And you wonder how they become hackers?

Most people imagine the work of hackers as an interesting and mysterious activity. Teenagers who dream of becoming hackers immediately think about hacking the sites of large companies, about transferring money from accounts, and disclosing secret information. It becomes clear why many people dream of becoming professional specialists and are looking for answers to the question: "How do they become hackers?" It must be remembered that the work of these "masters" is strictly prescribed by law, and criminal liability is provided for violation.

how do they become hackers

It is impossible to say unequivocally that the activity of hackers is connected with the violation of the law. A person who is a first-class hacker automatically falls into the category of workers whom large banks and companies want to get into their submission. Modern business involves the use of computer hardware and software. In order to fully protect accounts and other information from hacking, it is necessary to monitor program weaknesses. This is the job that hackers do. Leaking information or hacking an account for a company will result in huge losses. An experienced hacker who recognizes the threat in time and prevents it will be well rewarded by management.

how to become a professional hacker

How to become a hacker?

Even a genius cannot immediately become a first-class hacker. You must first understand how to become a novice hacker. The knowledge that will help in mastering the profession is as follows:

  1. Learn the internet professionally. You need to clearly understand the principles of operation between the server and the browser. There is information on the Internet about the meaning of the headers that are transmitted from the browser and must be well understood.
  2. Master the programming skills that are needed to work. It will take a lot of effort and patience. In the future, this knowledge will be useful for the assimilation of more complex knowledge.
  3. The comprehension of hypertext markup, namely HTML in a bunch of CSS - it is necessary for a person who is looking for information on how to become a hacker to know it.
  4. Mastering English, which is the main thing on the Internet. Without studying it, it is impossible to become a master of their craft.

After mastering the first skills of a hacker, you can proceed to a deeper comprehension.

how to become a novice hacker

How to Become Hackers and the Laws of Hackers

  1. We must cherish the time of our own and that of others. This principle of work has long been formulated by professional hackers. It is enough to visit the forums or study the material, which describes how they become hackers.
  2. It is not necessary to work according to a pattern - a unique work style is important for a hacker and his successful "activity".
  3. Solve problems. There should be no unanswered questions for the hacker.
  4. Take advice. Hackers share their achievements on the forums, so even if a person has independently figured out how to become a professional hacker, he must share his discoveries.
  5. Timely care of the computer is a hacker’s income source, so continuous monitoring is needed here.

Learning the right information will take a lot of time. Experienced hackers become not in one month, but over the years of painstaking work.


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