Pros and cons of a TV for a person

In our article, we will consider the pros and cons of watching TV for a person. Many people are used to spending time in front of the screens of these devices. Television gives a person a whole stream of information, though not everyone can filter it. And this leads to bad consequences. We will talk about the pros and cons of the TV below.

Television in people's lives

Back in the period of the USSR, everything that was shown on TV was strictly filtered. Thanks to this, it was possible to easily influence the worldview of people. Now there is another propaganda. At present, advertisers and psychologists have come up with more subtle methods of human processing. Information is now served a little bit, without any onslaught. It acts on the subconscious. Not only political views are imposed on TV, but also create an ideal world. As a result, we understand that our relationship is not as wonderful as in the movies. In the house, not everything is as good as it seemed. And the work could be better.

pros and cons of computer and tv

Advertisers create a human need (artificial) in a particular product. As a result, you have a lot of unnecessary items at home.

So, we come to the most important thing, which are the pros and cons of the TV for humans. Based on the positive and negative impact of this lesson, you can make the right decision about whether to watch TV at all

Easy access to information.

Considering the pros and cons of a computer and TV, it is worth saying that these devices provide easy access to information. Of course, a person should not be aware of everything that happens in the world. Yes, this is in principle impossible. Therefore, there are news programs. Thanks to them, you can find news from around the world. Further, we can say that plus turns into minus. A lot of information is supplied, and what is true of it and what is false is difficult to understand. Therefore, you need to be able to distinguish one from the other.

Broadening the horizons

pros and cons of tv for man

In addition to the news, many programs are shown on TV that either teach us something or broaden our horizons. But in this case, it is very important not to overdo it. It is much more interesting to personally study the world than to watch everything lying on the bed.


Of course, that outdoor activities are good. But sometimes you want a passive one. That is, when you just want to be at home, lie down to relax and watch TV. Passive rest is also sometimes needed.

Virtual reality

We have already examined the pros of the TV. Cons now consider further. Everything that you watch on TV (whether it’s TV shows, news or cartoons) has an effect. This is the negative impact. Watching TV, a person simply runs away from real life, not wanting to decide anything in it.

It is very bad if watching TV causes you not only bad thoughts, but also anger. Indeed, on TV often show a rich life. Such an unsatisfied condition can even lead to depression.

Effect on the psyche

pros and cons of tv

Continuing to consider the pros and cons of the TV, consider another negative impact of TV. Now there is practically no censorship. Therefore, on TV you can see: eroticism, violence, theft and more. Well, if you encounter a similar phenomenon once a month, but if it happens daily, then it is very harmful to the psyche.

As a result, when a person wants to relax after a hard day, he, on the contrary, receives a portion of the negative. This affects the mental state. Irritability appears. It is also possible the appearance of the same depression.

Human degradation

A lot of people complain about their lives. They do not like her, but they do not want to do anything. And how do you think these people have fun? Of course, they sit in front of the TV. Such an activity is addictive. A person does not want to make decisions, loses interest in the world around him. He likes to follow someone’s life rather than act on his own.

Think rich people watch TV? Not. They spend this time on a more useful activity - on self-development.

Family ruin

If you are interested in the pros and cons of the TV, then it is worth telling about another negative point. TV destroys families. How does this happen? Yes, simple. Everyone sits down on the sofa and watches it, completely forgetting about normal communication. Although it is live communication that helps to unite families.

Negative effects on health

Among other things, watching TV negatively affects health. First of all, the nervous system and vision suffer. It is also especially harmful for children to spend their leisure time in this way.

How long can I watch TV?

watch TV

We have already figured out the pros and cons of the TV. It is very important to be able to filter information while watching TV. Now consider how much and to whom you can watch TV without harm to your health. Children under two years old should not watch TV at all. At the age of two to three, the duration of watching TV should not be more than 30 minutes per day. Children aged three to seven can watch TV for no more than an hour. Teenagers can afford no more than two hours of such an activity. Note that children should take intervals while watching TV. That is, if a day can only be an hour, then this time should be divided, for example, into three times for 20 minutes. Adults are allowed to watch TV for no more than three hours. There should be breaks between sessions.

Although it’s better to try to exclude television from your life as much as possible. Since such an activity is just a waste of time that can be spent on something more useful.

the pros and cons of watching tv


Now you understand how harmful and useful it is to watch TV. The pros and cons of this lesson we reviewed in the article. We hope that now, knowing them, you will make the right decision for yourself whether to watch TV or not.


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