Interesting mosaic on the nails

Nail art is a fairly young, but already very popular form of contemporary art. Being in constant creative search and self-development, he does not cease to amaze women of the whole world with his new ideas and bright works.

One of such fresh ideas is the so-called mosaic on the nails. Original, stylish, unique drawings made in this technique are perfect for any look.

Manufacturers of special materials and equipment for manicure, moving in step with the latest fashion trends, offer a wide variety of new products for making mosaics, and manicurists are developing new technologies and designs for this popular nail painting.

The easiest way, of course, is to purchase a special mosaic gel polish for nails. It is already interspersed, which after application to the nail plate form a mosaic pattern. Well, if you want something unusual, interesting, not the same as everyone else? Let's look at some options.

mosaic on the nails

Fashion crack

Mosaic on the nails created by chaotic cracks looks very impressive. They are formed using a special craquelure varnish, often used in arts and crafts.

First, the nails are varnished with a base. It should have a light shade. Then, after the first layer has dried, a second one is applied - a dark manicure craquelure. As it dries, it will begin to crack, and the first layer will appear in the resulting cracks. After drying the craquelure, the pattern is fixed with colorless varnish. This method of applying mosaics is good because each time the pattern on the nails will be completely different, unique, which will undoubtedly emphasize the bright personality of the beautiful owner of manicure. Also, one cannot but appreciate the short time in which this unusual drawing can be made.


Another way to decorate your nails with a mosaic is to draw it by hand. First, the plate should be covered with a light matte base. Then, using a very thin brush and black or gold varnish (or acrylic paint), you need to draw a mosaic contour. This work is very delicate, almost jewelry, and therefore can take quite a lot of time.

mosaic nails

After the circuit is completely dry, you need to fill in the "windows" of the mosaic. For this purpose, you can use either one color or several - an amazing effect is provided in any case. At the end, the mosaic should be fixed with a finish varnish.

In all its splendor

An unusual and beautiful design of nails is a mosaic created using special foil. First, the nail is coated with a varnish base of any color. Then, on top of the dried base, several chaotic strokes are made with transparent varnish. Next, you need to wait until it dries a little, and attach a transfer foil for manicure to it. Part of it will stick to a transparent varnish, leaving interesting patterns on the surface of the nail.

To fix a manicure in this case is best with a diamond varnish that will enhance the shine and brilliance of the mosaic.

nail design mosaic


The mosaic on the nails made with the use of sequins looks very impressive. To create it, first, the nails are covered with basic varnish. After it has completely dried on the nail, the contours of geometric figures should be applied. For this purpose, varnish is suitable a few tones darker than the main one.

Then the varnish is lighter than the base, you need to paint over several figures. After this layer dries with contrasting varnish, it is necessary to paint a few more “windows”.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to draw the contours of the figures, using the varnish with sparkles.

To give the resulting picture strength and additional shine, a colorless topcoat will help.

nail polish mosaic

Sculptural casting

Difficult in technique, but very beautiful in appearance is a mosaic on the nails, made by casting. The sequence of applying such a pattern is as follows.

First, the nail base is applied to the nail, wait for it to completely dry. Next, the contours of the future pattern are applied to the base. For this purpose, you should use a manicure sculpted gel, which must be applied with a very thin brush. Then the gel must be dried using an ultraviolet lamp.

After that, a small piece of manicured transfer foil should be attached to the contours of the mosaic - it will stick to the gel. Thanks to this technique, the pattern on the nail will turn out not only voluminous, but also sparkling.

Next, you need to paint the “windows” in the mosaic with multi-colored varnish and fix the manicure with transparent varnish.

Miniature stained glass window

Another interesting mosaic pattern on the nails is the so-called stained glass window. In this case, it is best to take a white matte varnish as the basis for the drawing . After it dries on the nail, you need to draw the contours of the future stained glass window. It is ideal for sculpting gel applied with a thin brush. After fixing it with ultraviolet, you need to proceed to the next stage - painting over the segments of the picture with transparent multi-colored varnishes imitating a glass stained-glass window.

drawing mosaic on nails

This pattern can be fixed with a simple transparent varnish.

The drawings for this type of mosaic are not created chaotic, as in the previous versions, but with strict geometric shapes, giving the nails the maximum similarity with a real stained glass window. With this pattern, you can decorate either the entire nail, or part of it from the line of "smile" to the outer edge. The complexity of this decor is the need to create absolutely identical patterns on all nails, which can only be done by a very experienced master with a developed eye and a full hand.

There are many, many ways today to create a mosaic on nails. Simple and complex, requiring professional skills and equipment or not at all, all serve a common goal - to decorate a woman’s nails with a unique author’s pattern, to emphasize her personality and style.

The image of a real woman is similar to a mosaic, which consists of many elements - clothes, hairstyles, makeup, manicure, accessories. Successfully matched to each other, together they begin to “sound”, and the image itself turns out to be clean, harmonious.

The manicure in the mosaic technique is spectacular, unusual, bright. In this element you can be 100% sure, and thanks to it, its owner will be irresistible.


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