How to recognize infidelity, or Women fully armed

Today it’s hard to find a faithful husband. And almost every one of us thinks that she came across just that. Meanwhile, only a few suggest that some kind of change has begun in their relationship. Many accidentally learn about the husband’s infidelity from “well-wishers”, some on the examination find a sexually transmitted disease. And no one before that could even think that her husband was walking on the side. But every woman should know how to recognize her husband’s betrayal, so as not to be the last one to know about it. After all, then it becomes doubly unpleasant. And after receiving the necessary information it is already possible to decide: save the marriage or get divorced. Not everyone will run to tear out the hair of an opponent or collect suitcases to her husband.

So, there are several signs that will help determine the degree of loyalty to the husband:

  1. First of all, in order to know how to determine treason, you need to learn to be careful. Dear women, your chosen ones, if they have someone on the side, they change their behavior. Moreover, it turns out unknowingly. It is important to catch these changes in time and draw conclusions. First of all, a man begins to monitor his appearance with special care: to shave, use expensive toilet water, update the wardrobe and visit the gym. This is especially true for concepts such as body, personal hygiene and underwear.
  2. If you want to understand how to recognize cheating, pay attention to his attitude towards you. Naturally, it will change, because now another woman who is more interested in him is already demanding his attention. As a rule, external attention signs (after all, he feels his guilt) and detachment are amplified.
  3. Constant problems at work - this is a regular "excuse", which is characterized by cheating on her husband. How do you know how true this is? There are many options: you can call to work and gently ask or ask friends who work with him. Many fall for surveillance, but it's stupid and humiliating. Your mind will help you find a more civilized and worthy way to clarify this issue.
  4. How to recognize the husband’s betrayal most reliably? Just analyze the financial aspect of your life. If he works more and earns less, then he spends his finances on someone else. And remember: a man can find any reason explaining this discrepancy.
  5. A modern, but not always reliable means of verification - calls and SMS on a mobile phone. There probably will be those there. However, men can go to the trick here: messages can be deleted, and the name of a new lover in the phone book can be signed like “Andrei Ivanovich” or “Sasha work”. In this case, a woman can resort to the services of a private detective, who can determine the phone from which the call was made, and, most importantly, his master ... or mistress.
  6. A change in the usual schedule of sexual life or sexually transmitted diseases are signs of betrayal. All explanations such as “got infected in the sauna” or “picked up in the pool” can be immediately dismissed due to the lack of reliability.
  7. If on a holiday he gives you clothes that are not your size or your favorite perfumes, then this is no accident. Men are extremely dispersed in this matter and can mix everything up.
  8. You should pay attention to his relationship with women he knows. Men do not look for connections in the distance: they, as a rule, choose either co-workers, or acquaintances, or girlfriends of the wife. So this circle of people is always under special supervision.

Of course, there are no one hundred percent ways to recognize treason. If you already “caught” your husband on something, be sure to decide what you will do: throw or save. Then choose the appropriate solution.


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