What should be the resume of the guard. Sample

A summary is a summary of the most significant facts related to a biography, previous work experience, knowledge and skills. It should be easy to read, contain a competent and structured text, the reading of which will take no more than two minutes. The resume of the personal guard should be drawn up honestly, typed on a personal computer, and not written by hand. It is important to think about where to send it to whom and for what purpose before writing the text.

Education as an indicator of your knowledge

security guard resume sample

This item is filled in first of all so that the employer can see your level of education and specialization, it usually indicates where and when you graduated. Thanks to the correctly compiled resume of the security guard, a sample of which you will see in this article, a reliable opinion of your superiors will form about you. It is necessary to list all the courses, trainings, olympiads and so on. Make an incomplete list, it should show only the most significant organizations where you studied and received qualifications. This category will very effectively tell the employer about you, which increases the chances of making bosses happy with your resume as a security guard. Sample below:



Educational institution, (name of faculty),

received specialty


Educational institution, (name of faculty),

received specialty


personal guard resume

It is necessary to register all the information about previous jobs. Indicate the date of applying for a job and the number of dismissals, the name of the enterprise and the field of activity, as well as the position that you held and all the work that you do. It is necessary to write all your successes and achievements at the previous work and submit documents confirming these facts. Security guard resume, sample:



Company name, your position,

responsibilities and achievements.


Company name, your position,

responsibilities and achievements.

Professional skills

The main task is to assure the employer that you should definitely get one or another position in the enterprise. The emphasis should be on your experience, knowledge and skills that may be useful to the particular company you are working for. The more experience, the higher the chances of finding a job. In this section, you need to indicate what other knowledge you possess, whether it be a computer, certain programs, etc. The most important aspect is the level of your physical fitness, so that in which case the leadership remains calm and confident that you were chosen correctly and did not regret it. Therefore, you must provide your information about where you were engaged in any sports, as well as other information about your physical fitness.


Be sure to include letters of recommendation about you from the former employer. It should be written that there are no complaints against you, you worked well, without undue criticism of the leadership and conflicts. It is also necessary to attach the characteristics, contacts of the former leader to the resume of the security guard. Sample below:

Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich - Director of OOO Ivanovo, tel. (000) 000-00-00.

Personal qualities

driver guard resume

In this paragraph you must indicate your personal strengths and advantages, such as:

- honesty;

- A serious approach to the obligations assigned to you;

- psychological resistance to stress and external stimuli;

- lack of bad habits;

- perseverance;

- The obligation of non-disclosure of trade secrets, if any;

- ease of communication with the rest of the staff;

- restraint and adequacy.

If you need to create a resume "Driver-guard", you should also indicate your wishes for wages and a work schedule. Remember that a correctly compiled annotation increases your chances of getting exactly the position that you are striving for.

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