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Drug addiction is a terrible kind of altered consciousness that a person can only be obsessed with. Drug use is a serious vice of our time. This is what causes youth to die, without knowing the true taste of a healthy life. Every fifth inhabitant of the planet today is exposed to drugs, at least as a test. But that is the whole point that a drug is a substance that provokes addiction. It will undoubtedly make a person want to use it again and again. Next time, when he wants to receive a dose, but he will not be near, the addicted person will start drug withdrawal.


Human nature is unchanging. The current state of things and the way of life is arranged in such a way that permissiveness is inherent in the current society. The corruption of the authorities and the shortcomings of the criminal code give current youth the opportunity to carry out illegal actions, and especially often these actions are directed by them against themselves. This applies to the direct use by the young generation of prohibited substances that change consciousness, namely, drugs.

Drug use

Drugs are not only scary by their direct impact on the human body, they are incredibly dangerous in the tormenting consequences for the addict. One of the most serious consequences for an addicted person is withdrawal. What is this pathological condition manifested in? What exactly determines its appearance? And what is breaking by definition?

The concept of breaking means nothing more than a significant deterioration in the health of a person who previously used drugs, caused by his dependence on psychotropic substances and a burning desire to use a new dose again. This name of this condition is used by people in colloquial terms, but in fact it has the name of abstinence. Abstinence syndrome ( withdrawal ) is a drug addict's abstinence from concomitant drugs with concomitant physical and mental disorder, manifested in severe pain in muscles and joints, as well as in psycho-emotional irritation, which remotely resembles insanity in symptoms.

Breaking like a disease

In fact, such a dissonance state can be equated with a painful one. The fact is that the degree of manifestation of withdrawal symptoms is identified with the level of deterioration of a person’s health due to a serious illness. It should be noted that this spectacle is not pleasant: not only does the appearance of the suffering addict leave much to be desired, but his convulsive convulsions and heartbreaking moans terrify him with his unbridled manifestation of pain. Such a pathology, which is manifested due to a lack of a narcotic substance, drug addicts themselves consider something much more terrible than just a disease. But they are still not able to refuse the further use of psychotropic substances, even after breaking changes in the body.

Initial withdrawal symptoms

Changes in the body

To understand what a drug-dependent person feels at the time of withdrawal, you need to try to imagine his sensations before using harmful substances and immediately at the time of the harmful injections, inhalations or the oral route of poisoning with synthetic drugs. Imagine a healthy person living his life with his set of hormones that periodically give him joy, sadness, or a state of balanced balance.

And this man is exposed to toxic substances in the form of drugs. He is trying psychotropic substance for the first time, and the result exceeds all his expectations: his mood improves at times, everything works out perfectly at work, everything is fine in his personal life - everything is turned upside down, in the good sense of the word, of course, if possible put it up. Hormones of happiness increase due to the ingestion of a chemical compound stimulating it in the form of a drug, and the person who takes the dose “gets high”. But after the end of the action of the drug, everything not only returns to its place, but even becomes somehow a little worse than before. Having tried the poison, the unfortunate fool, I want to feel the euphoria again, and he again goes for a dose of hallucinogen, changing not only his consciousness, but also all the systemic processes of the body. Adversely affecting their functioning, health status and appearance in general. It is not surprising that once not taken after regular use, the dose of toxic drugs subsequently certainly leads to withdrawal in a drug-dependent person. Already a drug addict.

Negative consequences

The consequences of withdrawal are really terrible. Caused by the regular use of psychotropic substances, breaking up a drug addict, as a result of taking drugs, leads to an incredibly fast depletion of the immune system. As a result, a dependent person cannot even cope with a common cold, not to mention more serious ailments. In itself, dependence on hallucinogenic drugs is already a terrible ailment. Its destructive effect is reflected in all systems of the functioning of the body:

  • Cardiovascular system . Addicts often die from heart attacks and strokes, which is due to severe pressure surges and harmful effects on the brain centers that are responsible for cardiac activity.
  • Respiratory system. Developing pneumonia and lack of oxygen lead to brain hypoxia.
  • Digestive tract. People taking drugs often lack appetite, they break down the production of digestive enzymes, as a result of which weight is reduced, pancreatic dysfunction appears, and cirrhosis develops.
  • Bones. Poisonous chemical compounds lead to purulent decomposition of the bone apparatus of the body, and the jaw section is primarily affected.
  • Nervous and mental systems. Often experienced withdrawal from drug addicts leads to tremor of the extremities, impaired coordination apparatus, falling into depression and contribute to subsequent suicidal impulses.
Symptoms of withdrawal symptoms

It should be noted that drug addicts live on average 20-30 years less than healthy people. And not one addict dies a natural death. Breaking is a kind of signal to a drug addict that if he continues to engage in drug addiction, his days will be counted as soon as possible.

