The car with the index 220695 (UAZ "Bukhanka") still conquers Russian roads

A machine is a loyal friend and helper of every person, especially if he does not like to travel on foot or in public transport. If you just need a car to transport goods and passengers, then you can pay attention to models made back in the Soviet Union. They have huge advantages in comparison with modern copies. The most significant are cross-country ability and cost.

The UAZ-220695 Loaf car is a combined minibus and all-terrain vehicle. To some, these types of machines may seem incompatible, but in reality this is not so. This vehicle will help in any business: the transport of goods or passengers, and on absolutely any roads or off-road. Body, frames are very reliable. Moreover, the consumer appreciates ease, ease, intuitive operation. This has all been tested for several generations, no one said that this car is bad. In addition, on sale there were modifications of various colors.

220695 UAZ

General information about the car

The model of the car with the index 220695 (UAZ "Loaf") is a medium-sized minivan. Now, by the way, such instances are quite popular. The building has a standard number of doors - 4. There are several seats, as a rule, they vary from 9 to 11 seats. The car belongs to the class M. What does this mean? Such cars are designed for transportation of large families, as the number of passenger seats can constantly change. As a rule, such cars are used for long trips, as well as official cars. At the back of the UAZ-220695 (UAZ "Loaf") you can always increase the number of seats, because the trunk is folding and unfolding. Roominess is also at a high level. The steering gear is on the left. You should take a closer look at such a machine, pay attention to it, since it is really high-quality and deserves praise.

UAZ 220695 specifications

UAZ-220695: technical specifications

The gearbox, working in tandem with the engine, has a mechanical type. Four-wheel drive car. The power unit runs on gasoline. Car power - 400 horsepower. At 100 km, the car consumes about 15 liters of fuel, which is the average among this type of equipment. The tank model with an index of 220695 (UAZ "Loaf") is designed for 77 liters. Fuel is supplied by a carburetor, which works stably enough and rarely breaks. Replacing some parts is not difficult, because you can buy them on any automotive market. There are 2 valves in one engine cylinder. It is necessary to refuel the power unit with special fuel (not fundamentally, but preferably) - the American A-92.

UAZ 220695 loaf


A car with a working index 220695 (UAZ "Bukhanka") is able to drive at its maximum speed - 127 km / h. Engine capacity is 2.7 liters. The gearbox is designed for 5 steps. Drum-type brakes are installed both on the rear wheels and on the drive wheels. The front suspension is spring, which is surprising enough for this kind of car. The machine is quite heavy, weighs more than 2500 kg.

If there is an opportunity to purchase such a car, then it is really worth it. It demonstrates excellent aerodynamic properties, it is not afraid of cold and snowy winters, as well as hot and rainy summers.


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