River cruises in Europe with a Russian group

For travelers who like to combine a comfortable stay and get to know new interesting cities, a river cruise in Europe can become the best way to relax. Cruise routes are selected so that in a short time on the way you can visit several countries, admire the ancient port cities and the natural beauty of the river banks.

Numerous travel agencies offer more than a hundred different cruises to European cities. Of course, it is most comfortable to travel surrounded by compatriots, with a Russian group and the Russian-speaking crew of the liner.

Comfort on river cruises

Lunch on the deck of the ship

Traveling by boat is probably one of the most comfortable types of recreation. This is especially true for river cruises, because there is no strong excitement on the rivers, and the very design of a squat river liner excludes the possibility of rolling.

Another cruise on the boat helps to avoid tiring bus crossings and stops at different hotels. On board the ship, usually everything necessary for a good rest is provided: cafes, restaurants, often a movie theater or live music in the evenings.

Among the advantages of this type of relaxation can also be called food on board the ship, usually serves dishes of the country through which the liner passes. And what is the opportunity to meet the sunset on the upper deck of the ship!

Cruises on the Rhine and its tributaries

River Rhine Cruise

Probably, one of the pleasant opportunities of this direction of a river cruise along the rivers of Europe can be considered the opportunity not only to visit the mighty Rhine River, but also to swim along its tributaries, the largest of which is considered the Moselle.

During this tour, you can visit several European countries at once, admire the majestic medieval castles and lurking villages standing on the banks.

A cruise on the Rhine can be called a kind of journey into the past, because on its banks a huge number of knightly castles, medieval monasteries and the remains of the fortress walls have been preserved. And the narrow streets of European cities, paved with paving stones, literally carry into the romantic era of chivalry.

Choosing from the variety of river cruises in Europe with a Russian group, you should pay attention to the tour under the promising title "Big Rhine Cruise". The total length of the route is more than 2000 km; you will spend this grandiose trip aboard the comfortable German ship MS Elegant Lady.

The tour lasts 12 days, during which you can visit more than ten picturesque cities in Germany. Each city will have a sightseeing tour with visits to all the sights, and, of course, there will be free time for walking around the city.

Cruise Rhine in the Lights

Show "Rhine in the Lights"

Surprisingly vivid impressions can be obtained if you travel along the banks of the Rhine from May to September, when light shows are held in many cities.

The Rhine in Lights is a unique pyrotechnic and light show that takes place in Germany only 5 times a year. At this time, they not only hold amazing fireworks and fireworks, but also decorate all coastal castles, villages and parks with bright illumination. This light show is accompanied by the sound of classical music.

At the time of this festival of light and sound, the number of motor ships passing along the Rhine is limited. Therefore, the cabin on such a river cruise in Europe should be booked in advance.

Do not forget that the Rhine Valley has long been famous for local winemaking. Therefore, it is best to watch a show of spectacular fireworks with a glass of local wine on the upper deck of a comfortable ship.

Danube River Tours

River ship on the Danube

The mighty Danube is the second longest river in Europe, flowing through the territories of more than ten states. Therefore, throughout the cruise on the Danube, you can visit new cities, admire the breathtaking landscapes and try the delights of local cuisine.

Usually they suggest starting a trip along the Danube in the capital of Hungary, ancient Budapest. Then the route passes along the bend of the Danube, along the picturesque shores, past the famous Visegrad castles. Then travelers are given the opportunity to visit several cities in Austria (Dürnstein, Passau and Regensburg), to experience the romantic atmosphere of antiquity and the rhythm of life in modern Europe.

Most likely, such a cruise will be one of the brightest and most exciting events in life!

Cruise "Danube Palette"

Iron Gate Gorge

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to describe all possible cruises on the Danube in one small article . Therefore, we will dwell on one of the most fascinating river cruises in Europe from the Satellite Travel - the Danube Palette tour. The cruise lasts 12 days and 11 nights, during which travelers will visit seven European countries.

The cruise begins with a few days spent in the Austrian capital, with a sightseeing tour and a mandatory visit to the enchanting Vienna Forest.

On the third day, you will have a walk around Bratislava, visiting the famous St. Martin's Cathedral, in which the coronation of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire took place. Then there will be a trip to Budapest, stops in the old Croatian city of Osijek, whose history goes back over 2000 years, and the colorful Serbian city of Novi Sad.

Another day of the cruise will be devoted to getting to know Belgrade and the famous Kalemegdan park, located in the old part of the city.

One of the most exciting moments of this river cruise in Europe will be the passage through the so-called Iron Gate - a deep gorge between Serbia and Romania. Rocks are 400-600 meters above the seething stream of river water. Impressions guaranteed!

A few days later, after visiting Vidin and Turnu Magurele, the tourist program will end with a review of Budapest with its unusual combination of ancient churches and buildings of the communist era.

Rhine and Danube Cruises

Cruise ship near the marina of Budapest

For those travelers who like to get the most out of every trip, the tourist services market has combined cruises along the two largest European rivers - the Rhine and Danube. During this tour you can visit the most beautiful corners of Europe, fully experience the charm of small ancient cities.

It is preferable to choose such a large-scale cruise in Europe with Russian groups, because the trip will last at least twelve, and sometimes more than twenty days, and to be among the compatriots is always more comfortable.

For example, the cruise "All Europe", which is scheduled to visit nine European countries and the passage along the Danube, Rhine and Main, lasts 21 days. It is much more informative when numerous excursions are conducted in the native language, and it is always easier to get a consultation with a Russian-speaking escort.

Romantic hay

France River Cruises

Another popular destination for river cruises in Europe is sailing along the Seine with visits to several French cities, visiting ancient abbeys and charming valleys of France.

One of the European river cruises offered by the Metropolis Cruise agency is an eight-day Romantic Sena tour on the comfortable MS Seine Comtesse. The program includes several days spent in Paris, where the journey will end.

And the cruise will begin in the small fishing town of Honfleur, known for its picturesque rugged relief of the coast and numerous ateliers of artists. Guests will also have a stop at the Chateau du Bray, where Calvados has long been produced, and, of course, tasting this delicious drink.

Then in the voyage program is a one-day tour of Rouen, an ancient city, sadly known for the burning of Joan of Arc. The next morning begins with a visit to Versailles, the beloved palace of Louis XIV, the King of the Sun.

The cruise will end in the city of love and romance in Paris, where guests will be offered breakfast on the boat.

Winter cruises

Winter cruise in Germany

Of course, I want to talk about the wonderful opportunity to spend the Christmas holidays, traveling around Europe on a cruise ship. It’s good to travel with children on such a trip; quite often travel agencies provide significant discounts to small tourists.

For example, among the river cruises in Europe from Moscow, the Danube Fireworks tour, which lasts seven days, seems attractive. You can take a walk through winter snowy Vienna, see the magical New Year's fireworks in Budapest and admire the old churches in Bratislava.

On board the five-star ship will be organized a gala dinner and a dance evening. Children will also be offered an entertaining holiday program.

One of the drawbacks of such a vacation can be considered the need to book a place on a cruise in advance, because such travels are becoming increasingly popular.

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