Skin paint

Leather products have been popular since ancient times. This material is attractive due to its strength, practicality and long service life. Our ancestors knew this very well, therefore leather goods were always appreciated.

It often happens that when the color of such products fades or the paint is wiped, the owners throw them away. And they do this only because they do not know: leather products can be updated with the help of painting. Skin paint will help restore the original appearance of the item without much hassle. Dyeing leather products is actually not so troublesome, the main thing is that you need to carefully study the method of dyeing them and acquire a dye of the desired color.

There are two methods of painting leather things: superficial and deep. Surface painting is much easier than deep, as it is done by spraying paint from a spray can or partially applying it to the desired area with a brush. Paint for the skin in this case is evenly applied to the surface of the product and gives it a uniform shade. This method of staining is perfect for painting small scuffs and scratches. But for full-fledged painting of the product, this method is not always suitable, although you need to pay attention to the area of โ€‹โ€‹abrasions on the skin and the presence on the surface of the product of other defects - for example, scratches.

If a thing is worn very much, or there is a desire to radically change the color of the product, then you can not do without deep painting. The answer to the question of how to color the skin is as follows: the process is to immerse the leather item in a container with dye, which must first be selected in accordance with the color scheme of the product. Before you start the deep method of dyeing leather products, the first thing you will need to do is to clean the thing from contaminants, if any, and soak it in warm water until completely wet. The second step is to dilute the paint in a basin or any other container.

To do this, skin paint is poured with warm water, thoroughly mixed and filtered through a sieve. It is necessary to filter it - otherwise small lumps can leave terrible specks on the painted product. The third thing to do is take the strained liquid, pour it into a pan or iron bucket, add 2-3 liters of water (see the exact amount on the packaging) and boil. After cool this liquid to 40-45 degrees. The main thing is that in no case should it be very hot, otherwise you can ruin the product. Then take this solution and pour it into the container in which the painting will take place.

You need to get the soaked leather thing out of the water, carefully squeeze it out and immerse it in a container with dye. Staining will take a little time, just until the solution cools. When the solution cools down, remove the item and rinse it well in cold water. The last step in staining will be fixing the dye. To do this, mix 1 liter of water, a tablespoon of salt and 200 ml of vinegar, and then place the product in this solution. If the thing is large, then increase the number of ingredients in appropriate proportions. After 5-10 minutes, remove the item, gently wring it out and dry it by spreading it on a hard surface. That's all: it is transformed and shines like new.

Agree, the implementation of all these procedures will not take you much time, but the result will exceed all expectations. Now you know how to color the skin and products from it, so if you have any leather products that have lost their former appearance, you can safely proceed to the procedures described above. Skin paint is sold in almost all major stores, so itโ€™s not at all difficult to get it.


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