How to install Joomla? Highlights

If a novice webmaster opted for Joomla, which is one of the three most popular CMS for creating sites, having mastered the basic settings of the program, he will need to know how to install Joomla on the hosting. This procedure is quite simple, it should not cause special difficulties, however, there are a number of nuances that must be taken into account. At the moment, version 2.5 is the most stable and widespread, so the installation sequence should be considered on it.

how to install joomla

How to start?

To get started, you will need a previously downloaded and unpacked Joomla archive. How to install it? First, you need to upload all the files and folders to the selected server. This procedure requires a special FTP client. As a rule, they use Total Commander or FileZilla for these purposes. The first of them has a shareware version and has a number of other features, the second is distributed free of charge and performs only one main function. The interface of both programs is simple and straightforward, therefore, understanding it will not be difficult. If you have small questions regarding the server data, then the technical support of the selected hosting is required to answer them. Understanding these subtleties is not difficult, but doing this is not necessary at all, since there are simpler and more reliable solutions. For example, starting cooperation with, you can quickly get an effective result without bothering yourself with unnecessary troubles.

Work basics

Next, to understand how to install Joomla, you need to copy all the files and folders to the server. After that, go to the hosting control panel and create a new MyCql database, and also specify the username. Having come up with a name for these two main elements, they protect access to them by setting a password. Now you can start installing the engine.

how to install joomla on hosting


Before installing Joomla, you need to make sure that the copying of all the necessary data was successful, and that there are no interrupted transfers in the list of sent components. If everything is in order, then you can enter the site address in the browser line by adding the following to it: installation / index.php. Thus, the engine control window will be opened, where they will immediately be prompted to select a language, and the server will also be checked for compliance with the minimum required operating parameters. The next step will be familiarization with the license agreement, which confirms the free distribution of this popular engine.

Simplicity of procedure

As you can see, the sequence of steps and their simplicity make knowing how to install Joomla accessible in mastering in practice. The main part has already been completed, you can proceed to the procedure for connecting the engine to the user database. Here you need to specify the name and type of the database used, by default - MyCql, the user nickname that was specified during creation, the name of the selected server and password.

Additional setup

The next step is to fill in the fields about the site configuration. Here you will need to specify his name, come up with an administrator login and password. If you intend to view typical features for publishing content, you will need to activate the "Install Demo Data" item.

joomla how to install

Final stage

The final point of installation will be the removal of the installation directory. If there are any difficulties when performing this procedure from the Joomla control panel, you must manually get rid of this folder using the selected FTP client. Now, knowing how to install Joomla, you can begin to study the settings of this engine, connect the necessary modules and fill the site with quality content, which will help it become an interesting and high-quality resource that can win its place on the Internet. It is worth noting that, without knowing the details of configuring extensions and scripts, many of which will have to be added and redone, it is difficult to create a really high-quality product, so the best solution would be to contact the professional team.


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