Manifestations of breaking


Often the relatives and friends of a drug addict do not know what is happening to him until the above effects from taking drugs and withdrawal symptoms manifest themselves. But how to determine in a poor loved one a terrible ailment in advance? What are the symptoms of withdrawal in drug addicts?

The initial manifestations of withdrawal symptoms in addicts occur in the form of mild ailment, weakness, and chills. At the psychoemotional level, a significant deterioration in mood is noted. Later, the patient (and the addict can be deservedly called a sick person), there is an increase in temperature, which is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. All this is accompanied by tearing and a runny nose, so this condition is easy to confuse with a cold. But further sharp convulsions, severe pains in the joints, muscle apparatus and head, reflected by loud cries and groans of the patient, cannot go unnoticed. And the environment has to accept the fact that in front of them is a drug addict subject to breaking.


Why does withdrawal symptoms occur? The fact that withdrawal is a consequence of the use of hallucinogenic drugs is generally understood. But what exactly leads to changes in the body of a drug addict tormented by convulsions?

Each potential addict should understand that narcotic drugs are a combination of synthesized or organic poisons that help to wash out the complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for normal functioning of the body.

Every day, these poisonous drugs poison the body, interfering with its recovery processes. Not only internal and external organs, but also all functional systems and joints are adversely affected. The bones of a drug addiction patient seem to turn outward, as if about to break into hundreds of parts. Hence the colloquial name for withdrawal from drug addicts.

The body of a dependent person begins to hurt already after the first receptions of a toxic chemical compound. It’s just that the pains are masked by the subsequent use of psychotropic substances, and when the dose is not at hand, they fall in a powerful stream to the addicted person. Therefore, breaking is not a cause, breaking is already a consequence.

Drug addiction and withdrawal


A person suffering from withdrawal symptoms can only be helped with medication. While in the hospital, the patient will be under the supervision of specialists around the clock, they will help him get out of the state of drug withdrawal. What it is? What are the stages of removing a patient from withdrawal syndrome provided by the modern treatment process?

The first stage is purification. All poisons, chemicals, poisonous compounds, which contributed to the gradual decomposition and destruction of all its functional systems, are removed from the patient's body.

The second stage is restoration. The useful minerals washed from the human body, aimed at maintaining his health and stabilizing normal life, are subject to mandatory replenishment and compensation of lost vitamins.

The cessation of withdrawal achieved by the doctors in the hospital is far from the final moment of the addict's recovery. This is only removing it from the state of withdrawal symptoms, which could very well have been fatal, if you didn’t get medical assistance nearby. For the treatment of drug addiction, entire courses of further rehabilitation are provided, which last more than one month.

Manifestations of withdrawal from drug addicts

Psychologist's advice

Physical recovery is not enough to recover a drug addict. Here we need the work of a specialist in the field of psychology. Carrying out various types of psychotherapy with the use of hypnosis, auto-training, conversations, tips will help the patient to realize the harmful effects of previously taken substances on him. Only a full awareness of the risks to which he is exposed, using psychotropic drugs and hallucinogens, will give him the opportunity to get rid of a merciless ailment.

Is it possible to get rid of withdrawal on my own?

Those people who believe that you can get out of the state of drug withdrawal yourself are incredibly naive and short-sighted. Based on the fact that the duration of withdrawal, depending on the drug used and its amount, can be from two to five weeks, no drug addict can pass this test without the help of specialists or without an additional dose.

Extreme irritability, powerful bouts of aggression, uncontrolled panic, constant insomnia, regular feelings of anxiety and an irresistible craving for a drug simply will not allow the addict to survive these endless weeks without a “saving elixir” in the form of a drug. So how can he overcome his fears and pains without medical intervention? No way. Only medication can stop the pain of a person suffering from drug addiction.

Features of the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms

How to prevent painful feelings of withdrawal?

Modern society is so pathetic, so imaginary and dependent on someone else's point of view that to admit your kinship with a drug addict - this practically means making a sentence to yourself. Therefore, very often relatives observing the terrible picture of breaking up their loved ones, instead of calling an ambulance to stop his pain symptoms, give him a new dose for “healing” purposes, so to speak. After all, to call doctors - this means to reveal to society the secret about the illness of his relative. What will people think? How will they react? This is a real shame! It is better to give him a smaller portion of his hallucinogen, he will surely come to his senses and after such suffering from withdrawal he will not use it again in his life.

Such an opinion is incredibly wrong. Having provided “for good purposes” to a loved one another dose of psychotropic substances, relatives thereby provoke him to further use of drugs and involuntarily push him to death. It will not work to prevent painful feelings by reducing the dose, everyone should understand this. But how then to prevent the appearance of these terrible symptoms of withdrawal symptoms? There is only one way out of the situation - do not take drugs! The use of prohibited substances will inevitably lead to breaking, in a hundred percent of cases out of a hundred. Therefore, to avoid it, you just need to never and under no circumstances start to use.


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