Holiday Village Karbysheva in Omsk

The recreation center Karbysheva in Omsk is the most popular holiday destination. Tourists come here in winter and summer. This complex is perfect for a relaxing holiday with your family, or for a fun and friendly party.

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The article will describe where the recreation center is located, how to get there, the services provided in the complex, as well as the number of rooms.

Holiday Village Karbysheva: how to get there (address and location)

The recreation center is located in the Omsk region, a few kilometers from the village of Krasnoyarsk. This is the Omsk region, with. Krasnoyarsk, st. Karl Marx, d. 161. You can get here both by public transport, and by personal. A shuttle bus runs from the city several times a day. Also, booking a room with the administrator of the hotel complex, you can inform about the need to reserve a transfer. The driver will pick you up from anywhere in the city at the appointed time.


The recreation center Karbysheva is located in the forest. Here, spruce, pine and birch, clean air, nature, birds and animals. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the whole family, as well as plunge into the world of sports tourism.

The complex has a large football field, an indoor volleyball and basketball court. There is also a children's play area, a pool and paved paths for cycling or hiking.

Number of rooms

Check-in at the recreation center starts at 12:00, and you need to check out before 14:00 on the settlement day. At the request of guests and subject to availability, you can extend your stay until the evening on the day of eviction. The recreation center Karbysheva in Omsk works for the convenience of its guests.

The tourist complex has a main building with comfortable rooms, as well as houses and cottages for families. The houses are one-story and two-story.

The rooms have a classic interior design. Calm colors and discreet furniture provide an opportunity for a comfortable stay. In the decor of the rooms there is nothing superfluous, everything is done for a convenient and comfortable stay.

Standard number

The apartments are designed for one living. The total area is 9 square meters. The recreation center Karbysheva in Omsk has two standard rooms, which are located in the main building No. 7.

Standart room

Each room has a bed, wardrobe, TV, hairdryer, fridge, kettle and kitchenware. The combined sanitary unit is equipped with the necessary attributes (soap, towel, toilet paper). The cost of living in the room on weekdays is 1000 rubles without food and 1300 rubles with food, and on weekends - 1800 rubles and 2000 rubles, respectively.

Economy Room

The recreation center Karbysheva in Omsk offers economy apartments, which are designed for 2 and 4 guests. Such numbers are in several buildings of the recreation center. The total area of ​​double rooms is 10 square meters, and quadruple rooms are 18 square meters.

The rooms have single beds of 2 or 4 pieces, as well as bedside tables and wardrobes. In the lobby of the floor there is a TV and upholstered furniture. The bathroom and toilet are shared on the floor. The cost of living is from 700 rubles per person without food and 900 with food. On weekends, room rates increase.

Economy Plus

The apartments are more spacious and more comfortable. The rooms can accommodate 2 and 4 guests. Bathroom on the floor (shared). The lounge and TV area is also shared.

The rooms have a wardrobe, bedside tables, a refrigerator and a wash basin. The recreation center Karbysheva (Omsk region) provides the opportunity to stay in economy class rooms for 900 rubles on weekdays and 1100 on weekends per person. Meals are paid extra.

Standard room (double)

The recreation center Karbysheva, reviews of which will be lower, offers accommodation in standard rooms. These apartments are designed for a comfortable stay of two guests and a child up to three years old in a crib. Rooms of this class are in different buildings of the recreation center. Each room has two single beds, a wardrobe, stools, a TV, a fridge, a hairdryer and a toilet (with towels, hygiene products). So, for general use in the lobby there is a water cooler, ironing facilities and comfortable upholstered furniture.

The cost of living in these apartments is from 1000 rubles per day without meals and from 1300 rubles with meals. The property warns guests that on weekends and holidays payment for accommodation is increasing.

Standard Plus

These apartments for two guests differ from the previous ones in their area. A large spacious and bright room with all necessary furniture and appliances can accommodate two adults and one child up to three years. Accommodation in such apartments will cost guests 1,400 rubles (per person) without meals and 1,600 rubles with meals. On weekends, payment can reach up to 2300 rubles per person.


