Boat trips in Gelendzhik: route and ship selection, description

Most of the population of our vast Motherland almost all year long dreams of warm southern sand, sea waves, beautiful tan and tours of local attractions on a luxury yacht. And then the time comes for vacations, and the lucky from the northern latitudes massively rush to the resorts, where without a break they realize their dream of an unforgettable vacation. No power can stop this summer rush.

Serious material costs, inconvenience associated with moving, inevitable requests to water flowers and feed pets cannot become an obstacle to the still white-skinned vacationer. After all, the sea and the sun are first of all health and beauty. There is no use arguing. And the mood improves significantly on the seashores , perhaps because there is a lot of iodine and bromine in the sea air.

The benefits of boat trips

Swimming in sea water is recommended to all without exception. It affects blood circulation, pressure, blood vessels and joints in the best way. And not only ... Boat trips on ships, ships, yachts and motor ships give people incomparable pleasure. You remember? An evening sunset of extraordinary beauty, when the sun, as if touching the water a little, quietly leaves for the horizon, leaving behind a scattering of rainbow flashes. And the morning? A gentle vanilla-strawberry haze of clouds beckons!

boat trips in Gelendzhik
And there ... Magic gardens, magnificent palaces and the city of gold. Sitting in a comfortable chair on a comfortable boat, you can allow yourself an unlimited imagination of what is beyond the horizon. Well, and who will refuse such a romance? A boat trip in Gelendzhik will help you tune in exactly that way.

Motor ships, yachts, boats

Many resorts of the Black Sea coast offer a fairly attractive form of recreation - yachting and motor ships. This is suitable for all vacationers and even children over two years old if they suffer sea rolling. Each boat is equipped for a comfortable stay and rest on it.

Yacht Charter
And in any resort town there are serious travel agencies that are ready to provide various programs of sea trips. These are mainly interesting excursions to local sights or architectural monuments, swimming in the open sea (sometimes with dolphins), exciting entertainment programs for adults and children, familiarity with the unique natural landscapes.

Boat excursions

Travel agencies in Gelendzhik and Sochi offer the largest variety of cultural vacations on motor ships. You can go on a sea beauty in the morning, afternoon, evening, and it depends on what event was planned. Indeed, on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory incredibly rich nature. National parks where flowers of rare origin and beauty are found, mighty chestnuts, beech and oak groves.

boat trips in Gelendzhik prices

And what amazing lakes there are! The water here is clean and transparent, in some it is healing and can bring considerable benefits. To explore these beauties, you can go sailing on the ship "Gloria", which is possible twice a day. The ship embarks on a journey, and reveals the beauty of the sea coast to guests. A panoramic walk along the Gelendzhik, Blue and Tsemess bays will give a good mood. It is identical to a kind of relaxation procedure.

Dedication to Pirates and Jack Sparrow

Prices for boat trips in Gelendzhik are quite affordable and will be affordable for a family of 4-5 people. Children under 6 years old will ride the boat for free. Are you going to Journey to the End of the World? Or do you have an equally attractive Pirate Initiation program led by Captain Jack Sparrow? These and other programs include not only fun with animators, but also swimming in the open sea.

Boat trip on the boat Gloria
And if dolphins swim nearby, touch them with your hand. After all, this extraordinary animal brings good luck. A professional photographer is working on board the Gloria. He will perpetuate with pleasure the entertaining process of initiating you and your children into pirates. During a boat trip in Gelendzhik, the guide will tell amazing stories about unusual local attractions, the fabulous nature of the coast and historical monuments. Vacationers are delighted with these busy programs.

Evening flight and disco

Hungry newly-minted sea pirates may have an appetite for dinner. There will be no problems with meals on the boat, as a modern kitchen is equipped here, and an experienced cook will prepare delicious and satisfying dishes.

Boat trip Gelendzhik Sochi
After lunch, adult pirates are allowed to drop by the bar. This can be done in the evening, when the ship leaves for its evening flight. Indeed, from ten o’clock in the evening, animators already offer entertainment for adults and, of course, a disco. Boat trips on the ship "Gloria" are carried out daily, and 3-4 hours are allocated for each. This is enough to feel all the delights of relaxation under the sunset sky. Everyone can appreciate the excellence of a boat trip in Gelendzhik.

Dancing under the stars

Couples in love and those who have someone to leave their favorite tomboys with are waiting for a boat trip in the Gelendzhik ship on the ship "Empire". This is the largest pleasure craft in the city. As soon as all the travelers gather on the deck, he will moor off and go out into the open sea. His team is always ready for any holiday. Birthdays, corporate parties, weddings or just friendly gatherings will be a worthy memory for many years.

Boat trips Gelendzhik ship Empire
Disco on the ship "Empire" may seem quite an exotic form of relaxation. But this is just a start. Night, stars, the moon, swaying in the waves, bewitching music will cheer you up and tune to the desired rhythms. You will be surprised how quickly true ladies and gentlemen turn into sophisticated sirens and desperate daredevils. Exciting contests, foam parties, dances until the morning - all this will be available as soon as you are on the deck of the Empire.

Morning walks

And in the morning from dances under the starry sky there will be no trace. At 12 o’clock in the afternoon the ship will leave for “Journey to the Wild West” or “Journey to Madagascar”. These entertainment programs are designed for three-hour walks and swimming in the open sea, where you can jump directly from the ship. Experienced animators will hold unusual theatrical performances for adults and children. And the dolphins ... Well, how could they be without them! Having been once on the ship "Empire", you will definitely return to plow the expanses of the Black Sea waters again in search of pirate treasures.

Travel to Sochi

After you carefully explore the sights of Gelendzhik, go to Sochi. Yes, this is a more serious trip, and takes about 15 hours. Although this is not so much, given that along the way you can have time to enjoy the expanses of the sea latitudes and taste all the charm of such a movement. There are many reasons for making such a trip. Sochi is one of the largest, most visited and favorite resort cities in Russia.

Boat trips
A powerful infrastructure is developed here, and after the Olympics-14 the city flourished even more and is not inferior in terms of its beauty and comfort to many of its foreign brothers. The cable car, Formula 1 track, yew-boxwood grove and much more have turned this city into a pearl of the Black Sea coast. You can take a boat trip from Sochi to Gelendzhik and not only here.

Sea trip, fishing, diving

Agree, boat trips in Gelendzhik are amazing! In travel agencies, vacationers can choose for themselves routes that lead to Novorossiysk, Tuapse and even Batumi or Sukhumi. Want to see the Turkish coast? It's not a problem. Fleet ships in 4.5 hours will take you to one of the heavenly corners of our planet. Travel agencies also offer their customers a vacation on excursions or fishing. They teach diving, yachting or water skiing.

In addition, for sea cruises, corporate events, it is possible to rent a sailing or motor yacht. This will be the most original venue for a wedding or anniversary, and the scale of the event will depend on your preferences and fantasies. How to rent a yacht? How to choose her? Specialists of travel agencies will always be happy to help you in these matters. In addition, they will create a unique holiday atmosphere, together with you they will develop its individual scenario, colorfully decorate the yacht with balloons and flowers.


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