How to shuffle cards, the main ways

Almost every person in the world held a deck of cards in their hands. For some, this is a simple playing instrument, someone predicts fate according to them, and for some it is a real job. Even for the simplest card game, shuffling is used to change the order of cards in the deck and add an element of randomness. People whose work related to cards, whether a croupier or a magician, are able to surprise the audience even before the start of a performance or game.

how to shuffle cards
Their shuffling methods are fascinating, it seems that this is real magic. But there are methods of mixing with which cheaters cheat players, so if you know how to shuffle cards, you can protect yourself from cheating.

Basic shuffling methods

It is not possible to count all mixing methods. Daily experienced players, magicians and croupiers replenish this list. Anyone can learn to shuffle the deck, however, to shuffle the cards as a professional, you will need not a single day of practice. We bring to your attention the most common methods of mixing the deck.

how to learn to shuffle cards


This method is the simplest and most common, it is to pour cards from one hand to another. We take the deck with our left hand, and with the right we raise a small part of the cards, and throw them into the deck. It is enough to do 7-8 repetitions.


This method of mixing is somewhat similar to juggling and looks very impressive. The method consists in quickly mixing cards in hands, divided into several separate piles. Since shuffling cards using this method is not difficult, anyone can learn. First, you need to divide the deck into 3 or 4 parts, holding the deck in your left hand with three fingers, with your index finger you need to raise a quarter of the cards and move it to the right. We fix the finger on the edge of the retracted cards and with the right finger pushes them to the left. It turns out that a stack of cards is wrapped between palm trees and the cards are moved to the right hand. The same movements are repeated with the remaining parts. The movements are simple, but to make the mixing look spectacular, you need to do everything quickly.


How to shuffle cards in this way is clear from the name. You need to distribute the deck like a fan, divide it into two halves in two hands and skip one half of the deck between the other. In order for the cards to take a random order, you need to do a fan several times.

Shuffle parts

This method of shuffling is mainly used by cheaters who need to fold cards in a special order. The essence of the method is to move the desired cards down the deck, and mix the rest of the deck without affecting the desired ones. At the end of the shuffle, the sharper carefully moves the pending cards to the top of the deck.

how beautifully shuffle cards

Tail swallows

As in the fan, the card deck is divided in half and one half is passed to the other, but the fraudster needs to cover one half with his right hand and describe the movements to the right. Separating part of the deck, he again moves this part up. Everything happens quickly, it seems that the cards are shuffling, but in fact everything remains in place.


This is a more complex form of shuffling cards, it can be equated to tricks. For this method, you need a new deck, with the old one this focus will not work. The idea of ​​the issue is that the cards should go into each other almost in weight, shimmering from hand to hand, as if by a waterfall. Experienced croupiers advise how to learn to shuffle cards this way: holding the deck in your left hand, drag half of the cards with your right hand, then align the halves and vertically put them one on one. Little by little, we remove our hands, and the cards move smoothly to the sides.

Knowing the principle of how to beautifully shuffle cards, and having enough time to practice, you can independently learn this craft to surprise your relatives with unusual shows.


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