The recreation center Karbysheva (Omsk), reviews of which will be lower, offers relaxation in a separate comfortable house. Couples with children love to stay in cozy one-story cottages. It has its own kitchen with the necessary equipment (fridge, kettle, microwave, stove), as well as two spacious rooms that can accommodate 6 people. Each room has sleeping places in the form of sofas or beds, TVs, cabinets and bedside tables.

Near the house there is a barbecue area and a playground for free access. Accommodation in the cottage will cost guests 4,500 rubles per day on weekdays and 6,000 rubles on weekends. The power does not turn on.

building number 15

Junior Suite

The number of such rooms at the recreation center is 5. They differ in their increased comfort and spaciousness. Each room can accommodate up to 4 people (adults) and one child in a crib. The apartment has all the necessary furniture and appliances, utensils for tea drinking, a kettle. A private bathroom and toilet are also included.

Guests can rent such a junior suite for 1800 rubles on a weekday per person or 2600 rubles on a weekend. The price includes meals.


The area of ​​the rooms allows adults (4 people) and children to stay in them. For younger guests, an extra bed is possible in the form of a crib. The apartments are equipped with appliances and furniture in the European style. The bathroom includes a set of towels and hygiene products.

room in the guest house

Guests can stay in this room for an amount of 2100 rubles per person per day (3000 rubles on a day off). In total, there are 5 deluxe rooms located in different buildings at the recreation center.

Guest House

Base of rest them. D.M. Karbysheva in Omsk has several guest houses. This type of cottage can accommodate 10 guests. There are three spacious rooms with beds, furniture and appliances. There is a private kitchen where you can prepare meals. Sanitary room and toilet inside the house. There is also a pool table and private bath. A spacious lawn near the guest house with a barbecue area welcomes its guests.

a pool table

The cost of living is 16,000 rubles per day on weekdays and 20,000 rubles on weekends. Power is not included.


The recreation center has its own restaurant, which serves European and Russian national cuisine. There is also a dining room where guests can enjoy set lunches and dinners.

As entertainment, tourists are offered outdoor sports (volleyball, basketball, football), as well as billiards and bowling. Guests can use the pool, steam room and sauna as wellness treatments. In winter, you can go skiing and sledding at the recreation center. Children have fun on snow slides and ice rinks.


For those who want to tighten their body and pump muscles, a gym is opened in the main building. You can rent bicycles for the whole family and take an exciting forest walk.


For guests' convenience, several buildings have spacious meeting rooms and banquet rooms. Therefore, everyone can hold a banquet, corporate party or business meeting here. In nature and in such a spiritual atmosphere, any event will not go unnoticed.

Holiday Village Karbysheva: visitor reviews

The hotel complex Karbysheva is a familiar place not only for residents of the Omsk region, but also for tourists. Reviews about this place are quite controversial. There are guests who are happy with the rest and will recommend this complex. And there are those who do not want to come back here anymore.

In the reviews, guests write that they are satisfied with the friendly and polite staff. The recreation center Karbysheva in Omsk provides clean, cozy and comfortable rooms. There is everything you need, including a water cooler on the floor. The price includes almost all services. Wellness treatments and oxygen cocktails are also available. It is comfortable for adults and children to relax.

pool and slide

Guests who were dissatisfied with the rest in the hotel complex Karbysheva, in the reviews talk about unsanitary conditions. The rooms are dirty, the furniture is old and worn. In the bathroom, the smell of sewage, which can periodically be felt on the street. The locks in the doors did not work. In the shower there are only a couple of towels and toilet paper. The dining room is reminiscent of the food service of the times of the USSR. After the guests saw the cockroaches in the dining room, they hastened to leave this place.

Despite such different reviews, the recreation center Karbysheva remains a popular destination for tourists. Someone is attracted by affordable prices and nature, and someone likes the level of service in this place.


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