How to make a shelf for shoes with your own hands?

A shoe shelf performs not only a functional, but also a decorative function. It is adapted to accommodate the shoes, shoes and sneakers of home owners. Moreover, such furniture can become a real decoration of the hallway or corridor. You can make it yourself from different materials. How to make a shoe rack with your own hands will be discussed in detail below.

Features of work

A self-assembled shoe rack (a photo of successful work is presented below) will become a real decoration of the hallway. The design can be done according to the classical scheme or using a creative approach. The choice depends on the taste preferences of the owners of the house.

Rotating shoe rack

Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully plan the appearance, dimensions of the future product. Many owners, due to lack of space in the hallway, store seasonal shoes, which are currently not needed, in cabinets, pantries or on mezzanines. This causes some inconvenience. With the change of season, you will need to get such shoes from high shelves.

Some do not pay due attention to the storage of their shoes, boots, and sneakers. In this case, their service life is significantly reduced. Left in the hallway or shoes dumped haphazardly, slippers quickly lose their attractive appearance. Having decided to put on their shoes, a person is faced with the fact that leather or textiles are deformed, folds appeared on them.

To avoid this, it is important to organize the proper storage of shoes. When creating a project for future furniture, you need to take into account the dimensions of the room, as well as the number of shoes, boots and shoes that the owners of the house or apartment have. You can make do-it-yourself shelves for shoes, which will consist of several sections. On the open parts of the structure, boots and sneakers are left to be worn this season. The rest of the shoes are hidden in closed cells. In this case, the material from which the structures are assembled may be different.

Varieties of materials

Most often they assemble with their own hands a shelf for shoes made of wood. This is a classic option. Wood is environmentally friendly, beautiful texture. It is easy to handle. However, its cost can be quite high. If it is wrong to choose the type of wood, it will be too hard, which will not allow it to be processed with a hand tool, or, conversely, excessively soft. This creates a lot of difficulties. If the wood is too soft, it will quickly become dented and scratched. This requires restoration.

Homemade shoe rack

Wood does not tolerate moisture. Therefore, only dry shoes are stored on such shelves. If desired, it is possible to increase the resistance of wood to adverse environmental influences. To do this, apply varnish, paint. If you want to make a shelf for shoes with your own hands made of wood, you need to pay great attention to the processing of material.

Itโ€™s cheaper to make such furniture from plywood. It is also easier to cut and assemble into a single design. However, it is worth considering that this material weighs heavier than wood, while actively absorbing moisture and is destroyed by its influence. Many masters choose plywood, since in this case special skills are not needed. The work is quick and easy.

Another popular option is a regiment of chipboard. This material has a protective coating and does not allow moisture to pass through. At the same time, high-quality chipboard sheets are not afraid of temperature changes. The cost is relatively small. After assembling the structure, no additional grinding or painting is required.

However, chipboard also has some disadvantages. If the protective layer is damaged, the structure of the material will quickly collapse. Particleboard is inferior to plywood and wood in durability. Such material is optimal for those who want to build a shelf quickly and inexpensively.

Other options

They design a shelf for shoes with their own hands from wood more often than from other materials. However, this does not mean at all that you need to be limited only to this option. One of the most durable structures is a metal shelf. This is quite heavy stuff. It requires proper handling. Otherwise, corrosion appears on it.

The disadvantage of metal is the difficulty of working with it. It will be necessary to prepare special tools (for example, welding) to assemble a similar product. The master must have certain skills when working with metal.

Hinged shoe shelf

Spectacular shelves are created from forged elements. They can be purchased in a specialized store and assembled by welding. However, it is much easier to build such furniture from metal pipes. They just fasten, as a designer, fittings. You can combine this material with metal or polymer nets, as well as wood.

Some craftsmen make do-it-yourself shelves for shoes from pipes. The design looks unusual, is relatively inexpensive. Plastic pipes are distinguished by a variety of shapes, sizes. They are not afraid of changes in temperature and moisture. The shelf will be durable. However, the disadvantage of this design is its appearance. Such a product is not suitable for every interior, as it looks cheap. But even a child can build such a shelf.

Sometimes plastic is used as material for such furniture. It is also inexpensive. Easy to clean and not afraid of moisture. However, shelves from it can only be open. Otherwise, the appearance of mold on the shoes is not ruled out.

Tools at hand

An interesting and unusual look is a self-made shoe rack made from improvised materials. This is cardboard, fabric, etc. The work does not take much time. If the shelf needs to be done quickly, the option using improvised means will be optimal.

Different designs are made of cardboard. With proper handling, such a product will last quite a long time. To fasten parts, ordinary glue is used. You can make a bookcase out of cardboard. The cells should be small. This will allow you to arrange all the necessary shoes in order of increasing size. The largest boots and boots should be placed below. Moccasins or slippers will be stored at the top.

Shelf for shoes from improvised means

The cardboard chest looks original. To do this, just take a large box of household appliances. Cells are made in it (also from cardboard). Shoes are installed as if this shelf was simply turned upside down. The cover will cover the shoes from dust. It is recommended to decorate such designs with vinyl wallpaper or waterproof film. This greatly improves the appearance of the product, and also extends its life.

When deciding how to make a shoe rack with your own hands, you can consider another interesting option - from fabric. To do this, you need a canvas to which pockets are sewn. They can store children's shoes, slippers or just light summer shoes.

You can make a shelf from old nightstands and trellis, from pieces of building materials that remained after repair. For this, pallets, plastic bottles, grates from an old refrigerator, etc. are also suitable. The authorโ€™s imagination is practically unlimited.

Design Varieties

Creating the design of the shoe rack in the hallway with your own hands, you need to choose the right design - stationary or portable. If the material is heavy, the shelf will be locked in place. Lightweight constructions can be moved during the cleaning process.

