Construction of modular buildings: types, convenience and speed of construction, pros and cons

Today, the construction of modular buildings is in great demand. They can have any horizontal dimensions. If necessary, redevelopment can be carried out. Such structures are erected for a variety of purposes.

construction of modular buildings in Moscow


The advantages of modular structures include the fact that in terms of strength and comfort they are like houses built of wood or metal. Inside they can be equipped with:

  • ventilation
  • heating;
  • lighting;
  • signaling;
  • Internet network
  • satellite tv.

At the heart of the building are the same block containers. They are brought to their destination already ready, so work is being carried out at a fast pace. In addition, the work process is becoming cheaper. This allows you to collect structures of almost any complexity. The construction of modular buildings with a height of 3 floors is allowed, but the number of rooms can be as much as the customer wishes.

Although these buildings are considered temporary, they can be converted into a permanent residence. This is because modular houses are equipped with electrical communications and all the necessary infrastructure:

  • splitters, shields and sockets;
  • kitchen equipment;
  • plumbing unit;
  • water supply system;
  • protective grilles and others.

Turnkey construction of modular buildings reduces project implementation time. They can be built in the most difficult conditions, nearby structures absolutely do not interfere.

construction of modular buildings


The only negative is the low height. Modular technology is powerless if there is a need for a multi-story project. This type of room is distinguished by a standard layout, so building an architectural masterpiece will not work.

Modular Offices

Using block modules for construction, you can get a full-fledged functional building with a mass of office rooms. A comfortable working process will be facilitated by equipping with all kinds of equipment. If it is necessary to organize new jobs as soon as possible, or to expand the staff urgently, prefabricated office buildings will be the right decision.

The construction of prefabricated modular buildings is allowed in the city, as well as outside. These structures do not need a lot of space. They fit perfectly into the city landscape. They can also be reliably installed on a finely buried foundation. Modular office and administrative premises are finished with high-quality materials. From the outside, they can be decorated with various architectural elements, for example:

  • canopies;
  • stairs
  • visors.
modular buildings

Modular change houses

The headquarters for the construction of modular buildings is an integral attribute of any construction site. It usually hosts meetings by project management. Change houses are used as utility rooms, temporary housing for construction workers. This is very beneficial for organizations performing a large-scale project, since there is no need to spend money on renting apartments. Such buildings are collapsible, so you can use them for several years at various facilities.

Often residential modular buildings are used in cottages. At the heart of this structure is used frame: bolted or welded. The option in which the bolted connection is used can be further disassembled and transported. Finish such buildings with sandwich panels or professional sheet. To be comfortable in them, they are insulated. For the construction of change houses there is no need to build a foundation. It is only necessary to make a clearing, level the surface and put asphalt on the site.

Dormitories and hotels

Modular hotels and hostels can be built from separate blocks or a large number of elements assembled into a single structure, of various layouts and areas. Workers can temporarily stay there, and you can also arrange comfortable guest rooms. The construction of modular buildings in Moscow will be much cheaper than the premises built according to standard technology. Collapsible designs are completed:

  • a kitchen;
  • shower room;
  • furniture set;
  • a bedroom;
  • rest room;
  • toilet, etc.
construction of prefabricated modular buildings

Modular outlets

The construction of modular buildings, such as pavilions, stalls and kiosks, is simply necessary, especially in the summer. They are convenient to sell ice cream, soft drinks and fresh newspapers.

In this case, modular designs are very helpful. They can be disassembled, transported at any time, and arranged again in another place. Modern rational solution for the construction of commercial real estate are modular store buildings. Thanks to these buildings, the owner is given the opportunity to quickly pay back the invested funds and earn income. These buildings:

  • have a modern attractive appearance;
  • they can serve for a long time without repair;
  • possess the increased operational properties.

Attractive design directly affects the sales process.

modular building building permit

Modular dining rooms and cafes

The modular buildings of the cafe and the dining room, despite the fact that they are small, can accommodate a fairly decent number of people, which are calculated in advance during the design process. Such buildings are needed by production companies that are located outside the city. These modules are equipped with:

  • fire alarm;
  • ventilation
  • extractor hood;
  • plumbing;
  • ovens;
  • cookers;
  • refrigerators.

If you successfully choose builders and correctly draw up a project, you can open a cozy modular cafe within a few months.

Modular car services and garages

The construction of a block-modular building as a car service is an ideal option because it can be built easily, on any surface and type of soil. Such establishments are convenient if they are near the place of work or at home. This construction object can be performed in a variety of colors, since the profiled sheets and sandwich panels are coated with polymer paint.

modular building construction

Assembly of modular buildings

The most significant element of modular homes is the metal frame. Rectangular pipes of a specific size are used, which are connected by welding using different jumpers. As a result, the design becomes reliable and sturdy.

Inside, modular buildings are decorated with OSB plates. For the finish of the floor using layers with a thickness of 18 mm, ceiling and walls - 10 mm. They are characterized by increased elasticity, strength, resistance to temperature extremes and moisture. Additionally finished with MDF boards. To decorate the ceiling using plastic panels.

From the outside, the roof and walls are sheathed with sheets of colored corrugated board or galvanized. Although this material is lightweight, it:

  • differs in durability;
  • resistant to corrosion;
  • does not need special care;
  • ecologicaly clean;
  • has a long service life.
modular buildings headquarters

For insulation use:

  • fiberglass;
  • polystyrene foam;
  • glass wool.

These materials have low thermal conductivity, are safe against fires, and serve for a long time. They also:

  • poorly absorb moisture;
  • endowed with increased sound insulation;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • do not have a pronounced smell.

Block modules are made and assembled at the factory. On it, door frames, windows and engineering systems are installed in the walls, and internal partitions are made. Individual blocks are already assembled at the construction site, at the site prepared in advance. The modules are transported using special automotive equipment and a crane. Such a building is being erected in record time.

turnkey construction of modular buildings

Some mistakenly believe that prefabricated houses can be built without official documents. Although permission for the construction of a modular building is not required, it is imperative that you have the rights to the site itself where the work is supposed to be carried out. For example, land should be leased or owned. Each self-respecting organization that specializes in modular construction will not engage in the implementation of the project until the necessary documents are submitted by the customer. People who choose houses from blocks as permanent are required to give them the status of capital housing.

Due to the not very large requirements for legalization, the construction of modular buildings and its low cost, is improved every year and finds a wider scope. During the construction and further operation of these houses do not require special care from the owners. And after delivery to the site, they are easily connected to all communication systems. Therefore, the use of such buildings will be relevant at all times.


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