Nail polish to strengthen: which is better? Beautiful and healthy nails

Every girl dreams of long beautiful nails. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in achieving this effect - someone has too thin nail plates, which is why the nail simply does not grow, and in some women they constantly break. But everyone wants to make a beautiful manicure, striking with intricate patterns. This is especially true when a celebration is planned ahead. However, there is still a way out - varnishes for strengthening the nail plates. It is about them that we will discuss later.

Nail polish - for strengthening, against delamination

Each girl certainly faced the problem of stratification of nails. There are plenty of reasons for this trouble: aggressive external influences, nervous stress, anxiety, poor ecology, and also an acute shortage of vitamin D or calcium in the body. In addition, exfoliation of the nail plate occurs in various diseases. This happens if there are problems with the thyroid gland, intestines and many other organs. There are many cases where the nails began to break after using conventional chemicals - antibacterial soaps, detergents, dishwashing liquid. It is clear that with each of the above reasons you can fight - treatment, the use of vitamins. In the case of chemistry, just put on tight rubber gloves. But for a comprehensive fight, it is better to use varnishes to strengthen the nails, the varieties of which are quite a lot today.

Will the varnish help?

To the affected plate of the nail quickly returned to normal, you must use a special nail polish.

nail polish to strengthen

For strengthening, many types of products have been proposed - with vitamins, minerals, and medicinal plant juices. However, choosing a varnish for yourself, it is worth remembering - the advice of friends here will not help. You can argue endlessly which of the means will be better. But when buying varnish, you must rely on your own opinion. The fact is that the structure of the nail for each person is individual, as well as the reasons for which the nails suffer. Therefore, the tool (nail polish to strengthen the plates), which perfectly helped your friend, for you may have absolutely no effect. You can seek help from a pharmacy worker or visit a cosmetologist in advance.

What is firming varnish?

Healing varnish (or strengthening) is a therapeutic and prophylactic agent that acts in different directions. First of all, this varnish nourishes the nail plates, saturating them with all the necessary elements. At the same time, the nail body is strengthened, and the protection against external damage is also strengthened. These are detergents, after which the nails are covered with white coating, and hot air, and much more. Varnish for strengthening and growth of nails can be bought today not only in the perfume shop, but also in almost any pharmacy (which will be much better).

nail powder

Usually in the annotation there is an instruction on how to use the product correctly, whether it is worth washing off, how often it is necessary to apply new layers, how many days treatment should continue.

Special acrylic powder

No matter how strange it may sound, but for nails there is a special powder - acrylic. It evenly overlays the nail, has a plastic structure, dries quickly, not only visually building up the nail, but at the same time strengthening it. Powder for nails today can be a wide variety of shades.

set for nails

You can apply it as a manicure. In this way, they achieve two results at once - the nails look neat and beautiful, and at the same time it will be very difficult to break them. This option is ideal for girls suffering from the fact that they have thin nail plates. The layer that creates acrylic powder for nails, in this case, will guarantee that the nail under it will not break, but will grow, while absorbing the beneficial substances contained in the powder. You can apply it both in the cabin or on your own at home.

The composition of strengthening varnishes

Nail polish for strengthening contains the following components: vitamins A, E, C, iron, keratin, proteins, fruit acids and much more, necessary for full growth. Usually the varnish is completely transparent.

healing varnish

When applied, it additionally gives the nails a smooth, healthy glow. However, today you can find matte varnish of various shades. Applied to the nails, it looks more like a regular one used for manicure. You can also find a set of nails - it includes not only firming varnishes, but also other cosmetic accessories that help take care of nails. By their types, varnishes are also divided into categories. First of all, it is a fixing agent, a reducing agent, a complex fixing agent, strengthening or regenerating varnish-conditioner.

What's the Difference?

There really is a difference. For example, a fixing base is applied under ordinary varnishes, protecting the nail from bad influence from the outside. And the base-regenerator regenerates the nail plates. Complex fixer is used in advanced cases when it is necessary to overcome nail pigmentation. The nail kit also includes conditioners - firming ones are designed for soft and bending nails, while therapeutic ones are prescribed only by a doctor, it is strictly forbidden to use them at your own discretion. The drug is aimed not only at strengthening, but also at moisturizing, eliminating brittleness, stimulating growth. Can you name the best nail polish to strengthen? Reviews of the fair sex come down to one thing - for each lady the best is the firming varnish, which at the moment is exclusively needed by her nails. However, there are those brands that have been universally recognized, for example, varnishes of brands such as Smart Enamel, Trind, ORLY and Sally Hansen.

nail polish for strengthening and growth of nails

The ORLY line of products (women praised the collection of varnishes with BAKED vitamins) has no analogues yet. Russian girls prefer Smart Enamel. According to reviews of numerous customers, one of the best care products is considered to be a nail product with proteins and vitamins - it dries quickly, worn for a long time, and also makes nails healthy and beautiful. Trind delights with the Nail Repair Natural line of fixers in glossy, matte and even color. In reviews of lovely ladies, one can often find opinions that the tool not only helps to restore the nails, but also gives them a new life after numerous gel extensions. But the means to strengthen the nails of Sally Hansen in reviews are often featured as an ideal base that will not let any pigments enter the nail plates. It is worth remembering that the combined use of varnish, conditioner and balm will several times increase the effect of the procedures and, of course, reduce the treatment time.

How to apply varnish?

Reinforcing varnishes are applied a little differently than usual. First of all, it is worth preparing the nails. Hands are washed thoroughly with soap, and after complete drying, a cream is applied to the skin. It is especially necessary to rub the cream with neat movements around the nail in order to soften and nourish the cuticle as much as possible. After this, we proceed to the application of varnish. With a brush we apply a strengthening agent on the nail, evenly distributing the varnish along its entire length.

nail polish reviews

After applying the first coat, wait a little while it dries. Next, apply the second coat with equal care. Too much varnish should not be used - the layers should be of medium thickness. If over time, in some places, the varnish peels off, you can simply tint these voids. It is extremely undesirable to rinse the firming varnish with a liquid to remove it, since it also does some harm to the nails. To paint nails without a break is all the time that is indicated in the instructions - usually this period is at least 30 days.


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