Also, the product may be closed or open. In the first case, the shoes are hidden from view. It is in a design with closed doors, can be installed not only in the hallway, but also in the room. Shoes are stored here for a long time.

Shelf for shoes from pipes

Open structures are located in the corridor. Here, on beautiful shelves without doors, shoes are placed, which are often used. Free air circulation allows the use of various materials in the process, including plastic. The shoes will dry quickly, no unpleasant odors will appear in it.

Considering options for how to make a shelf for shoes with your own hands, you should determine its type of installation. The whatnot can be floor or fixed on a wall. The first option is often chosen for hallways with a sufficient amount of free space. Floor constructions usually have significant dimensions. You can make similar furniture with a seat. This will allow more rational use of free space.

Wall constructions are less overall. They can be mounted even in a narrow corridor. At the same time, cleaning under the shelves will not cause difficulties. The right design will visually increase the space in the room.

Creating a wooden shelf

To make a shelf for shoes with your own hands, you need to consider step-by-step instructions. One of the most popular varieties is woodwork. First, a drawing is created. It is indicated by the dimensions of the furniture, as well as its location in space. Every detail needs to be carefully thought out.

To create a shelf, boards with a width of about 30 cm are suitable. Their thickness should be 2-3 cm. First you need to cut the side walls of the product. Their height corresponds to the created drawing (average value 70-80 cm). After that, prepare the crossbar. They must be the same. The average length of the crossbeams on which the shoes will be installed is 65-80 cm.

Wooden shoe shelf

When all the blanks are prepared, they are treated with sandpaper. It is desirable to cover the wood with an antiseptic composition. Wet shoes may develop fungus on it. Shelves are mounted between the side walls. For this, metal corners and self-tapping screws are used.

You can prepare small support bars, the length of which will correspond to the width of the shelves. They are fixed with screws on the sides of the product. Then, shelves are placed on the supporting bars. When the assembly is completed, the finished product is coated with varnish or paint in 2-3 layers.

Crates and pallets

It is quite possible to make a shelf for shoes with your own hands from various improvised means. To do this, often use old unnecessary boxes or pallets. Boxes are more often used for open construction. It will be possible to store high boots and boots in it.

Shelf for shoes from boxes

Several boxes must be sanded manually or with a grinder. Then they are installed one next to the other in random order. One box can stand on its long side, and the other on the short. Create several tiers. Boxes are fixed among themselves by bolts.

If the shelves are high, they need to be additionally attached to the wall. Otherwise, they may fall under the weight of the shoes. To do this, drill holes in the wall in the corners of the cabinet. They drive in the dowels, with which the structure is attached to the base.

Another interesting option is the use of pallets. This option will look spectacular both in the country and in the apartment. The pallet needs to be cut in accordance with the drawing, sanded and coated with a layer of paint. It is optimal to choose a separate shade for each tier. The resulting parts can be installed one on top of the other. They are fixed with screws.

Top appropriate to equip the seat. To do this, lay a pillow on the pallet or cover the surface with a layer of foam. The fabric that is being laid must be waterproof. Otherwise, it will quickly become contaminated.

Profile and metal

Itโ€™s easy to make a shelf for shoes in the hallway with your own hands from the profile. To do this, you need to think through its design, it can be multi-level. Plexiglas, wood, laminate, chipboard or other possible options are used as shelves.

First you need to screw the profile to the wall. Its position is checked by the construction level. After that, it is firmly fixed with self-tapping screws. Next, the main structure is mounted on the created support element. It consists of transverse and longitudinal rungs. Here you can provide several closed boxes for seasonal shoes, ottoman. Also required are some open shelves. Sheets of material are installed on the prepared frame. They are screwed with screws.

You can build a shelf of metal. This will require several handrails with rounded corners. You can take a thin pipe and bend it. With the help of fittings, they cross the crossbar on which the shoes will be placed. Using special fasteners, the pipes are fixed to the wall.

Another interesting option for a metal shelf would be to use an old stepladder. It will require that part of it where there are steps. It is carefully cut, the edges are ground, then fixed to the wall at an angle. This angle was originally provided in the stepladder (steps should be parallel to the floor).


Often, a do-it-yourself shoe rack is made of pipes. This is a simple design that is suitable for storing small moccasins, slippers, ballet shoes, etc. For this, you will need several plastic pipes of large diameter (minimum 110 mm). They are cut into equal sections. Edges need to be processed with sandpaper.

Before starting assembly, each section should be glued with a decorative film. You can also apply paints. After that, all the individual segments are fastened with a plastic holder (delivered complete with pipes). Shoes will be inserted into the holes in the pipes. It is advisable to install such a shelf on the legs, which will give the structure stability. If necessary, you can easily add new cells to the system.

You can also assemble a bookcase from thin plastic pipes. Fittings (angles, tees, etc.) are used to help. To do this, imagine what the designer is going to. You can give the product a very different shape. It is advisable to paint or tape the pipes. So the product will look much more spectacular.

Other design options

You can assemble a shelf for shoes with your own hands in different ways. A popular option is the angular design. Some hallways are square in shape. Here exactly this option will harmoniously look.

A round shelf also looks interesting. It can be closed or open. A seating area is arranged on top. You can fit the shelf frame with fabric. One of the options for a round shelf is a rotating whatnot.

To make such a design, you will need to cut circles of the same size from square boards with an electric jigsaw. Between them set compartments, in each of which shoes will be stored. Boards can be painted in any color. In the center of each circle you need to drill a hole. A stand will be inserted into it. Next, the design is assembled according to the developed scheme.

Having considered how to make a shelf for shoes with your own hands, you can create not only functional, but also a beautiful piece of furniture.


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