Pointed nails: features, interesting ideas, design and recommendations

Now a great interest is shown in the acute form of nails. How did she appear and develop?

History: Nail Form

If we turn to the history of fashion, we can see: the pointed shape of the nails always seduced both women and men. For example, in the novel by A. Dumas, Henrietta of Cleves, the cousin of Heinrich of Navarre, complains to Queen Margot of Coconnas. Henrietta reports on his "long, muscular finger with a sharp-pointed nail." Talking with the princess, he reinforced his words with eloquent, threatening gestures.

In times of refined beauty, when everything was supposed to be a "charm", the nobles filed their nails, giving them a sharp shape. Kokonnas was an excellent swordsman, so his attacks on the princess's side were indeed unsafe.

pointed nails

At the time of Pushkin, the dandy style required careful nail care. V. I. Dahl describes the impression that the great poet made on the inexperienced villagers. They considered Pushkin an antichrist, "because instead of nails he had claws on his fingers."

Margarita from the novel by M. Bulgakov had “fingers with thin sharpened nails”. After the Second World War, sharp manicure gave status to his mistress.

But pointed nails begin the victory procession with the advent of extension technology.


Using modern materials, you can simulate nails of any length and shape. The first stilettos (so called narrow long nails for resemblance to the cold steel of the same name) were more like elongated almonds.

The “stylet” shape differs from the amygdala with a sharp end and a longer length. Until they began to tighten the transverse arch, all long extended nails, pointed or not, had an ugly nail plate. Often flat and trapezoidal.

pointy nails design

But today, the “stylet” form is not just a fashionable trend. This is an indicator of the professionalism of a manicurist. Not everyone is able to create a true masterpiece on nails. Most do not perform a classic stylet, but its approximate analogue.

There are nail art contests where the quality of stylets, their painting and design are evaluated. How to make pointed nails? And is it possible to repeat this at home?

Execution technology

There was a canon for constructing the correct form of such nails. These are very strongly pointed nails, which should resemble a lady’s stiletto weapon. The nail bed should also be very elongated. Most often, such nails are performed using gel technology.

Stilettos - fully extended design. No self-respecting professional will not do them on tips, which are now flooded with the shelves of nail stores. To perform, special forms are used that are substituted under the nail. On tubes for a perfect arch, which is selected individually, templates are prepared for the correct laying out of the material.

pointed shape of nails

This is an important step in the design. It is compared with the foundation of the building. If the form is not perfectly straight, the entire structure will be fragile, with apex displaced (the highest point of the longitudinal bend), and ugly. For stilettos, the form is slightly lowered down.

They spread the so-called substrate - a thin auxiliary layer. Usually it is transparent, made of gel or acrylic. After polymerization, the molds are removed and the transverse arch is pressed - this is the natural bend of the nail in the cross section.

This operation gives an elegant shape to artificial nails. Then the sculptural layer is laid out and sawn. Then the end of the peaks (five to seven millimeters) is filled with acrylic from the inside.

As you can see, it is possible to repeat this procedure at home, but special knowledge and skills are required, not to mention tools and equipment. By the way, not every material for building allows you to clamp the substrate.


French manicure on pointed nails has its own characteristics. Since the sharp end is obtained only over a long length, the classic nail bed looks unnaturally short. To correct this drawback, they began to do an extension of the nail bed when building.

Laying out the nail bed is five to seven millimeters longer. This balances the proportions and maintains harmony. With the extreme length, which is achieved by compiling several forms, this figure is even greater.

The shape of the free edge has also changed. A straight white strip looks glued. Therefore, its shape is oval-elongated. But it’s important to bring the antennae of the “smile” zone to the side rollers. This is done with a thin brush.

Pointed Nails: Design

For stylets, designs can be thought out endlessly. At such a long length, the artist will easily embody his wildest ideas. But they mainly use floristry and modeling on a jacket, which can be not only classic white, but also black, blue and even consisting of several tones.

Lace and patterns look good on such nails. Sometimes a master paints a whole picture or a complex of paintings, like modular ones. This effectively complements the image.

pointed shape of nails

Now it’s fashionable to do mirror manicure, “cat's eye”, a red jacket. But the design of "space" does not leave the practice of salons. It looks great, actually resembling something cosmic.

Shape innovation

Over time, many types of pointed nails appeared. Salon masters adjusted the form for everyday wear. Salon stilettos are shorter.

This option is also called "peaks." They are with steeper lines, a large degree of the top of the triangle at the end.

Peaks are a convenient form for doing everyday homework, no discomfort is also felt when typing texts. The actions are similar to those that are performed with ordinary almond nails - there are limitations, but not critical ones.

pointy manicure

It should be said that peaks are not suitable for wide nails. It is because of their small length that they will look ridiculous. It’s better to build classic stilettos.

Pros and cons of pointy nails

This form is artificial, therefore, has its own nuances. First, we note a few positive points. First of all, it is an amazing view that makes its hostess stylish and sexy. In combination with stilettos, a stellar look is created. Such nails increase the status and determine the great movement of the hands.

To successfully wear pointed nails, you should abandon some movements:

  • Opening cans, pepsi, beer.
  • Active work with the keyboard.
  • Manipulations with coins.
  • Pressing buttons, levers, drive code.
  • Bed spreading, spreading bedspreads, manually squeezing clothes.
  • Opening doors, including automotive, cabinet doors.
  • Washing head.
  • Dressing up children.
  • Putting on stockings and tights.

The lifestyle of the owner of the stylet, rather, requires a housekeeper, is not it? But in life there are weddings, anniversaries, conferences and performances from the stage. In such cases, you can let yourself feel like a princess and make such a manicure. It is pleasant to look at the pointed nails created by the masters; therefore, wearing stilettos for two weeks will not be burdensome.

pointed nails

Pull with a visit to the salon to remove the stylet should not be. This form is traumatic with regrowth. The apex is broken, so with a simple opening of the doors, you can not only be left without an artificial nail, but also tear the soft tissues under it.

Pointy lovers

Some celebrities have chosen pointed nails as part of their stage image. Singers such as Fergie, Rihanna and Beyoncé cannot imagine their appearance without them. Lady Gaga also tried wearing peaks, and very successfully.

Nails-daggers as if specially designed for the scene. Any of their types is appropriate here: faceted and round, long and very long. Design may include feathers, chains, rhinestones and other things inappropriate in everyday life.

how to make pointed nails

It is not surprising that having won the stage, stilettos remain in fashion for a long time. It seems that they will always be popular. You can have a different attitude to their owners, but one thing is certain: such nails loudly declare themselves.

It used to be that wearing such nails is a sign of insolence. But lately, it's more likely a texture for artistic design, completing the image.

The bride may well make stilettos on her main day and decorate them with floristry, lace and rhinestones. There is a competition for wedding design and stilettos look luxurious on it.

Indulge yourself, make peaks or stilettos in the cabin. Feel like a star.

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