strengths and write only good things about yourself.

Here are some tips to help you get the most presentable resume:

  1. Try to remember absolutely all your positive qualities. Write them on a piece of paper or make a schedule in Word. And select the ten most useful ones that can help you in your future work. Write them in the resume so that the employer evaluates you in accordance with professional qualities.
  2. Be sure to indicate work experience in other companies. And do not use any abstract concepts, also indicate what you have achieved. It is recommended to do this in digital terms. For example: "Thanks to optimization, I modernized production and reduced the amount of harmful emissions by 14%, which reduced the company's economic losses by 59% and allowed me to increase the salary of employees." As soon as the employer sees such a description, he will immediately accept such a valuable employee to work.
  3. The purpose of the resume is formalized strictly, no seven colors of the rainbow or artsy fonts are needed. Like most of the document, the goal is executed in a standard way. And do not overdo it with the rest of the design, unless of course you are not hired as a designer.
  4. Show your work to your friends and relatives. Let them appreciate your efforts. They can tell you what to change or even remove.

If you apply all of the above in practice, then your chances of winning the resume competition increase. And most likely, it will be you who will be hired, and the rest will remain outsiders.

Fills the paper

Basic Rules

When giving a resume for your chosen vacancy, you must definitely make clear to the employer what you want. If you are not sure if you can write correctly, then the objectives of the resume are presented below. Examples:

  • Engage in SEO website promotion.
  • Get a job as a sales manager.
  • Work as a cashier in a large supermarket chain.
  • Teach a story to children.
  • Engage in direct work with clients, discuss the main nuances.
  • Be a tester of any product.
  • Engage in the promotion of a service or product.
  • Write high-quality texts for your site.
  • Get a job as an administrator in a beauty salon.
  • Get a director position in a company that sells steel products.
  • Develop new products in the field of cosmetics.
  • Be a company representative in a specific country.
  • Increase sales and promote the service.
  • Enter the board of directors and get high salaries.
  • Keep a record of finances in a sales company.
  • Plan a budget for next year and consider the costs for this.

For the most part, you need to specify a specific position in order to interest the employer. But the desires described above can come up if the employer knows what he is looking for and what kind of person is needed. Do not write abstractly, more specifics in words.

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Common mistakes

In compiling the objectives of the work in a resume, examples of which are described above, some difficulties may arise. For example, you will want to write in your own way and not follow the advice from the article. Then you may experience the following errors:

  1. An overly abstract description of desires. Like for example: "I want to get the highest paid job in the banking sector." Such a statement is doomed to failure, because there is no specificity in it. And the employer will think that you want to work only for the money. And it is important for the employer to know that you have a certain “twinkle” in your eyes.
  2. Generalization. For example: "I want to work in a large trading network" or "I want to improve my organizational skills and learn new things in terms of network marketing." Such statements also will not pass the filter of the employer, because in them you do not indicate what exactly you want to achieve and who to work with. But this is much better than an abstract description. However, such language should be avoided.
  3. Too many desires. For example: “I want to get a well-paid job, I want to be a director and I want career growth. I also need official registration and solid bonus money.” The employer will bypass such an impudent party so as not to get problems instead of the employee.
  4. Incorrect wording. You can write this: "I want to be a cleaner and manage the staff." And such applications will go to waste, and all because of the incorrect preparation of the resume. What are the objectives of such an applicant? The employer will not understand, because the cleaner, in most cases, can not manage any staff.

Do not make stupid mistakes and always literally read what you wrote on paper or want to send by email. Follow these tips and then you will significantly increase the chance to get an in-person interview at the company. And it is you, because of the brevity and conciseness of the wording, will be hired for a highly paid job.

Shows the tenant

What to write about yourself?

Summary there are several types. This is provided directly to you by the employer, where you only need to answer certain questions and write down the answers. And compiled by you at home or elsewhere. And in this matter it is very important to adhere to a certain system so as not to forget some facts about yourself. Below are the main points that the employer wants to see in order to resume:

  1. Surname and name, middle name, also do not forget about the date of your birth.
  2. The purpose of employment is why you want to work in this particular company.
  3. Write down personal contacts, for example, a personal address or a mobile phone number, e-mail is also suitable.
  4. Family status. No matter how insignificant this paragraph may seem, it is important for employers whether you have children and a family.
  5. Experience in other companies. Do not exaggerate and do not write those places of work in which you did not work. A decent employer will pick up information and if he finds out that you have lied, he may not hire you.
  6. Your strengths and weaknesses.
    Points and Summary

And how beautiful to write?

Write correctly, use special services for checking spelling and punctuation. There are a lot of them on the Internet and do not forget that the employer is interested in the specifics of judgments.

To make the text more beautiful, go to the sites with resumes. They will help you set your resume objectives correctly so that you enjoy reading. Use algorithms that help get rid of water and uncertainty.

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Take your resume seriously - it's your face to the employer. And the better and more pleasant your description will be, the more chances are that you will be invited to an in-person interview at the company. And never exaggerate in describing yourself.


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