Anna Kurkina - coach and the strongest woman on the planet

Today, Anna Kurkina is the strongest woman on the entire planet, as well as a multiple world champion in powerlifting.

How it all started

As a child, little Anna had many complexes about her figure. But it did not occur to her that natural data could be fought.

Anna Kurkina

After graduating from school, the future athlete decided to become a biologist and entered Donetsk University. After its graduation, Nikolaev returned to her native city and became a biology teacher. At the same time, she found a part-time job at a local zoo.

Anna Kurkina greatly changed her life, getting a job. Unfortunately, hard work awaited her here, but it was thanks to him that she became strong and hardened. Not every woman will be able to pick up a huge bag, and Anna had to carry containers in which there was food for residents of the zoo.


Anna Kurkina was one of the few women who attended the gym at that time. However, this did not stop her. She trained with men and achieved the same serious results as they did. After several years of active training, Anna came to the conclusion that she herself could become a coach, and began to engage with women, and very successfully.

Anna Kurkina Trainer

In 1998, Anna Kurkina opened her own Bagira fitness club. A large number of women of all ages go to it. Many girls were able to transform thanks to the professionalism and dedication of such a good coach. In addition, Anna has her own channel on Youtube, which is very popular.

Anna Kurkina is a coach who will help transform any girl. By her example, she shows that there is no limit to perfection.

The desire to become the strongest woman on the planet

When Anna was forty years old, she saw on TV the strongest woman on the planet and wondered why she was worse. From that moment on, persistent training began, a desire appeared to be the strongest not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. For eight years of active work, the athlete has reached unprecedented heights. Received more than fifty awards and became the world champion. In addition, she broke a couple of world records.

Of course, Annaโ€™s figure resembles a manโ€™s, but this does not prevent her from being happy. She achieved her goals and continues to train women. After watching her video, you can find a lot of useful things for yourself.

Little is known about Annaโ€™s personal life. The athlete gave birth to a son at 41 years old and is trying to instill in him a love of physical exercise since childhood. She also has a relationship with Elena Serbulova. Women together are very happy and do not hide it.


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