Mercedes-Benz Vito Specifications - Overview, Features and Reviews

The Mercedes-Benz brand is known to everyone. These cars are distinguished by their reliability, practicality and attractive design. The company produces many types of machines for various purposes. The Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan received great popularity in the Russian car market. Technical specifications, photos and features of the car - further in the article.


This model first appeared in 1995. Then she made a good impression, because no one had ever released such a progressive and futuristic design before. Yes, now this car does not seem so modern. Nevertheless, this model has always had its own fans.

mercedes benz vito 1998 specifications

The car was produced in various versions. There were passenger, cargo-passenger versions and just vans. In more expensive trim levels, bumpers were painted in body color. Among the main disadvantages of the German "Vito" reviews note poor resistance to corrosion. The machine is very afraid of salt and any moisture. To date, there are very few copies in good condition - many require repair of thresholds, arches and other elements of the body.

Sizes, clearance

The total length of the car body is 4.66 meters. The wheelbase is 3 meters. Width "Vito" - 1.88 meters, height - 1.84. The ground clearance is 16 centimeters, and the mass is about two tons. Despite its dimensions, this car is maneuverable. Manage it no harder than a conventional passenger car, reviews say.


Salon "Vito" practical does not differ in appearance from the interiors of other "Mercedes", except for the horizontal tilt of the center console. Here is the same information dashboard, comfortable seats with lots of adjustments (in some versions with armrests) and a four-spoke steering wheel (though without buttons). Ergonomic interior - all this is noted by the owners in their reviews. All controls are located at a convenient distance. There is a hydraulic booster, power windows, air conditioning and radio. Often you can find versions with a Webasto autonomous heater (applies to passenger models).

mercedes benz vito specifications

Due to the high landing, the driver has an excellent overview. There are practically no "dead zones". As finishing materials - plastic, stylized as wood. In budget versions, it was just gray. Due to the long base, there is a lot of space in the cabin. There are tons of cabin modifications - with simple, leather seats. There is a version with a convertible interior and a table. At one time, the remake of the Vito minivans was dealt with by the German company Westphalia. She installed gas stoves, refrigerators, and a lifting roof in the Mercedes. So an ordinary minivan turned into a real motor home.

mercedes benz vito 2001 specifications

Among the shortcomings in the cabin can be noted sound insulation. On our bumps, the plastic is very noisy, which causes a feeling of discomfort. Otherwise, the materials are very durable and wear-resistant. Next, we will consider the technical characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz Vito 1998.

Petrol engines

Very rarely you can meet the Vito with a gasoline engine under the hood. Nevertheless, such instances were produced in series. So, consider the technical characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz Vito. The base for the Mercedes was an in-line four-cylinder engine with 129 horsepower, with a displacement of 2 liters.

An intermediate in the line is a 2.3-liter engine with 143 horsepower. And in the top trim levels you can find a six-cylinder engine. What specifications does the Mercedes-Benz Vito 2002 have? Car power - 174 horsepower. The working volume is 2.8 liters.

Diesel engines

There are only five of them in the line. Each motor has four cylinders and is located transversely. So, the base is an eight-valve engine of 2.3 liters with a capacity of 79 horsepower. There is a more powerful modification of it. With the same volume, Vito received 98 horsepower. In addition, there is a version with a 2.2-liter engine. Specifications for the Mercedes-Benz Vito 2.2 were different. This motor has three variations. The base develops 82 horsepower. The second modification has 102 forces, and the most powerful is a motor with 122 "horses".

mercedes benz vito specifications

As for fuel consumption, diesel engines consume from 6.1 to 7 liters of fuel on average. Gasoline is more gluttonous and requires 10 liters per hundred. But, taking into account the technical characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz Vito 2001 (the mass of the car is 2 tons and the volume of the engine is more than two liters), these are quite acceptable indicators. At the same time, โ€œVitoโ€ has a good traction from the โ€œbottomโ€ - say reviews. This is especially noticeable on a 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine.


We continue to study the technical characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI. Initially, only a five-speed manual gearbox was available for Vito. For models with a four-cylinder engine, a manual transmission with an integrated differential was offered. The clutch housing, gearbox and shift cover are made of aluminum. This allowed to reduce the weight of the transmission to 46.5 kilograms. For a surcharge, an automatic transmission was available. This is an old, four-stage torque converter. But the Vito automatic transmission was distinguished by three driving modes.


The Vito, like other European minivans, has no frame structure. The carrier here is the body itself. The front suspension on the Vito is independent, such as the MacPherson strut, with wishbones. Rear mounted suspension with springs and semi-longitudinal arms. The design allows you to adapt the stiffness of the springs and shock absorbers to the actual load. This reduces body roll and rocking on the go.

The brake system is disc on all wheels. Front ventilated brakes. Also in the basic configuration of the Vito is an ABS system and brake force distribution. The parking brake is a foot pedal, like on a passenger Mercedes.

How does a car behave on the go? The suspension is balanced and moderately harsh. In corners, the car does not heel, but imposing it can not be called. In its behavior, the Vito suspension resembles a Sprinter. Of the advantages, it is worth noting that the car holds fast on asphalt at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.

mercedes benz vito 111 cdi specifications


So, we examined what the technical characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan. Summing up, we can say that this is a very reliable, economical and versatile car. Its weak link is only the body. Therefore, when buying a used copy, you need to carefully inspect all hidden places.


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