A charismatic woman is ... A concept, innate charisma and ways of its development

Probably there is no such person who would not be familiar with the word "charisma". They say charisma, wanting to highlight someone, to emphasize the natural charm and charm. Often this word appears in various thematic articles devoted to famous people. Often they are abused by spectators and theater critics, praising the work of any artist.

Despite the widespread use in speech, the term remains a mystery to many people. What it is? How did this concept come about? What does the word itself mean? Few are ready to answer these questions. And even fewer people are willing to list the qualities that make a woman charismatic.

What is it? The concept

Understanding what a charismatic woman means is impossible without understanding the general meaning of the term.

What is "charisma"? According to the definition, this is a characteristic natural feature or their combination, giving the person exclusivity, giving the person special qualities in the eyes of other members of society.

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As a rule, the special qualities that every charismatic woman possesses are attractiveness, charm, charm, exceptional visibility in any setting. Of course, personality traits can also be in another, for example, in spirituality or passion for something.

Charisma, character, habits and beauty are related concepts?

A charismatic woman - which one? Blonde or brunette? Full or thin? Stylish or not? Sloppy or neat? Independent or dependent? The list of such questions can go on indefinitely, but the answer to any of them will be only one. This answer is any.

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Charisma is a quality that has nothing to do with either appearance, habits, occupation, or dressing skills.

Both a rare beauty and an ugly woman can be charismatic. A woman who earns millions may not have charisma, however, like a housewife. Charisma is a special innate talent, a gift to man from nature, completely independent of how he looks or lives. A charismatic woman is one who knows how to attract attention to herself naturally, nor by exerting efforts on it.

About the word "charisma"

The word itself is of Greek origin. In a literal translation, χάρισμα means "gift from the gods." In Greek, it was used to indicate the ability of a person to attract attention to his own person.

The word was used by Christians from the first years of the formation of religion. It is present in the texts of the New Testament and is understood as the grace bestowed upon man by God. Catholicism has its own definition of this concept. According to him, charisma is a special spiritual quality, a property that God sends down to people.

Is it possible to learn charisma?

How to become a charismatic woman and is it possible to do this? According to the traditional conservative view shared by most sociologists, philosophers and psychologists, one cannot learn this quality, it is an innate talent, like the ability to paint or the timbre of the voice.

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But not everyone shares this understanding of charisma. There is another understanding of the very nature of this property of the human person. According to him, charisma is not at all a unique talent inherited from ancestors or bestowed from above, but merely the result of a certain type of non-verbal behavior.

Accordingly, having learned certain techniques and turning them into a reflex, a habit, it is quite possible to become a charismatic person.

How is congenital charisma different from acquired?

Inborn quality is considered to be a property that a person demonstrates from early childhood. Those people who, due to professional activities, encounter a large number of very tiny children, notice that it is impossible to take their eyes off some babies. Of course, there can be no question of any combination of non-verbal techniques of behavior in such a situation.

However, many children who did not stand out in infancy later begin to draw attention to themselves and cause emotion and admiration. As a rule, those features of behavior that aroused ecstasy among others are fixed in the subconscious and become reflex.

Especially often this happens with little girls, who then grow up into adult women and continue to enjoy everyone's attention, as well as in early childhood. Thus, as simple as possible, a charismatic woman is a girl who smiled successfully or somehow touched adults.

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That is, every child can grow up with charisma, you should only give him confidence in his own irresistibility. For example, the most charismatic women never admit the likelihood that they can leave anyone indifferent. These ladies do not struggle with such thoughts, do not drive them away, they simply do not think so. The likelihood that you can go unnoticed does not initially appear in the head of a woman with charisma. If a lady with this quality is told that some people are not noticed in public places, then she will be very surprised.

Acquired charisma, brought up in oneself as an adult, is the result of a long and extremely difficult work on oneself. This work does not consist in controlling the weight or accustoming oneself to accuracy, but in changing the type of thinking, breaking the conditioned reflexes and stereotypes.

Acquired charisma differs from innate in that the woman possessing it, however, like the man, have a pronounced trait, a feature with which they become the epicenter of attention. It can be a sense of humor or quick reaction, a way to hold a cup or a quiet, insinuating speech, the ability to play musical instruments, or something else. In any case, if you have acquired charisma, you can always list the qualities that distinguish its owner from other people.

How to find and develop this quality?

Charismatic women, whose behavior examples can be observed not only in life, but also on the TV screen or on social networks, always have a twist. From this, it is worth starting on the path to gaining and developing this quality in yourself. That is, you should understand what properties of self are most attractive to others, and engage in their development.

There are exercises that help women become more attractive, that is, charismatic. There is nothing complicated in them, except that you should engage regularly, even on weekends.

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The first exercise is right awakening. You need to start the day with positive energy and not with the promenade stumbling into the bathroom with your eyes closed. To do this, you need to wake up with a margin of time and do exercises. Any kind of exercise is suitable - yoga, aerobics, fitness, even meditation can set up a positive perception of the day.

The second exercise is designed to develop proper posture. A charismatic woman is a person with a raised head and a straight back. Stooping, as well as a constant look under your feet, can completely ruin the impression made on others. For posture, you need to walk around for 10-20 minutes a day with a book on your head, of course, without dropping it. And in this exercise, regularity is important, you need to do it daily.

The third and most important lesson is talking aloud with a mirror, that is, with your reflection. The theme of the monologue is not so significant, the main thing is to conduct a conversation aloud. This method will help to overcome shyness, and will also contribute to the formation of control over the timbre of the voice and the style of speech. A good addition is the recording of their monologues and their further listening. Of course, looking in the mirror, you can learn to control your facial expressions and eyes.

What else is important for the development of charisma?

Before you begin to develop this quality, you need to decide what “charismatic woman” means in your own mind. Each has a stereotype of this concept. No need to break it, you just have to match it.

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Important is the way of own life. It is impossible to become attractive to others if you do not like yourself. That is, you should act and look exactly the way you want. If you want to run in the mornings in the park in a pink suit with rhinestones - you need to do this and not sigh, telling yourself that such activities and clothes are "not of age", or come up with other excuses.

Do I need to reckon with other people?

Charisma has nothing to do with egoism. A woman with charisma, as a rule, is attentive to other people, however, as well as to everything that happens around.

However, not a single person possessing this property will allow himself to be manipulated or used. This means not only the suppression of attempts to sit on the neck, but also the order of prioritization in everyday actions.

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Paradoxical as it may seem, the mere trifles and everyday vanity most strongly affect the way of thinking and the type of behavior of women. For example, waking up at the weekend, having done exercises, the housewife should make a choice - prepare breakfast for the family or enjoy a cup of coffee. As a rule, nobody thinks about it, but simply does. Usually women either combine both classes, or they cook breakfast and only then drink their coffee. Those who wish to develop charismatic properties should act differently. First - coffee for yourself, then - breakfast for others.

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